What is the Best RFID Passport Wallet for Women in 2024?

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Do you travel out of the country from time to time? Or maybe it will soon be your first international trip? Either way, your passport becomes your most important document – more than any other form of identification that you use for domestic trips. That’s why if you get yourself a nice RFID passport wallet for women, you can carry it with you securely and can quickly show it to the authorities whenever you’re asked.

Since all passports, credit cards, and many IDs come with RFID chips that can be remotely read from up to 10 feet away, you have to guard against identity theft. A passport wallet with RFID blocking does that.

Since women have the advantage of carrying a handbag, they can drop the wallet in there for extra safety and the wallet can be large because it doesn’t have to fit into a pocket.

There are other ways to carry your passport with you. Neck pouches and fanny packs are popular options too, but they’re not for everyone. They’re not the most stylish or professional-looking passport holders. They’re not the most convenient to access when your hands are full or you’re in a hurry. A simpler passport case may be cheaper and more compact, but there’s no room or pockets for cards and IDs. A passport wallet keeps not only your passport safe and handy but also other travel documents and credit cards.

Another good option is to use an anti-theft travel bag. The cross-body style and other security features like locking zippers, slash-proof straps and shell, and hidden pockets makes everything in your bag secure. Some anti-theft bags come with in-built RFID blocking but some don’t. The ones without can still hold an RFID passport wallet, so it’s really up to you to decide what would work for you. Another option is a theft-proof backpack.

For women with an aversion to carrying any purse while traveling, a multi-pocket travel vest can do the trick.

Want to know what the best RFID wallets for women are? Read on to find out! All the top rated women’s travel wallets listed here contain the RFID blocking material in the lining.


Best RFID passport wallet for family travel

Zero Grid Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

Zero Grid Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

  • Water-resistant ripstop nylon

  • Slots for up to 6 passports, cards, boarding passes, pockets for currency and coins, small pen in a holder

  • Zip close - 5.7" x 7.5"

  • Black or grey
  • Best travel wallet for a single passport

    RFID Blocking Womens Leather Wallet and Checkbook by Access Denied

    Access Denied RFID Blocking Women's Leather Wallet

  • 100% Genuine Leather

  • Slots for a passport/phone, cards, boarding passes, cash, pocket for coins, removable checkbook cover

  • Tri-fold - 7.5" x 4.5" x 1"

  • 6 color choices
  • Best budget pick

    Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet

    Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet

  • Premium synthetic leather

  • Slots for a passport, business cards, credit cards, boarding passes

  • Bifold - 5.7" x 4.13" x 0.5" when closed, 8.35" long when open

  • Several color and print choices


    Passport Wallet for Family Travel

    Zero Grid Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder with RFID Blocking

    Zero Grid Travel Wallet & Family Passport HolderThe Zero Grid RFID Travel Wallet and Family Passport Holder is the best value pick of all the wallets on this list because you can keep all of your family’s passports safe in this one compact and light wallet and passport holder.

    It’s only available in black so far but its superior functionality outweighs that. It is a zippered case that is completely lined with RFID blocking material and made of water-resistant Ripstop nylon, so everything you store in here will be protected from rain and identity thieves with scanners.

    Inside the passport holder wallet are enough slots for up to 6 passports and about 6-10 cards or other travel documents. All these slots are angled to make it easy to retrieve everything. Two full-length pockets – one zipped and one open can hold your currency and coins or more passports. Right down the spine of the wallet is a pen pocket holding an included travel pen. The front exterior features one slip pocket that is perfect for a smartphone.

    Each Zero Grid Travel wallet comes with two recovery tags from Return Me. This is a leading global lost & found service provider. These stickers help identify you as the owner, so if someone finds the wallet, they’ll be able to contact Return Me and quote the identifier number on the sticker so that the service can help you get it back. With this free lifetime membership, this service is yours forever!

    This wallet measures 5.7″ by 7.5″ and weighs about 6 ounces and is easy store in your carry on or handbag.


  • Comes with bonus features like separate RFID sleeves for cards and free lost and found service membership.
  • Strong YKK zippers that won’t catch on documents stored inside.
  • It can hold everything you need while traveling.

  • Fits 4 passports well but 5 or 6 are too many.
  • Only available in black.

