Osprey Ozone Wheeled Luggage Review

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Osprey Ozone 22 inch 46L Wheeled LuggageWhen traveling for business or to an upscale destination, most women would not think to take a wheeled duffel-shaped or backpack-shaped bag as their luggage because most are too casual or rugged looking. However, having the low weight advantage of these types of bags is tempting for any traveler. If you don’t want to sacrifice that but still want to look stylish, you could consider the Osprey Ozone wheeled luggage series. Although the new models of this line look sportier than the old ones, they are still pretty good looking.

The Ozone series is of the brand’s lightest yet and is a good choice if you’re looking for the lightest possible wheeled luggage. In fact, these bags may be the answer to the age old question – “Can a wheeled bag be really lightweight?”. These are designed for travel on airlines that have very strict weight restrictions and are extremely easy to transport. The internal capacity of these bags has improved from the older models, and the features provided without adding to the weight make up for the high price tags. In addition, they can be transported over any terrain because of large and protected wheels and a high chassis. If you’re going to be dragging your luggage on cobblestone streets in Europe, look no further.

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This Ozone series from Osprey includes five wheeled bags – an 18″, two 22″ models and two 28″ models, two travel backpacks, a day pack and a courier bag. The 22″ and 28″ sized wheeled bags come in a convertible option that goes between wheeled bag and backpack with a detachable daypack, or you can just get the straight and cheaper wheeled only option. We rate the convertible Ozone wheeled luggage pieces as some of the best wheeled travel backpacks to buy.

Here is a quick link to all of the Osprey Ozone bags on Amazon USA.

Please note that the Ozone line has been updated from an old version where there were no convertible bags with attached daypacks before.

Interested enough to take a further look at what you get with the Ozone luggage? We’ll take a look at only the wheeled models in this line.

Features of Osprey Ozone Wheeled Luggage

  • There are three colors to choose from – black, blue and red.

  • These bags feature an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame for strength and rigidity. Nylon is the fabric used.
    High clearance base with foot bar and large wheels in sealed bearings

  • The bags feature a high chassis with a curved injection molded ABS base and large polyurethane wheels in sealed bearings. These features let you pull the bags over curbs and uneven pavements. A front foot bar with two rubber feet keeps the bags standing upright.

  • The smallest is the 18-Inch/36L volume and it is 4.14 lbs. Overall dimensions – 19H X 14W X 9D INCHES.
    Next comes the 22 Inch/46L volume that weighs 4.37 lbs. Overall dimensions – 22H X 14W X 9D INCHES.
    Then comes the convertible 22 Inch/50L volume that weighs 6.33 lbs when the main pack and the daypack are attached together. Overall dimensions – 22H X 14W X 9D INCHES.
    The second largest is the convertible 28 Inch/75L volume that weighs 6.94 lbs including the attached daypack. Overall dimensions – 28H X 14W X 13D INCHES.
    The largest is the 28 Inch/80L volume that weighs 4.85 lbs. Overall dimensions – 28H X 14W X 13D INCHES.
    Spacious main compartment

  • A front loading panel with dual zippers opens to the main compartment to give easy access to your things. There are three large zippered pockets inside, including a hidden pocket for travel documents or a few valuables. Compression straps keep things from falling out when the flap is opened.

  • There is a zippered pocket right on the top of the bags and in front of the extension handle to store your toiletry kit or any belongings that you want to access without opening the main compartment. A front exterior zippered pocket is good for a jacket or other items you need easy access to.
    Large back pocket with drain port for magazines or damp clothes

  • A large U-shaped zippered pocket on the rear is perfect for magazines, an iPad or a small laptop. Another smaller zippered mesh pocket inside this gives you some more organization. A drain port at the bottom means you can also use this pocket for damp clothes.

  • The main compartment has dual zippers designed to be locked by your own travel locks, preferably TSA-approved.
    External compression straps and side handle

  • There are low profile carry handles – one on the side and one on top for when you can’t wheel the bags.

  • There are two external compression straps near the top to reduce the stress on the zippers when the bags are packed full and to help keep them as compact as possible. The larger 28″ bags also come with two bottom compression straps as well.
    Single pole telescopic handle

  • A single tube ergonomically designed extension handle allows for easy maneuvering without the bag rolling from side to side. The Ozone daypack and courier bags are designed to piggyback over these handles.

  • A single tube ergonomically designed extension handle allows for easy maneuvering without the bag rolling from side to side. The Ozone daypack and courier bags are designed to piggyback over these handles.
    Backpack suspension system and detachable daypack

  • When you can go no farther by wheeling your Osprey Ozone, the convertible bags have a hidden backpack suspension system at the back that you can deploy and use to carry the bags like backpacks.

  • The convertible bags come with a detachable daypack on the front. When you reach your destination, just unzip it from the main bag and take it with you while sightseeing. It is big enough to carry a laptop, tablet and a few clothing items, so you can use it as your separate personal item on flights while you check the large main wheeled bag. It has a front panel pocket and a smaller scratch-free zipped pocket on the outside. Two elastic top mesh pockets on the sides are for small water bottles.



  • Very light and easy to handle while boasting plenty of packing space.
  • High chassis and large wheels allow for rolling on any terrain.
  • Lots of packing features and ease of use at security checkpoints.
  • Looks sleek.
  • Long lasting even if these bags are checked in.


  • Single tube extension handle doesn’t allow you to piggyback non-Osprey Ozone bags over them.
  • Breakable or delicate items like a netbook or tablet will need extra protection as the fabric is thin.
  • Quite expensive.


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