Best Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack 2024

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The last thing you need when you’re trying to relax before a flight is to have to frantically pull out your laptop and put it in a scanning container at airport security. Here’s where having the best checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack that passes through airport security comes in useful. To avoid any hassle at security checks, look for a backpack with a design that allows you to keep your laptop inside.

All you need is a laptop backpack that is checkpoint friendly. There are some very nice backpacks with laptop-only compartments that can be unzipped and laid flat butterfly-style on the x-ray machine belt without having to remove the laptop from it at all. When you’re done, just close and zip up the bag and you’re ready to go!

To make sure that you pick a bag that fully complies with TSA’s guidelines and that you pack the backpack properly for easy screening, check out this page from the official TSA website that tells you what a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack is.

But how do you decide between all the possibilities? We’ve researched the finest backpacks for laptops that pass through airport security and included them in this article. If you’re a regular flyer or just looking to cut down on time spent in transit, one of our best TSA friendly laptop backpacks is sure to meet your needs.


Best Tsa-Friendly Laptop Bags

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900For a good versatile pack for travel and college, consider this ScanSmart Backpack 1900 available in 5 different color combinations and made of a polyester blend. It has pockets galore for the organized traveler but make sure you know where you put everything or you’ll spend time hunting for them!

This travel backpack for the tech warrior holds a 17″ laptop and made our list of best laptop backpacks for travel overall, so take a look at our detailed review of it there. Neat features include a completely secure TSA-friendly laptop compartment with side entry and a separate tablet pocket, an audio port for earphones that connect with a smartphone held in its own pocket in the main compartment.

If you have a smaller laptop and therefore prefer to carry a smaller version of this SwissGear backpack, then there is a similar version that accommodates laptops up to 15.5″ across. This TSA compliant backpack is the best-selling one on Amazon.

• Sturdy and durable backpack with heavy duty grab handle and zipper pulls.
• Lots of padding and good weight distribution even when carrying lots of weight.
• Well-designed glasses pouch and small snack/accessory pockets.
• Comes with a lifetime warranty.

• Laptop compartment is not ideal for non-laptop use and adds bulk/wasted space.
• Side zipper and velcro strap make it less secure and not as easy to load as a top-loading laptop pocket.
• 17-inch laptop may be difficult to insert/remove from the pocket.
• Redesign of the top handle is not as comfortable as older models.


Matein Large Laptop Backpack with USB Port

Matein Large Laptop Backpack with USB Port

The Matein Large Laptop Backpack can be used to organize things nicely, is spacious, and can fulfill all your needs. It comes with a USB port that makes it incredibly convenient for traveling. The backpack has an amazing space to pack your stuff with dimensions of 19.5 x 15 x 10.5 inches and a capacity of 45L. It has a single main compartment which is very large in size and can fit a range of clothing, documents, travel goods, and other essential items that you might want to carry along.

On top of that, this bag has a TSA-friendly laptop compartment with bottom padding that can fit a tablet or laptop up to 17 inches in size. The front part of the bag has a storage pouch for tiny devices, stationery items, documents, and more. You can use it to keep track of your belongings as it is fully functional and has various compartments to organize even the smallest of things.

A USB charging port and a built-in charging cord are included in this backpack, making it simple to charge your phone while on the move. On the outside, a headphone hole makes it easy to listen to music with headphones while your music device is safe inside the pack.

Besides that, this travel backpack comes with a robust and durable handle that has a steel lining for an easy grip and to make it comfortable to carry. There is also a side compression strap that has been built in to tighten or compress the backpack to the size that you want it.

An additional perk that comes with this backpack is that it keeps your belongings safe and secure. It has a hidden retractable hook near the side pockets that is designed to secure the locking zipper heads to prevent theft. A concealed zipper section on the back holds your passport, money, and other valuables. By allowing your backpack to glide over the luggage tube, a baggage strap keeps it in place. The reflective stripe improves safety by increasing the backpack’s visibility and making it easier to see it at night.

The Matein’s comfort and durability are also pretty great. This laptop bag is made of water-resistant, lightweight polyester fabric with adjustable shoulder straps and big cushion pads to relieve shoulder strain. Its wide, breathable back design, along with substantial but soft multi-panel ventilated padding, provides ideal back support for everyday use. Moreover, the compression straps on the sides keep your stuff from splattering.

• Spacious and can hold a lot of stuff while being organized with various pockets for different items.
• Sturdy and made of good quality material.
• Zippers are of good quality and smooth to use.
• Can stand up on its own without falling over.
• TSA approved for easy checkpoint clearance.
• Comes with a soft and comfortable handle.

• The backpack’s additional features make it rather bulky and not very compact in size.
• Power bank pouch lacks elastic for secure storage.
• The padding on the back is inadequate, causing discomfort and makes the back bend outward when worn.
• Could use more inside zipper pockets in all main areas for better organization.


