Best Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women

Dot&Dot - Hanging Toiletry Kit

Dot&Dot – Hanging Toiletry Kit in 8 colors

While travelling, have you faced the problem of not having enough clean bathroom counter space to place all your toiletries on? Do you hate unpacking and repacking your toiletry bag each time? Finding the best hanging toiletry bag for women is the answer to that problem. These bags also make great gifts for the frequent traveler.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the best hanging toiletry bags for women found on Amazon.

When I travel, whether at an airport restroom or my hotel bathroom, I need to have my toiletries at my fingertips. But unlike at home, there’s usually never enough space next to the bathroom sink for all of them, or the cleanliness of the countertop is dubious at best. I also like to pack and tidy up as much as possible before I leave my hotel room for the day, so I’d rather not unpack my toiletry kit at all at my destination.

A hanging toiletry kit is the only kind I use to combat these problems. The trick is in the design. The height of the kit should be enough to hold bottles without tearing the lining or pockets when the compartments are completely full. The compartments should have enough depth that the contents don’t get squished when it is rolled up and secure.
The fabric hook or hanger should be large enough to go over any shower rod or bathroom hook. If there are leaks during transit, the liquids shouldn’t spread all over.
The best toiletry bag for women should be large enough to hold all essential toiletries but compact enough not to take up too much space in your carry on or checked baggage.

There is also a new accessory that seems quite clever and may be a good substitute for a hanging bag if you have the space for it in your luggage. It’s the Orgo Lite, a flat organizer with configurable compartments that you can open up to create a large work tray when you set it down on a small sink or even a lap.

In the following guide, I’ve selected a few of the top rated toiletry bags for women and grouped them by size. You’ll find they all come in beautiful colors and some of them are in cool prints.


If all you want is something to keep your things in for infrequent trips and want to spend the very minimum for it, there are a few options available. Of course, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect these to last for very long or for them to have lots of nice features. They’ll do the job, though, and even though they are small, their simple designs allow you to pack quite a few toiletries. Just don’t try to stuff regular sized bottles in them and handle the pockets and zippers with care!


WODISON Transparent Clear Hanging Travel Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer Storage BagYou’ll have a choice of 4 colors and 2 sizes and configurations with this polyester and clear PVC Wodison Cosmetic Organizer. If you travel with just a few essential toiletry items, you might be able to fit them all in the narrower black bag that measures 10.2″ in width. It measures 26.38″ in length when open. There are 4 rows of zippered compartments when you unfold this bag. The top line features one long clear plastic pocket, the second has two clear pockets divided in the center, the third line is one full clear pocket and the fourth line is a single mesh pocket. You hang it up via a simple S-hook and wrap it up and close it using a single strap with velcro closure.

The other 3 colors come in a slightly wider size with more divided compartments to fit more items. While the length when open remains the same, their width measures 13.77″. From top to bottom, you have 4 small clear pockets, 3 clear pockets, 1 clear pocket and 2 mesh pockets – all zippered. The hook is a stainless steel hanger type and you have two adjustable straps with snap buckles to close it up.

You can check for the price of the Wodison kit in the UK here.


Lewis N. Clark 1592 Hanging Toiletry Kit

Lewis N Clark Unisex Hanging Toiletry Travel KitThis nylon Lewis N. Clark bag only comes in black and it features a simple design. Four compartment panels fold up into a compact roll that is fastened by an adjustable strap, so it can be closed and secure even when it is fully stuffed.

There are two zippered mesh pockets, one clear plastic zippered one and one compartment with elastic loops to keep a few things in place. A large nylon loop lets you hang it up on a hook or door handle. Its size when rolled up is 7″ high and 11″ wide and it is 24″ long when open.


Household Essentials Hanging Cosmetic and Grooming Travel Bag

Household Essentials Hanging Cosmetic and Grooming Travel BagDo you like a place for everything and everything in its place? Then this Household Essentials bag is the toiletry travel bag for you. You get 10 clear plastic pockets divided between 4 different sized zippered panel compartments that fold flat inwards when closed. What you’ll need to watch out for is that everything you want to take with you is in the small travel size, as the pocket divisions won’t hold anything large. You may also need to lay all your toiletries out before packing them in to see which item goes where.

