Best Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women 2024

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Hankcles Designer Hanging Toiletry BagWhile traveling, have you faced the problem of not having enough clean bathroom counter space to place all your toiletries on? Do you hate unpacking and repacking your toiletry bag each time? Finding the best hanging toiletry bag for women is the answer to that problem. These bags also make great gifts for the frequent traveler.

You can find some of the best hanging toiletry bags for women online but we’ll select just a few of the top rated from the huge range and cover various styles and sizes.

When I travel, whether at an airport restroom or my hotel bathroom, I need to have my toiletries at my fingertips. But unlike at home, there’s usually never enough space next to the bathroom sink for all of them, or the cleanliness of the countertop is dubious at best. I also like to pack and tidy up as much as possible before I leave my hotel room for the day, so I’d rather not unpack my toiletry kit at all at my destination.

A hanging toiletry kit is the only kind I use to combat these problems. The trick is in the design. The height of the kit should be enough to hold bottles without tearing the lining or pockets when the compartments are completely full. The compartments should have enough depth that the contents don’t get squished when it is rolled up and secure.
The fabric hook or hanger should be large enough to go over any shower rod or bathroom hook. If there are leaks during transit, the liquids shouldn’t spread all over.

The best toiletry bag for women should be large enough to hold all essential toiletries but compact enough not to take up too much space in your carry on or checked baggage. For duffel bags, a small duffel shaped toiletry bag is best, while for suitcases, a flatter one is better.

There is also a new accessory that seems quite clever and may be a good substitute for a hanging bag if you have the space for it in your luggage. It’s the Orgo Lite, a flat organizer with configurable compartments that you can open up to create a large work tray when you set it down on a small sink or even a lap.

In the following guide, I’ve selected a few of the top rated toiletry bags for women and grouped them by size. You’ll find they all come in beautiful colors and some of them are in cool prints. However, be aware that these are not TSA-approved for cabin baggage and can only be used for ground travel or in your checked baggage. If you’re traveling by air and want to take toiletries with you in your hand luggage, you’ll need a TSA-approved toiletry bag with travel-sized bottles and containers for all liquids, gels and pastes.



Small Hanging Travel Toiletry bag

If all you want is something to keep your things in for infrequent trips and want to spend the very minimum for it, there are a few options available. Of course, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect these to last for very long or for them to have lots of nice features. They’ll do the job, though, and even though they are small, their simple designs allow you to pack quite a few toiletries. Just don’t try to stuff regular sized bottles in them and handle the pockets and zippers with care!


Mountaintop Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Mountaintop Hanging Travel Toiletry BagYou’ll have a choice of 8 colors with this ripstop nylon fabric that is water resistant. The Mountaintop Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag measures just 7.1 x 2.4 x 9.3-Inches when zipped closed and weighs less than half a pound on its own.

If you travel with just a few essential toiletry items, you might be able to fit them all in this compact bag. The main compartment opens via a double zippered u-shaped lid, the inside of which features a hanger hook on the edge to hook it to a shower rod or closet rod. The outside of the bag features a durable flat carry handle on the top, which works well if you want to hang it up on a door hook when the bag is closed while you’re not in your hotel room.

Inside the bag is ample room for travel sized shampoo and conditioner bottles, lotion bottle, body cream tube, shower gel, toothpaste, etc. in the lower main compartment. These can be first packed in a clear plastic ziplock bag that can then be placed in this compartment, so that TSA checks are quick and easy when you’re flying.

The back wall has two durable mesh pockets with open tops for a toothbrush, makeup brushes and other tubes, while each inside end features a smaller mesh pocket that are perfect for lipsticks and mascara. The inside of the lid features a zippered mesh pocket that’s perfect for a compact, blush and other small items. There is a full length zipped pocket on the outer rear of the bag as well for easy access to face wipes, Q-tips and hand sanitizer.

Customers love that it’s a simple toiletry bag that’s very durable although some find that the hanging hook isn’t large enough to go around thick rods or doorknobs. Don’t try to pack tall bottles upright in the main compartment if you plan to hang it up in the open state, as they can tumble out.


