12 Different Types of Luggage

Different Types of Luggage Bags

If you’ve been traveling with the same luggage bag for quite some time and often find yourself thinking it is not suitable for all the different trips you embark upon, it’s essential to know that there are different types of luggage available for your consideration. You can choose from these various options depending on your … Read more

Messenger Bag Vs Backpack: Which is Better for You?

Is a Messenger Bag Better Than a Backpack

Backpacks were typically used by school-going kids, trekkers, and hikers a few years ago. Not to mention, briefcases were commonplace within the workplace and other professional settings. However, more and more people emphasize both form and function these days. And manufacturers are heeding their cry for laptop bags and messenger bags they can use for … Read more

How to Pack Fruits in Luggage

Can You Pack Fruit in Luggage

It might seem unnecessary to bring food when you’re taking a flight, but for those that have dietary restrictions or are going somewhere where they aren’t sure about the availability of fresh fruits, bringing their own food becomes extremely important. Knowing how to pack fruits in luggage is more complicated than just tossing them into … Read more