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Frequent travelers and luggage geeks can be hard to please when it comes to travel gear, and convenience and quality often trumps cost. Smart luggage is all the rage now, what with losing your bags derailing travel plans and running out of battery juice being quite common these days. Steep luggage fees means over packing is a no-no too and ensuring that no one can get into your bags when you’re not looking is a must.

You can address all these problems with the Kickstarter funded smart Trunkster luggage with a choice of a carry on and a checked size suitcase. Both are FAA, IATA, TSA and DOT compliant. As zipperless luggage, the Trunkster suitcases cannot be opened by anyone with just a ball point pen. Zippers can be breached if the point of a pen is inserted between the teeth, so by eliminating zip closures, a stealthy thief has no chance. Trunkster instead uses a sliding garage-like door with a TSA lock.

The smart features included are similar to that of the Bluesmart carry on, which is already on sale. These include USB charging ports with a removable battery and cable that can be upgraded separately, an in-built suitcase scale to ensure you keep within luggage weight restrictions, and an in-built global luggage GPS tracker that uses GSM. The USB charging capability is only available on the carryon and the tracking device is an optional upgrade.

The campaign on Kickstarter surpassed the goal in three days, so it’s obvious that travelers everywhere are really excited to get their hands on any or both of the Trunkster luggage pieces. They are already in production and the first customers are already receiving them. You can now order the carry on from Trunkster’s website, for immediate delivery, where the carry on is currently available for $355. We also have a coupon that gives you $30 off the listed prices.

If your curiosity is peaked, read the Trunkster luggage review that follows for an in-depth look at its features.

Features of the Trunkster

    Zipperless rolling door entry

  • The carry on piece measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches, weighs 7.9 lbs and has a capacity of 43 L. The larger bag measures 28 x 19 x 11 inches, weighs 9.9 lbs and has a capacity of 86 L.

  • The Trunkster suitcase is constructed with a combination of 100% polypropylene and airplane grade aluminum for lightness and durability. The finish is matte and debossed for scratch resistance.

  • The zipperless entry rolling door is made of compression panels that help withstand rough baggage handling, unlike traditional bookstyle suitcases. This entry is also easy to operate one-handed and is securely locked via the custom TSA-approved combination lock. You can also use your own TSA lock if you want. The absence of zippers is an additional plus point, as they can be tampered with or get stuck or break. It also prevents water from entering if it rains.

  • The spinner wheels are omni-directional and rubberized for smooth and silent rolling over all terrains.

  • The aluminum telescopic handle is strong and full width and can be gripped in any position and still let you handle the bag easily. The telescopic arms are positioned at the corners, so they don’t interfere with the packing space inside.

  • There are two grab handles – one folding one on top, which also features the luggage scale, and one low profile handle on the side.

  • The inside of the suitcase is completely lined and there is a hidden sleeve pocket for organization of your travel accessories.
    Built in digital scale

  • The digital scale is built into the top carry handle of both suitcases. The sensor activates just by lifting the case and you can switch between pounds and kilograms. It is a heavy duty scale and is water resistant.

  • If you opt for the $40 location tracking feature, you will know where your bag is as long as there’s GSM coverage in that country. Whether you unexpectedly have to gate check it or it becomes routed to the wrong destination or just left behind by baggage handlers, you can track your bag through an app or any web browser without even a subscription. You initially get 3 traces and you can buy more after that. Through bluetooth, you can monitor your bag whenever it is in close proximity, like on the conveyor belt.

    The tracking device is removable if you don’t need it. The tracker’s battery lasts over 15 days if fully charged.

    USB charging port and power bank

  • With the USB charging feature on the carry on bag, you get a removable 10,400 mAH battery with 3 amps charging output, two integrated USB ports and a charging cable. You can upgrade the power bank whenever you want without replacing the entire suitcase. The one you get here is capable of charging up to 8 iPhones.



  • Easy opening and closing.
  • No need to search for a plug at the airport to charge your dying gadgets when you have your own the USB charger with the Trunkster carry on.
  • Even if you become separated from your luggage, you’ll always know where it is so you can get it back easily.
  • Never pay excess baggage fees again.
  • Be more confident that the contents of your suitcase are secure when you’re not looking.


Buy the Trunkster here!