Our Favorite Travel Packing Organizers 2024

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Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet
Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet – details below
If you’re tired of arriving at your destination with your belongings in a jumbled mess, using travel packing organizers is the perfect solution. Lots of travel accessory brands make products like packing cubes, compression bags, toiletry and cosmetic cases, etc., but a few go above and beyond when it comes to the design. Just because organizers are simple luggage accessories, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be good looking or smartly designed. Some are multipurpose and can be used for everyday needs.

Packing organizers make useful gifts for frequent travelers too, so with the holiday season fast approaching we’ve come up with some of our favorites from various brands for you to consider. They all cost under $50 and do their job well. And if you travel with several gadgets along with their cords, chargers, adapter and other techie gadgets, then you need a travel cord organizer too.

The Shacke Pak Travel Packing Cubes

Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers with Laundry BagThere are quite a few brands that make packing cube sets in various colors, but our new favorite for 2020 is the Shacke Pak set of 4 cubes with a laundry bag. Packing cubes are most useful if two or more people share the same suitcase and you don’t want everyone’s things mixed up. Some goes for an extended trip and you have to take enough clothes for the entire duration.

One of the common complaints about some other brands, is that they make the medium and small cubes too small to really be useful and that they don’t fully utilize the packing space in a suitcase. The Shacke Pak’s cubes come in 4 different sizes with each being suitable for different types of clothing and each is deeper than most other cubes so you really can fit in a stack of clothes in each. You also get a waterproof drawstring laundry bag to keep your soiled clothes separate or you can even use it for your accessories, gadget cords, etc.

The zippers are YKK and the double stitching is reinforced. The material is tough nylon with see through mesh corners. The design prevents the cubes from over-stretching even when packed to the brim.

Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves With Zippered Compartment

Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves With Zippered CompartmentFor those who hate the process of packing and unpacking in hotels, you could try the Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves. They’re like a chest of drawers that is portable! The whole thing is made of polyester and features two open shelves and one zipped shelf.

When you’re at home, hang the unit up to a closet rod, door frame or chair back by the attached hanger hook straps and pack your shirts in one open shelf, your trousers in the other, and your underwear, socks and accessories in the zipped shelf. When done unhook and drop the entire unit into your suitcase or carry on along with shoes and other few things around it, close and go. At the hotel, open your bag, remove the Travelon shelves by the two hooks and hang it up in the closet or on any suitable edge, clothes and all!

Another advantage of using this system is that your clothes remain neatly folded instead of bunched up and wrinkled, which happens when you pack everything in one big luggage space.

The Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves is very sturdy and can hold quite a lot of clothes. It is sized to fit neatly into a 20 inch carry on or larger duffel bag.

Also take a look at the Rise Gear Jumper which features its own inbuilt shelves. It is sized as a personal item.

Travelon Jewelry and Cosmetic Clutch

Travelon Jewelry and Cosmetic ClutchWe definitely love the silk printed jewelry rolls we featured here, but for something that will hold a lot of different types and sizes of jewelry, this organizer from Travelon is great. It’s available in black, berry pink and leopard print with a circular quilted design on the outside.

The design features two pieces – one is a long and flat piece that wraps around a zipped pouch. This makes it compact so that it can fit in neatly in a handbag or carry on. There are 4 clear zippered pockets on the wraparound piece – 2 long horizontal ones and 2 short ones. These are perfect for necklaces, watches, bracelets, cuffs, rings and hoop earrings. The zipped pouch is good for cosmetics and it features elastic loops for makeup brushes. There is a clear plastic window to see through to the contents. The long flat piece then wraps around the pouch and is fastened by a pair of snap buttons on each end. The outside of the clutch also has one long zippered pocket and the other side features a loop by which you can hang the long piece from a closet hook if you want.



Amy Butler Ruby Shoe Keeper

Amy Butler for Kalencom Ruby Shoe KeeperMost shoe bags for travel are plain nondescript drawstring bags in polyester but there’s no reason why your shoes can’t travel in style too! These pretty printed Amy Butler shoe bags are made of 100% pure organic cotton and feature a woven trim and a pull cord opening. The inside is in a contrast print and has one slide pocket to keep any small accessories like a pair of socks or pantyhose. Each bag will hold a pair of wedges or ankle boots or two pairs of flip flops and the substantial fabric better protects your shoes than most other shoe bags.

Of course, you don’t have to use it only for your shoes. It’s so pretty that you can use it for your other travel accessories or gift it to someone as well.

Sakroots Artist Circle Hanging Cosmetic Travel Bag

Sakroots Artist Circle Critter Travel Case Cosmetic BagA nice makeup bag is essential on the road, especially one that you can hang up on your hotel door hook or shower rod. There are various sizes available and most can also serve as a toiletry bag.

All the prints on this Sakroots polyvinyl cosmetic travel case are quite unique. The lining is polyester and there are three clear zippered compartments to keep your things organized and easily identifiable. The three fold bag is zippered shut and has a carry handle that drops 4″. It measures 8″ high, 11.5″ wide, and 3″ thick and can hold enough toiletries and cosmetics for at least 3 days. When opened, there’s an S-shaped hook at the top that will hang from any shower rod or door hook.

Poke-a-Dot Cosmetics Organizer

Poke-a-dot OrganizerCan you tell that I’m very particular about having a good organizer for my cosmetics? The Poke-a-Dot organizer is a box with customizable dividers that keep your makeup securely in place and easy to access while traveling. You can take it straight from your vanity drawer to your carry on and then to your hotel bathroom’s countertop without unpacking any item from it. Any shape and size of cosmetics can find it’s own place in the case because you get to configure the layout yourself.

Pack-It Garment Folders

To keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible, Eagle Creek has Pack-It garment folders to help you fold and pack your formals into a compact and secure stack for minimizing creases. Take a look at how this method works.

Vera Bradley Neoprene Tablet Sleeve

Vera Bradley Neoprene Tablet SleeveFor those who don’t like using their iPads with an attached cover, the solution is to protect it in a tablet sleeve. A sleeve will fit into a big enough handbag, laptop bag, backpack or any other carry-on bag.

Most iPads (even with a Smart Cover) and other tablets will fit into this well padded Vera Bradley Neoprene tablet sleeve. Of course, this makes a great gift, as do all Vera Bradley products. There are lots of pretty and colorful prints to choose from and the brand’s logo is features on a front plaque, on the zipper pull and all over the inner lining.

The opening is U-shaped over the top and zippered for easy access. It comes with a detachable wristlet band for safe carrying in your hand. it measures 10″ x 8″ x .75″.


Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet

Fintie Passport Holder Travel WalletSometimes all you need to take with you for dinner in a travel destination is your passport, your cards and a little bit of cash. Travel light with a passport holder but make sure it looks nice to place on the table. Of course, at all other times you can just slip it into your handbag!

This cool Fintie synthetic leather passport holder in a fold over wallet design features an antique world map print – perfect for travel. There are 3 other prints to choose from. Inside is a slip pocket to hold your passport, and various slots for a boarding pass, a few currency notes and credit cards. It measures 5.8 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches when closed.

If you’re concerned about identity theft while traveling, take a look at some other nice RFID blocking passport wallets.

Do you have any cool travel packing organizers you’d like to share with us? Please do so in the comments section below!

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  1. Being a girl it is so difficult to pack so thanks for making this great list. For the packing cubes, what do you think of buying a set that has 2 compartments so you can keep clean and dirty clothes separate?

    • I personally use disposal bags for laundry since I wouldn’t want my cubes to smell but I can see why some would like a double sided packing cube.


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