Swissdigital Design Terabyte TSA Large Business Laptop Backpack

Swissdigital Design Terabyte TSA Large Business Laptop Backpack

The SwissDigital Design Terabyte backpack is so well-designed and practical that if you regularly journey for work or leisure, this backpack is a must-have. The backpack’s protection features and longevity are also a plus.

Your laptop will be secure inside the backpack’s cushioned laptop section. In addition, you can keep your things in order thanks to the 15 separate pockets.

Getting through terminals will be a breeze with the SwissDigital Design Terabyte backpack. The butterfly zipper opens 180 degrees, allowing you to quickly and easily pass through airport security. To make traveling through airports, railway terminals, and crowded city streets a breeze, simply slide the backpack over the carry-on bag handle and secure it with the Add-a-Bag cart strap.

The RFID compartment prevents identity fraud, and the water-resistant, sturdy polyester fabric and metal zippers keep your possessions secure. The USB charging outlet, integrated into the backpack’s shoulder strap, allows you to keep your phone or device charged no matter where your travels take you.

The lightweight and durable construction of the backpack is another excellent feature. The ergonomic design is one of the main selling points. The vented cushioning on the shoulder straps and back support, in addition to the foam cushioned top handle, make it easy to tote around all day.

In conclusion, the SwissDigital Design Terabyte backpack is ideal for those who value organization and portability on the road due to its spacious interior, ventilated exterior, and numerous compartments. The backpack’s EVA molded add-a-bag system and the fact that it is TSA-approved make it ideal for plane and train travel and is an excellent option if you’re shopping around for a professional and travel-oriented backpack.

• Comfortable straps even when carrying a heavy load.
• Sturdy construction and finishing.
• Versatile with plenty of pockets and compartments.
• TSA compartment with portable battery compartment is a nice touch.
• Good build quality and materials.

• Bulky for the amount it can hold.
• Layout could be improved with a larger front pouch.
• Cable for charging device in the left shoulder strap may have issues.


EVERKI Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack

EVERKI Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop BackpackIt’s a given that business travelers will have a laptop while traveling, but what if you have more than one device and you want to take one on specific trips? Or what if you share your laptop backpack with someone else who has a different sized laptop? The EVERKI Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack lets you use just this pack for any of them! The checkpoint friendly compartment can be adjusted so that your laptop fits snugly no matter what its size. The other side of the compartment also has a felt-lined iPad compartment secured with a velcro strap.

In addition to the main compartment that can hold your clothes, there’s a zippered organizational compartment, a front zippered pocket that’s big enough for a toiletry kit or chargers, a quick access slip pocket above it for a magazine and a small zippered pocket right on top for your tickets and glasses. There are two vertical zippered pockets on the sides for a water bottle and umbrella, with the former having a securing loop to prevent the bottle from falling out.

The adjustable shoulder straps include sliders that keep the loose ends from dangling untidily. There are hidden pockets in each that reveal the sternum straps, so you can tuck them away if you don’t want to use them. Both these features ensure a professional and neat look. The strap system is ergonomically designed to reduce the load and give you a comfortable carrying experience.

While the outside of the bag is black, the inside is completely lined in orange so that you can easily see inside even the deepest parts. In addition to the top grab handle, this is a laptop backpack with luggage handle pass through.

Its external dimensions are 13.4 x 8.3 x 18.1 inches and it weighs 3.66 lbs. Its weight is probably the only negative of this bag as it is one of the heaviest of the bunch. However, the superb features are the trade-off.

• Adjustable computer compartment provides excellent protection for laptops of various sizes.
• Roomy with plenty of space for laptop, tablet, accessories, and more.
• Comfortable to carry with adjustable shoulder straps.
• Durable construction with good stitching and materials.
• Multiple compartments for organization.
• Orange interior helps to easily locate items inside the bag.

• Heavy due to tank-like construction.
• Water bottle pockets are not very big and can appear odd when unzipped.


Wenger The Legacy Notebook Carrying Backpack

Wenger The Legacy Notebook Carrying BackpackThe Legacy Notebook Carrying Backpack by Wenger is a smart option for people who are practical and travel a lot in daily life. It not only accommodates a 17-inch laptop, but you can also use it to store your tablet, charging wires, and other random items or electronic devices. The laptop compartment is padded and it will keep your electronics safe and secure.

There are several smaller compartments within the main compartment, some of which are made of mesh and have zipper access.
Two water bottle holders, as well as a headphone wire hole, are present on the left and right edges of the backpack’s exterior. The shoulder straps are sturdy, cushioned, and are very comfortable too. When the bag is draped over your shoulders, the straps’ built-in elastic portions give a touch of comfort.