It is made of PVC microfiber on the outside with fully lined and easy to clean vinyl inside. A hanger hook on the top lets you hang it from just about anywhere.


Small bag under $40

Lavievert Toiletry Bag / Portable Travel Organizer

Lavievert Toiletry BagThis Lavievert Toiletry Bag is really compact but surprisingly roomy inside. The reason you may pay more for this one is because it is made of high quality waterproof nylon so you can be sure it will last a long time.

When it opens up, there is a strong hanger hook that you can hang the bag up by and on the inside of the flap are three zippered pockets – one small mesh one that folds inwards when the bag is closed, and two larger pockets – one mesh and one opaque in case you want to use it for a couple of sanitary pads.

Your larger bottles and tubes go in the main compartment that stands below the open flap. This space features several loops and drop pockets for organization. A final zippered mesh pocket is on the outside wall of this compartment.

This bag measures 9 x 7.4 x 2.5 inches when closed.

Pros: Compact and durable.

Cons: Full sized bottles won’t fit.

Find it on the UK Amazon here.


Medium toiletry bags for women

With all the latest rounds of excess baggage fees and carry on luggage size restrictions, the days of taking your entire collection of toiletry supplies with you when you fly are over. Your toiletry kit needs to be compact and space efficient so that you have more packing space for your clothes and other things.  However, you don’t want to have to leave behind too much, right?

That’s why these well designed medium sized toiletry bags are a smart choice. You can get a lot into them, but when they are rolled up they become nice and compact.


Medium bags under $40

Dot&Dot Hanging Toiletry Kit

Dot&Dot - Hanging Toiletry KitThis compact and lightweight toiletry bag by Dot&Dot is a good choice for those looking for a packing cube for toiletries and cosmetics. Made of a water repellent honeycomb polyester material, you can be sure that everything inside will remain dry and the heavy duty zippers lessens the likelihood of them getting stuck. It is deceptively compact at 11″x 6.75″x 3″ when closed, but it can hold quite a lot inside 3 tiers of compartments.

The top tier is a flap with a zippered pocket good for cotton buds or even jewelry, and two small open pockets that are ideal for tissue or a packet of travel wipes. The middle tier is a mesh compartment with a u-shaped zipper. You can store your deodorant stick, toothpaste, lipsticks and toothbrush here. The bottom tier is a mesh compartment with the same zipper and also elastic holders to keep toiletry bottles upright.

A strong steel hook with rubber tip is provided at the top of the opening flap for hanging it up, and a simple carry handle makes carrying it alone convenient.

The kit is available in 8 different colors.

Pros: Space efficient and holds lots of toiletries yet packs up into a small bag.

Will dry fast if the bag becomes wet.

Easy to clean.

Cons: The hook is a bit small so thick rods can’t be used for hanging.

Not big enough for full-sized shampoo or body lotion bottles, but quite a few travel sized bottles and even a full sized contact lens solution bottle will fit.


eBags Pack-it-flat toiletry kit

eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry KitIf you’re constantly fighting for space in your travel bag, then having a toiletry kit that doesn’t need its own nook is a good idea. The Pack-it-flat hanging toiletry bag by eBags packs flat when closed and can be go right on top of your clothes in a suitcase. This just may be the best travel toiletry bag for women.

You may think that this style of toiletry kit wouldn’t be great for organization, but the design of this one is great with four different compartments to accommodate everything. The center part zips open and a cut away section keeps everything in place for hanging. There are two elasticized mesh pockets and one flap mesh pocket to keep things in place.

The left section is PVC lined so you can store damp things or things that tend to leak in there, while the right section is a zippered expandable section measuring 2.5” wide when closed and 3.5” when open.

The item measures 15″ x 9.25″ x 2.25″ when closed and weighs just 10 ounces – just perfect when luggage space and weight restrictions are tight.

There’s a detachable hook for when you don’t want to hang it up and a carry handle along one side of the length of the bag.

The bag comes in eight great colors like the grasshopper that you see here.

Pros: The best at space saving.


Cons: The zippers should not be opened fully while hanging the bag up, or things will fall out.

Not meant for lots of large items.

Not surprisingly, the eBags kit is also popular in the UK.