Neatpack Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag

Neatpack Compact Hanging Toiletry BagThis small nylon Neatpack Toiletry Bag comes in 5 colors and it features a surprisingly practical design for its dimensions, which are just 8½”H x 8¼”W x 3″D. Heed these because the pictures are deceptive and it’s meant to be just for the essentials and not for the woman who can’t travel without all her cosmetics. However, when the bag is fully opened and you start to pack your things, you’ll see that it’s big enough to hold everything and the seams won’t tear due to overstuffing.

The design is meant for you to be able to see all the items clearly when it’s hanging open up by its hanger hook which is attached to the inside edge of the main compartment’s lid. This lid folds across the top and over the front of the bag and the inside of it features one large clear zippered pocket. The double zipper zips the lid shut in front of a zippered mesh pocket that also serves as a front wall to the main compartment so that nothing falls out when it’s hanging open. The main compartment can hold a decent sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner in the two back open top mesh pockets, but it’s best to stick to travel sized bottles only so that you can pack more things in front of them in the main space.

There are two separate vertical zippered pockets on either end of the bag that feature a small mesh pocket and a couple elastic loops to hold makeup brushes and lipsticks.

The material is a durable water resistant nylon and there’s a fabric grab handle on the top. Its flat bottom makes it good for placing on a counter as well.



Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

Osprey UltraLight Roll OrganizerNo, Osprey doesn’t only make wonderful backpacks! The Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer is a toiletry travel bag for long lasting use and its compact roll up design allows you to stick it into a corner of your backpack or squeeze it between your clothes in your carry on.

The roll up design with adjustable securing strap to close it allows you to pack quite a few toiletries without worrying that it won’t close. The organization is simple. There are two zippered mesh pockets across the inside of the bag and one opaque one for smaller items. In front of the opaque flat pocket is a zippered pouch for more bulky items. A simple but durable hanger hook allows you to hang it from a closet rod or a tree branch. The roll comes with a handy small mirror as well, which is useful if you’re going camping.


Medium toiletry bags for women

With all the latest rounds of excess baggage fees and carry on luggage size restrictions, the days of taking your entire collection of toiletry supplies with you when you fly are over. Your toiletry kit needs to be compact and space efficient so that you have more packing space for your clothes and other things.  However, you don’t want to have to leave behind too much, right?

That’s why these well designed medium sized toiletry bags are a smart choice. You can get a lot into them, but when they are rolled up they become nice and compact.


Hankcles Designer Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hankcles Designer Hanging Toiletry BagThis Designer Hanging Toiletry Bag by Hankcles is a good choice for those looking for a slightly more structured bag with a decent amount of organizaion. Made of a waterproof nylon, this bag has a 7.88″ by 5.12″ footprint and is quite tall at 10.3″. Thereason for the height is because it is separated into two independent tiers.

The top tier is a double zippered flap lid covered compartment with 4 open top mesh pockets around the inside walls and a zippered mesh pocket on the inside of the lid. The front of this compartment features a mesh wall in front to allow you to see inside when it’s hanging up. The lower tier is a double zippered box-like compartment with the upper tier acting as its lid that flips up and back. This compartment features a flat base and the space is good for larger items that can be laid flat. Or you can separate liquid items from dry items to that any leaks can be contained in one compartment. The floors of both tiers feature several wide elastic loops that you can use to secure any containers that you don’t want to be shaken too much when in transit.

A strong hook is provided at the top of the opening flap for hanging it up, and a simple carry handle makes carrying it alone convenient.

The kit is available in 6 different colors, two of which are with fun prints.

While the zippers may not move smoothly around the corners at first, you just have to guide them with your finger tips until they’re broken in and then they’ll begin to move smoothly.


KIPOZI Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men & Women

KIPOZI Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men & WomenIf you’re looking for the shape and design of the Hankcles bag above but don’t want one as tall as that, then this hanging toiletry kit by KIPOZI is a good pick but it doesn’t have a bottom tier. It is available in black, blue or pink and made of water-resistant ripstop polyester.