    Defway Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Document Organizer Bag

    Defway Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Document Organizer BagDefway’s RFID travel wallet safeguards everything like your driver’s license, passports, credit cards and other personal information. It can block frequencies up to 13.56 MHz within any given area. This RFID blocking wallet can hold up to four passports and five credit cards, and there’s a large pocket for cash, a small zipper change pocket, as well as a pen slot. There’s also one removable keychain inside.

    All these features help give peace of mind while traveling through an airport or on crowded city mass transit. There is also a pocket on the front for your smartphone or anything else that you need quick access to. There’s a removable wristlet strap to keep everything safe from snatchers when you want to have it in your hand.

    The rip-stop nylon fabric is water-resistant and tear-resistant, but it’s light and durable enough to carry and the interior storage slots prevent scratches. The zipper is made of strong zinc alloy and provides extra protection from rain, spills and other possible moisture the organizer may come into contact with.


  • Can block frequencies up to 13.56 MHz to keep your cards safe.
  • Removable keychain and wristlet strap.
  • Slim design allows you to carry it your handbag without it taking up too much space.
  • 100% nylon makes it safe, durable and water-resistant.

  • Some pockets aren’t deep enough for all four passports; it’s difficult to fit them all in.
  • Zipper will sometimes stick.

    Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer

    Valante Premium Family Travel Document OrganizerAnother great RFID option for the whole family is Valante’s Document Organizer. Designed by travelers with the traveler in mind, its engineering is unique, smart, elegant and has a high capacity. You can remove the wristlet and cross body straps, which give it versatility of usage to add to the convenience of its portability. The older version of this organizer had it open facing downwards while wearing it over the shoulder but the updated version makes it face upwards, which is a huge improvement.

    There are a total of 21 pockets in the organizer. This means there’s plenty of room for six passports inside along two zippered pouches for cash, two letter-sized stash pockets for any other documents, pen loop, memory and SIM card holders, key chain holder, and an external zippered phone pocket and two boarding pass pockets.

    Valante guarantees 100% RFID protection with an organizer that’s also weatherproof.


  • 21 pockets to hold all the identification and documentation needed for a family.
  • Solid customer support with a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee.
  • Carry by hand or use the adjustable cross-body strap to wear over the shoulder.

  • It is quite big and not practical for storing inside a handbag.
  • The cross-body strap is a bit thin and flimsy.

    Travelon Family Passport Wallet

    Travelon Family Passport WalletTravelon’s Family Passport Wallet offers a sleek and fashionable design while also being practical. It is a good pick if you just want to carry the basics. You can fit up to six passports and it effectively blocks RFID readers in a host of potential situations. Your personal, private information will stay secure.

    The design and engineering is visually appealing, coming in a variety of styles and colors. There’s plenty of storage pockets and space to bring whatever important things you need. This large passport and document holder has slip and zippered pockets for carrying passports and money, four slots for IDs and credit cards, and a loop for a pen.

    The wallet is made of durable, weatherproof polyester. It’s very compact and easy to transport wherever you want to go.


  • Beautiful print and color selection.
  • Easily fits four passports.
  • Weatherproof and easy to carry.

  • Bigger than expected.
  • No wrist strap to avoid dropping it or being snatched.


    Passport Wallet for a Single Passport

    Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

    Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet Ver 4With a sleek and streamlined look available in a variety of colors and made with PU leather, this Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet can hold a lot of important documents and cards for your next trip.

    The wallet is a trifold along the length and features 1 coin zippered pocket, 1 passport pocket, 1 boarding pass slot, 3 credit card slots, 1 id slot, 1 sim card holder, 1 ticket slot, 1 cellphone pouch (max 5.8 inches), 1 key holder and 1 pen holder. It closes via a snap button closure. The RFID blocking material runs right through the wallet.

    The Zoppen wallet is large and well designed to hold a variety of items, but you can’t overstuff it with too many coins in the coin pocket or try to squeeze a larger phone in. However, you can pack two passports in here if you want.


  • Available in lots of colors.
  • Slim design makes it easy to fit in a handbag.
  • Slots and pockets are the perfect size for cards to fit securely.

  • The coin pocket is too small and flat to hold more than 3-4 coins.
  • The design is flat and material is stiff, so stuffing it with things will make it very bulky.

    Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet

    Fintie Passport Holder Travel WalletMade of premium synthetic leather, Fintie’s women’s passport holder makes a great compact RFID wallet for the solo sojourner. The built-in RFID blocking lines the exterior and interior of this bi-fold wallet. It feels luxe to the touch and provides durable protection for your personal essentials during your trip.

