How To Fix A Broken Suitcase Handle

Fix A Broken Suitcase Handle

If you have a broken suitcase handle or a handle that just isn’t functioning as it should (we’ve all been there), then there are a couple of things you can do to solve this issue. While the first thought that may come to your head would be to junk the broken suitcase and buy a … Read more

What Color Luggage is Best?

What Color Luggage

While most people focus on size and quality when purchasing a piece of luggage, not as much importance is given to the color. The color of a suitcase doesn’t necessarily need to be chosen solely based on your favorite color, but keeping a purpose in mind could help you decide what color luggage is best … Read more

Are Suitcases Waterproof?

Waterproof Luggage

Not all suitcases are waterproof. There are different types built for different reasons and types of travel. While there are certainly many water-resistant hard-shelled suitcases available, they may not be entirely waterproof. If you’re planning on traveling during not-so-dry weather but are wondering “Are suitcases waterproof?”, then you’ll find your answer to this question, and … Read more

Best Lightweight Softside Spinner Checked Luggage 2024

Best Lightweight Softside Spinner Checked Luggage

Table of Contents1 The Best Softside 4-Wheeled Upright Checked Size Bags Under 11 Lbs2 What to Keep an Eye on When Buying Softsided Spinner Luggage3 Best Lightweight Soft-sided Checked Luggage With Spinner Wheels3.1 Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage3.2 Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels3.3 DELSEY Paris Montrouge Softside Expandable Luggage3.4 … Read more

Best Two Wheeled Luggage Softside 2024

Best Two Wheeled Luggage

When you have to transport your luggage over cobblestones, cracked pavements, carpet or gravel, four wheeled luggage isn’t the best choice. Those are best left for mainly traversing airports and hotel lobbies. With the best two wheeled luggage you don’t have to worry about walking and dragging it all right behind you. It will go … Read more

Best Hardside Luggage with a Front Pocket or Laptop Compartment 2024

Hard Shell Suitcase with Front Pocket

While hardshell luggage continues to be more and more popular with travelers, that doesn’t mean that all hardsided suitcases boast great design. If you’re looking at functionality, there’s an important feature that’s missing from most hard-shelled cases and that’s an external pocket that you can use to quickly stash your laptop, tablet, last minute items … Read more

Best Hardside Luggage Without Zipper Closure

Hardside Luggage Without Zipper Locking

It is surprising that a majority of travelers don’t know that hardside luggage without zipper closure but latch locking is the safest type of luggage when it comes to tampering.   Table of Contents1 Zipper Vs Zipperless Luggage2 Best Hardside Luggage Without Zipper Locking3 How Does Zipperless Luggage Work?4 Best Zipperless Luggage – Molded Polypropylene … Read more