Travel Gifts for Kids and Their Parents 2020

Travel Gifts for Kids

As a family that loves to travel, I cannot tell you how vehemently I disagree with adults who say that travel is wasted on kids. If kids are whining about sightseeing, staying glued to the hotel room TV or insisting on only eating at American fast food chains then it’s time to do things a … Read more

How to Tamper Proof Zipper Luggage

Broken Zipper

If you haven’t already had the misfortune of having your luggage rifled through in an airport, it could very well happen sooner rather than later. Definitely sooner if you travel with zippered luggage rather than hardcase non-zippered bags. This is because zippers on anything are rather easy to tamper with even if you lock the … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Identify Luggage

Whenever I check my luggage before a flight I secretly say a small prayer that I’ll be reunited with it as soon as I land at my final destination without any mishaps.Sometimes though, the wait at the carousel becomes an eternity. I’ve had to scan through a mountainous heap of black bags dumped in a … Read more

A Guide to Wrinkle-Free Packing

We’ve all been there. We’ve meticulously packed our clothes into our suitcases only to find them completely crumpled once we’ve reached our hotel. Who wants to set up the ironing board and struggle to get the creases out on holiday or early in the morning before an important business meeting? In some parts the of … Read more