    It can actually fit up to 2 passports, but it’s most ideal for one. This passport case with RFID blocking also holds business cards, credit cards, boarding passes, flight itineraries or other documentation you need. What’s great about this passport travel wallet is that the design makes it easy to access things immediately. This is invaluable when boarding or waiting in line to show paperwork.

    It’s lightweight, slim and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk or weight. There are also a variety of fun and bright colors to pick from.


  • Solid quality of synthetic leather with RFID blocking technology.
  • Plenty of extra space to fit any documentation or cards you need to take along.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and prints.
  • Great value for money.

  • Doesn’t hold items tightly.
  • Edges of the wallet appear unfinished and sloppy.
  • No zippered pouch for coins.

    RFID Blocking Womens Leather Wallet and Checkbook by Access Denied

    RFID Blocking Womens Leather Wallet and Checkbook by Access DeniedWhile almost all the other options here are made of nylon or faux leather, this Access Denied RFID passport and checkbook wallet is in real leather that has been vegetable tanned, drum dyed and hand rubbed to make it soft and smooth.

    This is also a full-featured tri-fold wallet with pockets and slots for every possible item. In addition to a passport pocket, you’ll find an exterior zippered coin pocket, 11 credit card slots, 2 currency and ticket slots, an ID window, and a detachable checkbook holder.

    It has a magnetic closure, but you may not be able to use it if you over-stuff the wallet or use the checkbook holder while it is still attached inside along with a phone or passport.

    This leather travel wallet for women is available in 6 different colors and textured looks and measures 7.5 x 4 inches.


  • High quality with a soft and elegant feel.
  • The checkbook holder is removable.
  • Keeps the cards securely in place.
  • Lots of slots and compartments to keep things organized.

  • The magnetic closure is difficult to use if the wallet is overstuffed.
  • Cannot store a checkbook as well as a phone inside at the same time.


    Travelon RFID Blocking Passport Zip Wallet

    Travelon RFID Blocking Passport Zip WalletMake your trip stress-free with Travelon’s Passport Zip Wallet for one. The company prides itself on making many of their products anti-theft to give you added peace of mind. It is one of the best travel wallets for ladies and has fantastic RFID blocking technology to prevent unauthorized access.

    There’s a transparent window for ease of access to IDs and a slot for a passport. There are four slots for cards, a zippered coin compartment and a place for paper money. The whole circumference of the wallet closes via a secure zipper.

    The polyester covering this RFID blocking travel organizer wallet is 100% weatherproof as well. There’s a small selection of colors to choose from in a timeless style. It’s modern while also serving a practical purpose. Not only will you have a wallet with a bit of flair but it will also keep everything you need right at the tip of your fingers.


  • Modern styling in a slim and sleek design to fit in a purse.
  • Plenty of space for cards and cash.
  • Ideal standard wallet size that feels good in the hand.
  • An excellent wallet for travel or daily use.

  • Zipper may need rubbing with a bar of soap to make it zip smoothly.
  • Extra stitching on the pockets makes them a bit too snug.
  • Doesn’t come with a wristlet for ease of carrying.

    Travelambo Womens Large Capacity RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet

    Travelambo Womens Large Capacity RFID Blocking Genuine Leather WalletTravelambo’s RFID card holder and wallet is functional and straightforward yet elegant and stylish. It’s made of 100% genuine leather inside and out. It has a very large capacity with a ton of compartments and pockets to keep you on track and organized and a detachable wristlet strap if you need to carry it securely in your hand.

    It closes via a snap button but has a zippered section with pockets and a zippered pouch for currency, a small phone, and other small things you want secured. Although there is no dedicated passport pocket, you can fit one easily into this section. There are 24 slots for all kinds of cards with each card slot lined with RFID blocking material. You also get two ID slots, four receipt slots, two currency compartments and a zipper pocket.

    What’s nice about it is that the wallet is handmade by expert craftsmen. So, the quality checks are pristine before it lands in your hands. They check to make sure a variety of cards will fit along with other important personal documentation.


  • 100% handcrafted leather wallet.
  • Effective at blocking out RFID frequencies.
  • 24 pockets, pouches and compartments.

  • Button snap won’t close if you fill every card slot.
  • Only fits a small cell phone.

    We hope you have found a good pick from these women’s RFID passport wallets. If not, let us know why in the comments below.

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