With this backpack, you can travel around for as many hours as you want and can take the longest of flights with ease. It complies with airline carry-on regulations and has multiple compartments (including one on top) that make it super easy for you to organize your stuff. The Basic organizer in the backpack keeps wires, plugs, and business cards organized and accessible.

Besides this, the Wenger The Legacy Notebook Carrying Backpack has triple padded compartments that offer added protection for your devices. You can store your notebooks or laptops, and they will be secure enough for you to just relax and not worry about losing them. It is checkpoint-friendly, allowing you to speed through airport security in the United States while keeping your laptop safe within the bag.

This backpack is also designed with a special stabilizing platform that helps your bag stand upright and straight without falling around. Overall, the Wenger The Legacy Notebook Carrying Backpack is a secure, stylish, comfortable, durable, feasible, and reliable product.

• It is travel friendly, you can easily store your books or laptops and travel around the globe carefree.
• It is specially designed with extra added padding, which increases the durability of the backpack and ensures that all your electrical devices are safe and sound under this three-layer protection.
• It features a CaseBase stabilizing technology that maintains the shape of the bag as well as keeps it sturdy and upright.
• Has cushioning along the back.

• The main compartments are not padded.
• It is not water-resistant.
• Gets a little hot under the shoulder straps after hours of continuous use.


Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Travel Business Commuter and Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Travel Business Commuter and Checkpoint-Friendly BackpackIf you want a stylish yet practical checkpoint-friendly backpack, then the Targus City Smart EVA Pro Travel Business Commuter and Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack is highly recommended. You can pass through airport security without having to remove your laptop, thanks to the checkpoint-friendly design of this backpack.

The main compartment of the backpack is extra-large with a capacity of 26 liters, holding nearly a full desk’s worth of gear, as well as a portable printer or projector. Padded adjustable shoulder straps and an air mesh back panel make it comfortable and cool to carry. It has a lined front pocket with semi-rigid EVA protection that’s perfect for sunglasses and phones.

The City Smart EVA Pro Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack has a structured urban look. It is functional and comes with protective detailing to match your work style. This backpack can fit laptops up to 15 inches to 16 inches in size or any other device that you want to carry. It also prevents your valuable devices from getting damaged. Moreover, the City-Smart EVA Pro Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack features a big main compartment with plenty of internal storage, separate laptop, and tablet compartments, a well-organized workstation with zip-front access, and zipped stash pockets for small necessities with dimensions of 13.50 x 18.25 x 8.75 inches.

Padded adjustable shoulder straps and an air mesh back panel make it comfortable and light to carry. The checkpoint-friendly design of the City-Smart EVA Pro Checkpoint-Friendly Rucksack also allows you to send your backpack through TSA checks without removing your laptop. You can simply unzip the central zipper to lay the bag flat.

The high-quality materials and heavy-duty stitching make sure you can use this backpack for a longer period of time. The backpack is also built to resist everyday wear and tear. It has a stash pocket made of semi-rigid EVA that can hold sunglasses or a smartphone. With a weather-resistant base, your devices and documents will be more protected from the elements.

• Sturdy and well-designed with tightly woven seam work, aligned zippers, and minimal exterior features.
• Spacious main storage compartment with rigid construction that retains shape and rests vertically.
• Sunglass compartment is excellent for small electronics and provides good protection for glasses.
• TSA laptop section is spacious with a neat pocket window and good for storing documents.
• Well thought out pocket layout with weight distribution towards the body for comfortable wear.

• Side pockets are not very versatile and limited to holding drinks.
• Bag is a bit tippy when on the ground.
• Zippers can get stuck around corners and may require extra effort to open.


Targus Spruce EcoSmart Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

Targus Spruce EcoSmart Checkpoint-Friendly BackpackWhen it comes to investing in travel backpacks, most travelers look for checkpoint-friendly options only because it saves them the hassle of going through TSA checkpoints. This Targus Spruce EcoSmart Travel and TSA Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack helps you do exactly that.

This backpack is made up of 100 percent PVC-free material and recycled pet polyester making it very durable and long-lasting. You can make use of this travel-friendly bag for several years to come without having to worry about wear and tear or abrasions.

Targus has also acquired patents from US quality control services for the Spruce EcoSmart Travel and TSA Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack to make the design checkpoint-friendly. You can easily unzip this backpack and lay it flat for TSA screening. There are also some great built-in pockets for carrying your electronic devices such as tablets or iPads in a protected and secure way. You can easily stash anything in there, be it any gear or travel essentials.

Not just this, but the Targus Spruce EcoSmart Travel and TSA Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack has a trolley pass-through that allows the bag to sit securely if you keep it on top of the luggage or other bags during traveling.

