Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart Review

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With so many airlines reducing the carry on weight limits to ridiculously low levels, the Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart is a gem of a travel accessory because it allows you to carry on a bag without attached wheels. This option is guaranteed to be lighter overall than a wheeled travel bag while also giving you that extra packing space that would otherwise be taken up by the attached wheeling apparatus.

It is understandable that you would want to be able to wheel your carry on bag as much as possible through airports. However, rolling luggage does not come without its disadvantages. A wheeled upright comes with more than just the wheels attached. In order to actually use the rolling feature, you also need an extending handle to pull or roll the bag with you. For this to happen, the bag has to have some rigidity to it and this can only be provided via an in-built frame. Even if the bag has the lightest possible hardware for the wheeling features, it will still weigh around 4-5 pounds more than if it were wheel-less.

On the other hand, a tote or duffel without wheels not only is much lighter, they also give you more packing space because they’re less rigid and they can be more easily squeezed into overhead bins if you happen to over stuff them. So, how does a luggage cart help? A foldable and lightweight one like the Samsonite actually weighs less than the extra hardware on a wheeled bag. In addition, the cart can be used to wheel all your luggage and not just your carry on.

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Once you’re inside the aircraft, you can detach the cart from your bag, fold it up and store it the outer pocket of the bag or place it under your seat.

For those who use wheeled backpacks, you know that those wheels can be a hassle when you’re touring a city with uneven pavements or too many curbs and stairs. Carrying a wheeled pack on your back all day is not the best thing to do. If you use a luggage cart just for your transit needs, you can leave the cart in your hotel or pack it into the backpack’s pocket and have a comfortable time while touring.

A cart is also a good option if you have an old piece of luggage that you love but don’t want to get rid of just because it does not have wheels.

There are plenty of luggage cart options to choose from, but many are too heavy duty for the average traveler. If you’re looking for the lightest possible option that is also durable, the Samsonite cart is a good contender. So let’s take a look at its features. If it’s not the one for you, then see if you’ll like our other top picks for folding luggage carts for travel.


Features of the Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart

Compact foldable cart

  • When open, this cart measures 19″ x 11″ x 3″. The base of the cart where you will place your luggage is 11″ at its widest part and 8.5″ long. It weighs 3 lbs.

  • It is constructed of lightweight ABS and durable stainless steel.

  • It can transport luggage and boxes easily with a maximum load of 70 lbs.

  • The wheels are large to enhance stability while moving a heavy or tall load.
  • Wheels heavy loads

  • It folds up and extends quickly and easily.

  • An adjustable anchoring strap prevents the pieces from shifting while being wheeled.



  • It is compact and can be packed into the bag when not in use or stowed in an overhead bin.
  • Very light but sturdy.
  • The handle can go up and down, so you can leave the cart attached to the bag if you want.
  • Will work even on cobblestones and uneven pavements.


  • Some reviews say that the base is not wide enough to carry very large suitcases.
  • This Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart cannot be used to haul bags up staircases.

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