The design is middle of the road but executed well. The inside of the flap cover features two mesh zippered pockets. The main compartment is large and just right for your biggest items. The back wall features two rows of drop pockets. One row has tight and thin pockets and the row in front of that has looser and broader pockets. There are also two elastic top pockets on the side walls. Two external slip pockets on the sides of the kit are good for keeping face tissues, a small hairbrush or comb. There is also a large slip pocket on the back of the bag.

A nice and strong hanger hook at the top of the flap serves for hanging the kit up but it can be tucked in when not needed. When the bag is closed, the nylon carry handle can be used to carry it.

It measures 9 x 7.7 x 5 inches and can stand up straight on its own when set on a counter because the shell is slightly padded with foam. When it’s hanging up by its hanger hook, nothing will fall out of it as the front wall is pretty high. It is space efficient and holds lots of toiletries yet seems very compact, although it’s better if you stick to travel-sized bottles.



eBags Pack-it-flat toiletry kit

eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry KitIf you’re constantly fighting for space in your travel bag, then having a toiletry kit that doesn’t need its own nook is a good idea. The Pack-it-flat hanging toiletry bag by eBags packs flat when closed and can go right on top of your clothes in a suitcase. This just may be the best travel toiletry bag for women with stuffed suitcases.

You may think that this style of toiletry kit wouldn’t be great for organization, but the design of this one is great with four different compartments to accommodate everything. The center part zips open and a cut away section keeps everything in place for hanging. There are two elasticized mesh pockets and one flap mesh pocket to keep things in place.

The left section is PVC lined so you can store damp things or things that tend to leak in there, while the right section is a zippered expandable section measuring 2.5” wide when closed and 3.5” when open.

This space saving and durable item measures 15″ x 9.25″ x 2.25″ when closed and weighs just 10 ounces – just perfect when luggage space and weight restrictions are tight.

There’s a detachable hook for when you don’t want to hang it up, a removable mirror, and a carry handle along one side of the length of the bag. The only thing to note when you use it is to not unzip the side compartments fully while hanging the bag up, or things will fall out.

The bag comes in eight great colors like the grasshopper that you see here.


Ac.y.c Hanging Toiletry Bag

Ac.y.c Hanging Toiletry BagIt doesn’t matter if the inside of this water resistant nylon Ac.y.c Hanging Toiletry Bag gets damp because it is lined with an antibacterial film to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. The high quality is also evident in the smooth zippers and stitching and construction of this women’s hanging toiletry bag.

The plastic hanger hook is quite small and is best suited for hanging up from a door hook or thin rod. However, it also stands upright on a counter because of its base. The bag opens up via a lid flap that secures itself by two Velcro tabs to the front. The inside of this lid holds a zippered clear pocket on top and either a zippered mesh pocket below or two open top mesh pockets, depending on the design you pick. The zippers are either regular ones or come with large ring pulls.

The flap folds over the main compartment, which opens by a u-shaped zippered mesh lid in front. This lid does not unzip all the way down so when the bag is hanging up, the contents won’t fall out. The front of this lid holds a smaller opaque zipped pocket as well. The inside of the main compartment features small open top pockets along the inside walls to keep some bottles upright and in place. The rest of the space is big enough to hold quite a few items but it’s best if you stick to travel sized containers.

This bag measures 9.45″L x 7.48″ W x 3.74″ H and is available in a few different colors and prints.


Large toiletry bags for women

If you’re like me, you like to take all your favorite toiletries and cosmetics on your trips. I can manage with just a few essentials when I go away for just a day or two, but on longer trips, it can be less than ideal if you have to do without the usual products that you use for your daily beauty regimen.

Getting a large toiletry bag will allow you to take more than just your shampoo, toothbrush and moisturizer and they’re great for packing toiletries in checked luggage. Some bags can even fit a travel sized hairdryer! This doesn’t mean that these bags will take up half the space in your carry on bag. The best ones are designed to close up into a compact bag to take up very little space.