To put it simply, this bag is the perfect combination of convenient and useful storage options and style all in one. It is exquisitely designed to protect and carry laptops that are up to 17 inches wide in size. The travel bag itself has dimensions of ‎19.5 x 6.75 x 13 inches which makes it very easy to carry around average-sized laptops through TSA checkpoints.

• Right number of useful pockets, sturdy and spacious.
• Great for airport and easy to remove laptop area.
• Lots of volume, internal padding, and wide comfy straps.
• Eco-friendly backpack made from recycled materials.

• Material feels too much like plastic for some.
• Water bottle holder is not functional for larger bottles and made of a strange stringy mesh material.


YOREPEK Extra Large TSA Friendly Travel Business Backpack

YOREPEK Extra Large TSA Friendly Travel Business BackpackThe YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Business Backpack has lots of useful pockets (more than 20, in fact): side pockets, external pockets, an easy access pocket, and more. There are 3 compartments and the backpack features a padded laptop sleeve that fits 13-17” laptops or MacBooks. 

Made from water resistant polyester and a high-density nylon lining, this backpack will keep your belongings dry in the rain. It is also tear-resistant. The handle with the steel cable is durable and makes it easy for you to carry the backpack. 

There is a port for your head or earphones so you can listen to your favorite band or podcast with your device safely stored inside the backpack. The USB charging port makes it easy to charge your electronic devices from your power bank hiding inside the pack when the batteries run flat. 

The backpack is TSA-friendly with a checkpoint fast approved design so you can go through the TSA checkpoint without removing your laptop from your bag. 

Don’t worry about sweating while carrying the backpack. The mesh back panel is padded and breathable while promoting air circulation. The shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable. However, with no sternum strap, this backpack may not be ideal to lug around for long hours.

The backpack measures 19.4” x 10.4” x 14.96” so there is plenty of space. It weighs 2.3 pounds with no belongings inside. It’s available in 2 colors: black and blue.

• Can fit a lot of stuff, making it great for traveling.
• Zippers, mesh, and pockets are durable and run smoothly.
• Has a clamshell backing compartment that opens completely flat, which is great for electronics.
• Has two pockets in the side with zippers that are good for water bottles or shoes.

• The straps are very thick and not particularly comfortable, especially when the bag is full, for a smaller frame.
• The bag is designed so you have to put some things in each of the two large compartments, you can’t just fill up the larger one with clothes. It will gap and you’ll find you’re wasting space.


We have some great laptop travel bags that we previously reviewed but only one of them is checkpoint friendly – the SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart. If you find yourself doing a lot of camping, hiking, or days out on the beach and always running out of juice on your devices, then you may want to check out a solar charging backpack to be free from needing a power outlet.

What Is A Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

A laptop backpack intended to be screened more quickly at airline security checks is called a “checkpoint friendly” bag. These TSA-approved backpacks are compliant with TSA regulations for transporting laptops through airport security checkpoints. You can keep your laptop safe in a separate compartment that can be easily accessed by TSA agents while going through security checks at airports with one of these bags. Travelers who need to carry laptops on their trips will appreciate the streamlined screening process and the added convenience this provides.


Buying Guide

It’s not easy to find the best checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack that passes through airport security, but we’re here to help. This guidance will help you find the best backpack for your requirements and ensure the security of your laptop while traveling.

Design and Functionality

Your laptop case should be housed in a separate, flat-opening section in your backpack to speed through airport security checks. Thanks to this function, TSA screeners can see your laptop without you having to take it out of your luggage. Pick a backpack with enough cushioning and security for your laptop, as well as a cover or straps to hold it in position.

TSA-friendly Backpack at the Airport

Materials and Durability

Purchase a backpack constructed from tough fabrics like ballistic nylon or polyester. You can rest assured that the durability of your backpack will increase thanks to the use of these components. Make sure the backpack has sturdy sewing and strengthened closures to keep the bag from ripping or separating as you journey.

Comfort and Adjustability

When you’re on the road with your laptop and other necessities, you need a backpack that won’t bother your back. The best backpacks have vented back panels, cushioned and adjustable shoulder straps, chest straps, and waist belts to ensure that your weight is distributed equally and that you stay cool. Long stretches of journey will be less taxing on your shoulders and back thanks to these additions.

Storage and Organization

Having specific compartments in which to store your laptop’s accessories and other items can greatly improve the usability of your backpack. Choose a backpack with plenty of compartments and sections for your various cords, papers, and other necessities. To prevent illegal access to your confidential digital information, you should think about purchasing a backpack with an RFID-blocking compartment.

Size and Weight

The backpack must be large enough to carry your laptop and other items, but not so large that they cause back pain. Make sure your laptop fits securely in the designated space by double-checking the bag’s measurements. A smaller and lighter backpack is simpler to take on lengthy days of travel, so keep that in mind as well.


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