Sistel Technology Limited Potable Toiletry Bag

Portable Toiletry Bag for Women or MenThis toiletry bag features all kinds of pockets in different configurations. It is a portable kit by Sistel that can hang by an inbuilt hanger hook or can sit on a counter without tipping over. It measures 8.3(L) * 4.15(W) * 9.2(H) inches and weighs 8 ounces and comes in green or grey as of now.

The main compartment is covered by a zippered flap that opens upwards to hang by the hook, and has 2 zippered pockets one below the other that will hold several smaller items. The main compartment features one large space and several drop pockets – some tight and some looser. This is where all your larger items can be stored. The front of this compartment features a mesh wall so that you can see its items clearly even at a height. There are two zippered U-shaped side pockets that feature elastic loops to hold a comb, brushes, etc and enough space for more tubes, bottles or even wash cloths. Even if the zippers are fully open on these side pockets, the contents won’t fall out, as they are gusseted.

All the pockets in this bag are made with mesh to allow for breathability.

Pros: A well organized bag.

Cons: Cannot stuff all the pockets, otherwise it will get too big to pack in your suitcase.


AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit

AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry KitThis hanging toiletry kit by Amazonbasics may be only available in basic black but since it is the lowest priced of the medium kits with this kind of design, it has to be considered for its value.

The design is middle of the road but executed well with a wipe clean lined interior. The inside of the flap cover features one open top clear pocket and one mesh zippered pocket. The main compartment is large and just right for your biggest items. The front of this compartment is made of mesh with a zippered pocket on the outside that is covered when the flap of the bag is zipped shut. Two external zippered pockets on the sides of the kit are good for keeping bottles that may leak in transit so that the contents don’t spread to the inside.

A nice and strong hook at the top of the flap serves for hanging the kit up but it can be tucked in when not needed. When the bag is closed, the nylon carry handle can be used to hang it up.

It measures 9.6 x 8.2 x 3.3 inches and is made of polyester. It will not hold full sized bottles in the upright position but they can be accommodated horizontally in the main compartment.

Pros: Space efficient and holds lots of toiletries yet lies almost flat when empty.


Cons: The hook is a bit small for large diameter rods.

The zips on the two side pockets close downwards so you can’t leave these pockets open. To prevent the contents from falling out, you have to take out an item and zip the pocket shut again.

Get the AmazonBasics kit in the UK too.

Medium bags over $40

Victorinox Lifestyle Accessories 3.0 hanging toiletry kit

Victorinox Hanging Toiletry KitIt doesn’t matter if the inside of this nylon Victorinox Lifestyle Accessories bag gets damp because it is lined with an antibacterial film to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. The Victorinox quality is also evident in the material and construction of this women’s hanging toiletry bag.

The main compartment is divided into two by mesh, while the two side pockets are zippered and water resistant, with loops to keep a toothbrush, razor and other small items secure. The flap opens upwards and has an inner mesh pocket and also reveals another mesh pocket in the front. A metal hanger hook is attached.

This bag measures 11” by 7” by 3” and weighs 10.4 ounces. It is available in black and red.

Pros: Durable and well made.

Can fit full sized toiletries.

Cons: Expensive.

The divider in the main compartment doesn’t attach to the bottom, so small items can roll around.


Large toiletry bags for women

If you’re like me, you like to take all your favorite toiletries and cosmetics on your trips. I can manage with just a few essentials when I go away for just a day or two, but on longer trips, it can be less than ideal if you have to do without the usual products that you use for your daily beauty regimen.

Getting a large toiletry bag will allow you to take more than just your shampoo, toothbrush and moisturizer. Some bags can even fit a travel sized hairdryer! This doesn’t mean that these bags will take up half the space in your carry on bag. The best ones are designed to close up into a compact bag to take up very little space.


Large bags under $40

Davidsbeenhere Hanging Travel Toiletry Cosmetics Bag Kit

Davidsbeenhere Hanging Travel Toiletry Cosmetics Bag KitThis Davidsbeenhere Travel Toiletry Cosmetics Bag is another flat style kit like the one from eBags, except that this one is larger and can expand if you need to pack a lot. With so much functionality, it’s a wonder that it is so affordable!

It packs flat in your suitcase and when it is not fully stuffed, the two ends of the bag can be folded in to make the bag more compact.