MelodySusie Hanging Toiletry Bag

MelodySusie Hanging Toiletry BagThis MelodySusie Hanging Toiletry Bag is like a bag on its own and can be carried over the shoulder or across the body by the long detachable and adjustable strap or by the top grab handle. It will also fit best in checked size luggage. If you pack it in carry on luggage, it will take up a lot of space. It’s available in dark pink, light pink, blue and black and is perfect for a woman with a large beauty regimen!

This waterproof polyester bag measures 10.6 x 6.3 x 11 inches and boasts a whopping 23 compartments, some of which can hold full sized toiletries. A stainless steel hanging hook can be used for hanging from just about anywhere, and when the bag is closed by the main zipper, it can be used as an additional fastener to reduce the strain on the zipper if you happen to overstuff the bag.

The main compartment opens via the u-shaped top flap by which you hang it up. The inside of the flap holds two zippered mesh compartments, while the bottom features a large space with a retaining mesh wall in the front and several slip pockets on the back and side walls. The broad base allows you to pack thick bottle and tubes. There are two side zippered compartments with doors that open vertically and hold several loops and thin pockets at one end for makeup brushes, hair brush and comb, and tubes or small bottles in slightly larger pockets on the other end. There is also a small zippered pocket on the front exterior and two exterior slip on the outside of the side compartments.

This toiletry bag is well designed, durable and affordable.


Premium Toiletry Bag By Freegrace

Premium Toiletry Bag By FreegraceThis Toiletry Bag By Freegrace is very similar to the MelodySusie above, only slightly smaller and without a shoulder strap but also very affordable.

The other differences are that the inside top flap zippered pockets are of different sizes, and there is an extra pocket inside each of the side compartments. There is also a front exterior pocket on the outside of the front flap. However, large bottles can fall out of the main compartment when the bag is hanging up.

This nylon bag measures 11.02″ x 5.52″ x 10.24″.


Lilliput Hanging Toiletry Bag & Cosmetic Organizer

Lilliput Hanging Toiletry Bag and Cosmetic OrganizerThe price of this Lilliput Hanging Toiletry Bag & Cosmetic Organizer makes it a value buy, especially since it is well designed for organization and large enough to hold plenty of toiletries and makeup. It folds up flat to place over all your clothes in a suitcase or carry on, so you don’t need to struggle to squeeze it in.

When folded up it measures 12 x 9 inches and when open and hanging up it measures 12 x 29.5 inches. It is only available in pink and is made of water repellent, quick to dry and mold proof polyester.

It features a strong metal swiveling hook that’s large enough to hang from a shower rod, and there’s a simple grab handle on an outside edge of the bag. To close, you fold the upper and lower ends of the bag in and wrap and secure the strap with the side release snap buckle. It can be tightened or loosened to allow for varying quantities of toiletries inside.

The inside features several flat zippered compartments of varying heights and one large and deep zippered clear window compartment. The flat compartments have elastic bands to keep items in place, a mesh front wall and water-resistance clear PVC backed walls, and the large compartment has three open top mesh pockets for bottles. The outside of the bag holds one large zippered pocket at the back.

The PVC lining can give off a plastic smell right out of the box but you can just wipe it with soapy water and let it hang out to dry in the sun for a while and the odor will disappear.


B&C Versatile Travel Cosmetic Bag

B&C Versatile Travel Cosmetic BagThe largest of these travel cosmetic bags is the B&C Versatile Travel Cosmetic Bag, which comes in a few different dark colors with bright accents, making it a nice toiletry bag for women who are fashion conscious.

At 12″ x 9″ x 4″ when closed, this bag is deceptively compact but when opened by the dual zippers there are 4 different zippered compartments and two of them are large enough to hold several full sized toiletry bottles. The top 3 compartments feature clear plastic windows, while the smaller bottom pouch is opaque and detachable. This pouch is perfect for your makeup. The front exterior features a large single zippered compartment.

There’s a large metal hanger hook for hanging up from a rod and two carry handles that make it convenient for carrying it separately if you need to.

Don’t think the best hanging toiletry bag for women is on this list? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to help.

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