Unique Travel Gifts for Her 2024

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There are two kinds of gifts you can give a woman. One is the practical kind and some women appreciate these more than others. The other is the unique kind. This one can be a keepsake or just something that most women will love to have but won’t spend money on for themselves, thinking that it would be better spent on practical things!

This is where you come in. If you have a female traveler friend, these unique travel gifts for her are sure to bring a smile and she’ll love either taking them with her on her next trip or cherishing the special moments when she’s back home.

You know who else comes up with unique travel gift product? Oprah!

Sephora Favorites Perfume Travel Sampler Set

Sephora Favorites Perfume Travel Sampler SetAt home, most women will have a selection of perfumes to use depending on their mood or occasion. While traveling, we don’t have the luxury of taking two or more of those bottles with us because of packing restrictions. So a traveler would really appreciate being able to take five mini bottles of different scents.

The Sephora Favorites – Perfume Travel Sampler is a set of 5 different fragrances, each in a pretty bottle between 0.04 and 0.05 ozs. If you think that’s measly, each bottle comes with a certificate that allows your gift recipient to redeem it for a larger travel-sized bottle of one favorite scent from the set at any US Sephora store. Each perfume is one of the most sought after right now. If you hesitate to buy perfume for other people because you can’t be sure of their tastes, this is a good way to gift fragrance.


Smartish iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini Wallet Case

Smartish Case for iPhone 12 ProIf the giftee has an iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max or 12 Mini, she may get a kick out of this gift. Sometimes, you just want to leave your hotel with just your phone, hotel key card, credit cards and a little cash. You don’t want to carry your phone and a wallet and you don’t want to carry a purse that holds all these things.

Enter the Smartish iPhone Case for any iPhone 12 series. This protective polycarbonate case with textured grippy sides, raised bezel and protective air-pocket corners features inbuilt storage for 3 cards and cash. You insert the phone, and snap it shut, fill the card slot and drop it in a pocket or just carry it in your hand. It even has a built-in kickstand to let you watch a video or FaceTime hands-free! This case comes in a variety of cool colors too, so you can buy more than one to gift and the user can change out the case whenever she wants!

Zero Grid Cell Phone Stick On Wallet Case with RFID BlockingIf you don’t know what phone the giftee has or it’s not an iPhone, get her the Zero Grid Cell Phone Credit Card Holder Stick On Wallet Case that comes with an in-built RFID-blocking layer. It is a slender pocket that you stick on the back of a phone and it snugly holds several items without adding bulk. Safely store credit cards, cash, keys or even a pair of earbuds. The material used is strong dual-layered elastic fabric with microfibre backing.

It measures 2.25″ wide and 3.5 inches long, is compatible with any smartphone with a flat back and you can get it in various colors.

Hobo Knife

Hobo KnifeFor a gift that has multiple uses, this Hobo knife is gift will do nicely. When you’re on the go, bringing back food to your hotel or picnicking you may suddenly realize you don’t have cutlery. The plastic spoons you sometimes get is just not strong enough. So if you have this useful portable tool in your bag, problem solved. It is also great to use for self defense. Tourists are often targets so knowing you’re prepared is always assuring.

Each piece is made completely of stainless steel so it won’t rust. There are a spoon, knife and fork that slide apart and back making it easy to clean. The tool comes in a nylon carrying case.

Social Print Studio – Photography Keepsakes

PhotobookAvid travelers like to have keepsakes of their adventures and photos are the best for preserving memories. Since everything is digital now, most people take pictures and download them onto their hard drive and share them through their networks. You hardly ever see them in print. With the popularity of Instagram and several other photo sharing services, and the way you can add all kinds of creative filters to make ordinary photos look great, it’s a good idea to have at least a few in print and showcased in some way.

Social Print Studio is a company that can take your Instagram pictures directly from your feed or you can upload pictures from any device, and according to your instructions, puts them on posters, calendars, photo books, framed prints and much more. All you have to do is share the pics with them and they’ll do the rest and deliver the final product to you.

You can gift this service to your loved one by going to “Gift cards”, selecting a monetary value package and sending the access code to her. She can sign up and use it whenever she wants as there is no expiry date! She has full control as to which pictures she wants transformed and can pick any of the products on offer. Here’s a $5 credit for the first time you make an order for yourself or buy a gift card.

Sephora Collection – Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit

Sephora Collection - Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure KitWho says you can’t be well groomed and looking your best on a long trip? A traveler can have neat and well trimmed nails all the time. This compact little Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit from Sephora comes with 7 well made manicure and pedicure tools in brushed stainless steel in a zippered striped case. The slim yet durable case is a perfect size for travel.

