Gift Her a Jewelry Travel Roll Bag in 2024

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Large Jewelry Roll in Silk Brocade
A silk brocade jewelry roll

Do you find that when you travel with jewelry that your pieces usually end up in a cluttered mess? A good way to keep all your pieces protected and ordered is to carry them in a compact jewelry travel roll bag.

You can also gift one of these beautifully crafted roll up organizers to any female friend or loved one. They’re even great as bridesmaids gifts or thank you gifts because they’re inexpensive but very pretty and available in a ton of colors and patterns.

It is my favorite kind of jewelry organizer for travel because unlike a jewelry box, it takes up very little space in your luggage and is very light by itself. Just throw it into your carry on bag, and you know your jewelry will be safe. When you’re staying at a hotel, just place the whole travel roll and unused jewelry in the safe before leaving your room.

A travel jewelry roll up bag has zippered pockets and other features to organize earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, so you know which pocket has what. Some of these rolls, however, only have pockets for necklaces, so if you’re going to travel with thin necklaces, they can get a bit tangled up.

While there are some functional but plain and utilitarian jewelry roll travel cases available, I cannot resist getting a pretty one that looks almost like a formal evening clutch. There’s really not much difference in price anyway, so why not?

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite jewelry roll up travel bag options:



Silk Jewelry Roll Bags

These are the prettiest and top rated travel jewelry roll bags that you can buy. The feel and sheen of the silk makes it a great gift option and you can find each pattern either embroidered or burnished into the silk in a range of colors. So you can get one or more in your favorite colors or a buy a whole bunch to gift away to your bridesmaids or at Christmas!

Jewelry Roll (Large) – Silk Brocade

Large Jewelry Roll in Silk BrocadeThis hand made best seller silk brocade roll from Red Blossom is the large size, but it also comes in a smaller size for those who don’t travel with much jewelry.

The fabric is a blend of silk and rayon with a satin lining. This bag can be dry cleaned.

It features one large open compartment, 3 zippered compartments and 1 roll carrier for your rings.

To close it, just fold it up along two folds and tie it up with the attached tie close.

It measures 8″W by 4″L when closed but opens up to 11″ long when open. This bag is also available in a smaller size.

This roll is available in 14 different colors with each one in a matching brocade print.

Customers say that this roll is the best quality at a very affordable price.

Jewelry Roll (Large) – Silk Jacquard

Jewelry Roll (Large) - Silk JacquardSimilar to the silk brocade roll above, this one is a Red Blossom silk jacquard roll. Instead of handmade brocade work done on the fabric, this silk and rayon blend fabric features a jacquard pattern woven into the silk.

Everything else is the same as above – 1 large open compartment, 3 zippered pockets and 1 ring roll carrier. A tie close keeps the roll secure.

This roll is 8 inches wide. When open, the bag is 11 inches long, while it is 4 inches long when closed. It is available in a smaller size as well.

To protect all your jewelry pieces, the lining is in satin and the roll is lightly padded all over.

This travel roll is available in even more colors and prints – 23 to be exact!

Red Blossom Jewelry Roll Clutch – Embroidered Chrysanthemum

Red Blossom Jewelry Roll ClutchAnother beautiful silk roll, this one with an embroidered chrysanthemum pattern. This roll has a little more structure than the two bags above and looks a little more like an evening clutch.

The material is silk satin and it features a button closure instead of the tie one.

Also has a ring roll carrier, 3 zippered pockets and 1 large open one.

Measures 11″ in length when open and 4″ when closed. It is 8″ wide.



Silky Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Travel Organizer Roll Pouch

Silky Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Travel Organizer Roll PouchAre you a fan of florals? This colorful silk embroidered roll by Dahlia features an intricate floral brocade pattern on silk.

It is available in 9 pretty colors.

This roll is a bifold with a tie closure that can be wound around the roll many times to keep it secure.

It measures 6″ in width and 9″ in length.

The inside features 1 full length open pocket, 1 half length zippered pocket and 2 quarter length zippered pockets. It also has a ring holder that snaps in place.


Leather Jewelry Roll Travel Case

Travel Jewelry Roll Leather Compact Metallic Gold Silver

Travel Jewelry Roll Leather Compact Metallic Gold SilverThis leather and metallic finish roll by Tech Swiss is a chic option with lots of features that the above silk rolls don’t have.

This leather jewelry roll for travel has a silver and gold finish on the outside and a beige suede finish inside. It measures 10 5/8″ by 8 5/8′.

There are two bars that snap close. One is narrow and for rings and the other is wider with 10 pairs of holes for earrings, making it easy to access the right pair. Two zippered pockets can hold necklaces and bracelets.

There is also a detachable cylindrical pouch on the inside that you can use as a separate bag for additional jewelry.


Fabric Jewelry Roll Travel Organizer

Aspire Jewelry Roll in Plush Fabric

Aspire Jewelry RollIf you plan on traveling on long trips where you’ll need a lot of you’re jewelry, you’ll need something a little larger and perhaps better at preventing tangling of fine necklaces and bracelets.

This Aspire jewelry organizer roll measures 12″ x 21.5″ and is made of soft plush fabric.

It has numerous features that help to separate all your pieces. Unlike the above rolls, every piece of jewelry has it’s own placeholder instead of being mixed up in pockets.

There are 8 snap holders for bracelets and necklaces, 4 snap bars with holes for 20 pairs of earrings, and 8 snap bars for rings.

It closes via Velcro tabs into a compact cylindrical roll.


Serena Travel Set Jewelry Organizer

Serena Travel Set Jewelry OrganizerThis Serena Travel Set gives you not one, but two organizers for your jewelry! One is a roll up bag and the other is a drawstring pouch.

The fabric is expensive looking and in an eggplant color with a 3D print effect. There is also a burnt orange color and a gold color available.

The roll measures 11.75″ long and 8.5″ wide when it is open and the travel pouch measures 12″ round, so you can take both with you for longer trips or just one for the shorter trips.

The roll has 4 large zippered pockets, 1 open pocket and a ring bar that snaps in place. It can be closed via a tie closure.

The drawstring pouch has a main center storage area and 8 pockets in the lining all around the circumference. The bottom is lightly padded to give it more stability.
Now that you have a jewelry travel roll bag, do you need more travel accessories for your trips? Here is a list of our must haves to help make travel more fun and convenient and some more nice to have travel accessories too!


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