The Davidsbeenhere bag measures 15 inches long with the expandable pocket zipped and extends up to 18 inches long unzipped. It’s 10 inches high – a perfect height for things like hare care tools and full sized bottles. It is about 2 inches deep when packed full.

It’s available in pink, red, blue, black and grey and is perfect for a woman with a large beauty regimen!

There are 4 compartments that can each hold full-sized toiletries. The central compartment opens via a U-shaped zippered flap that opens upwards and has a zippered mesh pocket inside, and a removable hanger hook on the top. This compartment has a mesh panel on the front to prevent your things from falling out when it is hanging up.

The left side of the bag has one wide zippered pocket. The right hand side has 2 narrow pockets, but the one right on the end can be expanded via a zipper if needed. All the 3 end pockets can be opened partially to keep their contents from falling out.

A convenient carry handle is provided to allow you to carry the bag on its own if you want.

Pros: Well designed.

Very affordable.

Compact but roomy enough to hold a lot, including full sized toiletries.




Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Essentials Travel Organizer

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Essentials Travel OrganizerThe price of this Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Essentials Travel Organizer is well worth it, as it is high in quality, well designed for organization and large enough to hold plenty of toiletries and makeup.

It measures 10.5 x 3.8 x 9.5 inches, weighs under 11 ozs and comes in 3 pleasing colors.

The outside of the bag is water resistant micro-ballistic polyester, while the inside is completely lined. A reinforced hanger hook lets you hang it up when open, while a simple nylon webbed handle lets you carry it alone or use it to hang the bag up when closed.

It features several mesh and clear plastic open and zippered compartments, making this kit easy to keep organized. The inside of the flap contains two large zippered pockets, one in plastic and the other mesh. The body of the main compartment is roomy enough to hold a travel hairdryer and medium sized bottles in separate open bottle holders. A zipped mesh pocket in front of this compartment is great for additional storage. The exterior front and one side also has a zipped pocket each for items that need to be easy to access. The other side has an elastic mesh drop pocket.

Pros: Lots of storage compartments.

Cons: The hook is too small to hang on some shower rods.


Lavievert Toiletry Bag – Large

Lavievert Toiletry Bag - LargeThe price of this Large Lavievert Toiletry Bag is well worth it, as its unique design for organization of all your toiletries and cosmetics sets it apart. Not only is it water-resistant but it is also padded, so even a glass perfume bottle will be protected.

It measures 12.5*5.5*7.5 inches and comes in 3 different colors.

It has a hanger hook to hang it up when open, while a simple nylon webbed carry handle lets you carry it as a separate bag or hang it up when closed. The hanger hook can be folded down and velcroed in place when not being used.

The main compartment features several mesh and opaque pockets, some open and some zippered, making this kit easy to keep organized. This space is meant for your bottles of lotion, shampoo, perfume, etc.

On either side of the main compartment are two zippered pockets. Outside these two are another set of zippered pockets that open outwards like doors. The inside of these doors feature several loops and a row or small pockets under those to hold your makeup brushes, eye pencils, etc.

The inside of the flap contains one large clear plastic zippered pocket and beneath that are three elastic loops one below the other to hold toothbrushes.

Pros: Lots of storage compartments.

Cons: The hook is made of plastic.

This is also available in the UK.

Large bags over $40

Vera Bradley hanging organizer

Vera Bradley Hanging OrganizerVera Bradley bags sell like hot cakes, yet it doesn’t seem like any two women will have the same bag. Just like all the other bags from this brand, this cotton Vera Bradley hanging toiletry organizer comes in several stylish prints, making it the best toiletry bag for women who are fashion conscious.

Be aware that the brand retires prints and introduces new ones regularly, so click through to see what is currently available.

At 11½” x 29¼” x 2½”, this bag is large but thin, so it won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

The top section features one zippered quilted compartment and two clear plastic compartments lined in taffeta. The bottom zippered compartment is plastic lined and can open wide to fit in larger items.

A metal hanger hook hides away when not used, there’s a tie closure and two carry handles.

Pros: Good compartments.

High quality. Stylish.

Cons: Can be too big for some.

Don’t think the best hanging toiletry bag for women is on this list? You can find a large selection of them at every price point on Amazon!


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