There is a cuticle nipper, cuticle trimmer, nail clipper, angled nail clipper, a pair of scissors, double-ended cuticle pusher and toenail clipper. The whole kit can be stored in your carry on bag.

Travel Print Pillow Cushion Covers

Modern Decor Throw Pillow Cushion Cover by Ambesonne

Most travelers love to decorate with at least a bit of a collected theme, so this throw pillow cushion cover with the world map in a watercolor print will definitely be a good addition to their home decor. You can choose from other digital prints too – some are travel themed, like a girl in Paris, while others are not. Each is handmade in the USA with 100% Spun Polyester that’s waterproof with a zip closure. The covers can be machine washed and the prints don’t fade.

Picnic Backpack

Picnic BackpackOne of the best reasons to travel is that you get to sample cuisines from all over the world. A good meal doesn’t have to be at an expensive sit down restaurant, though. Some of the best food destinations are filled with local markets, bakeries and gourmet food shops where you can buy a selection of local delicacies that are perfect for picnics. You can get everything packed and go sit under a shady tree or picnic bench and watch the world go by while munching on simple but delicious food.

That’s why if your loved one is a frequent traveler and foodie, this chic picnic backpack will be appreciated. The pack has soft padded shoulder straps and double tote carry handles and is comfortable to carry over long periods even while hiking.

It measures a compact 10″ W x 9″ D x 18″ H and consists of two compartments. The outer one is sized perfectly for place settings for two people and it comes with everything included for 2 – knives, forks, spoons, dinner plates, wine glasses, cotton napkins, and salt/pepper shakers. There’s also a butter knife, bottle opener, and plastic chopping board. One side has an insulated wine bottle holder and the other side has a travel blanket holder, which already has a waterproof fleece picnic blanket in it.

The inner main compartment is insulated so you can keep your meal warm or cold. There are other small pockets for you to store things like your phone, keys, etc.

The pack is even machine washable!

We love this idea so much that we’ve reviewed the top picnic backpack sets on the market.

World Scratch Map

Scratch Map DeluxeOnce a globetrotter starts visiting many different countries, it becomes a badge of honor to keep count of all of them. Like the stamps on a passport or the pins on your TripAdvisor map, a world map on the wall in your home can be one way to show off where the traveler has been.

The Scratch Map Deluxe from UncommonGoods makes a nice decorative wall feature for any globetrotter or student of geography and is 23″ H by 32″ W on recycled card stock black background paper with the land masses all covered in bronze colored foil. If you scratch off the foil over any country, a brightly colored country is revealed below. Capital cities, large cities, mountain ranges and oceanic ridges are among the topographic markings shown to add more detail to the map. Infographics below show interesting geographic facts.

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug
When you’re traveling, you don’t always have time to stop for a sit down coffee and that means you have to grab one in a disposable cup to go. Two problems here – it’s too easy to spill your hot drink and it can get cold very quickly while you juggle luggage and other pressing matters on the move. Enter the Contigo West Loop Insulated Travel Mug. Whether on a commute or traveling by plane, train or car, just fill up this travel mug at home, hotel or cafe and enjoy it later.

This insulated mug comes in several different colors and 3 different sizes – 16, 20 and 24 ounces. The smallest can keep your hot drink warm for 5 hours and a cold drink cold for up to 12 hours. The larger mugs will do the job for even longer. The lid is easy to pop open with just one hand and a press of a button – so convenient while driving or towing luggage. When closed, not a drop will leak out. The lid is dishwasher safe but the body needs to be hand washed only.



FugeTek High End Weather Resistent Self-Portrait Monopod

FugeTek High End Weather Resistent Selfie StickIf the recipient loves taking selfies, she probably does the usual “camera held at arm’s length”. However, these pictures aren’t the most flattering since the camera’s too close. Asking a stranger to do the job isn’t always convenient or safe either. Imagine being able to take an unobstructed picture of something that’s partially blocked by crowds in front of you, or taking underwater pictures without having to be underwater yourself, or taking a picture of yourself and travel companions without it looking like it’s a selfie!

There are plenty of selfie sticks on the market but not all of them are good or worth the money. Since people change their smartphones and or cameras quite frequently, it’s better to get them a stick that can hold almost every photo-taking gadget securely. With the FugeTek Monopod you can attach any digital camera or smartphone to the mount of the the extendable monopod on one end while holding the other end at whatever distance is best. It features a removable Bluetooth remote so that the photographer can completely control the shot.

The arm extends up to 49″ and the mount can hold almost any device securely. You also get a carry bag and USB cable with it.

Now that you’ve seen some unique gifts here, take a look at our suggestions for practical gifts and our top 10 stocking stuffers that cost less than $10.

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