Trakdot Luggage Tracker Review

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Trakdot Luggage Tracker
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An obvious question about luggage tracking devices is about whether getting one is really necessary or even worth it. It doesn’t seem like it if you take a few trips in a row without losing your bags but the minute it happens you may realize how useful a device like the Trakdot Luggage Tracker is.

If you fly regularly and check luggage almost as much, you probably have experienced at least a twinge of anxiety every time you’ve waited for your bag to appear on the luggage carousel. Then as you watch passenger after passenger leave with their bags the anxiety grows until it’s pretty clear that it’s not going to arrive. Then comes the trek to the airline’s lost baggage counter where you’re told you’ll be notified if the bag is found. What do you do then? Wait it out with just the stuff you packed in your carry on or spend a lot of money on a shopping trip?

You don’t know if your bag just missed your flight and is on its way on a later one or if the airline has lost it forever. But if you could find out, you could plan what to do next and save yourself a lot of worry. You can immediately notify the airline and let them know exactly where your bag is so that they don’t waste any time trying to track it down first.

When Trakdot was first available for sale in 2013, the reviews were not too good. Most customers reported that it didn’t work at all or gave them wrong locations or late alerts. The new and updated version of 2014 has been getting much better reviews of better battery life and accurate tracking. It is one of those travel accessories that makes traveling less of a headache.

Here’s a quick link to the Trakdot on Amazon where you can buy the unit along with a 1 year subscription for just around $70.

So how does the Trakdot Luggage Tracker actually work? Let’s go into the details.

  • You register your unit, email ID and/or cell phone number on the Trakdot site. You can register several phones with the same unit if you wish.

  • The unit runs on 2 AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about carrying one more charger with you wherever you go. It works internationally wherever a GSM cellular network is available. It does not use GPS.

  • It is small and lightweight, measuring just 3″ by 2.25″ by 0.75″ and can go anywhere in your checked bag. Just turn it on, slip it in and check your bag in.

  • It is FCC approved and FAA compliant so it detects the speed of the aircraft your luggage is in and automatically puts itself on airplane or sleep mode when the plane is accelerating for take off. Likewise, it turns itself back on when the plane decelerates after touch down.

  • When you reach your destination, check your phone or email for an alert from the unit. It will tell you where your bag is with an accompanying time stamp. For example, if you’re flying from New York’s JFK airport to Chicago’s O’Hare, a sample message is “Trakdot [ID] is at O’Hare Airport, Chicago”, telling you that your bag made it with you on the flight. If you’re unlucky it could also say “Trakdot [ID] is at JFK, New York” or even “MIA airport, Miami”! You’ll also get a battery status in the message.

  • It also has inbuilt bluetooth that connects to your cell phone to let you know once you’re within 30 feet of your bag and if you’re getting closer to it or not. Useful when you’re waiting for it by the carousel or it has been placed somewhere in a crowd of other suitcases.

  • You can also track its location through the website or the free app that is available for Android devices and iOS devices.


    • This GSM cellular device is cheaper to use than a GPS tracker, which would cost you a hefty fee per month instead of Trakdot’s under $20 annual fee after the first year.
    • The newest version is pretty reliable according to recent customer reports. It works even if you have multiple legs over 48 hours.
    • Very light and compact and will work in any type of luggage.
    • Multiple ways to track the device.
    • No need for another international charger and adapter.


    • The updated version uses battery power more efficiently but you will still have to replace the batteries regularly if you fly frequently.
    • While the Trakdot’s software has been updated recently, there is no guarantee that the device will work accurately every single time.


    If you travel often, this device may just be essential to helping you get back your lost luggage.
    You can buy the Trakdot and a 1 year subscription at Amazon now for just under $70.

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