Eagle Creek EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On Review

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EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-OnConvertible luggage has been one of the top innovations of 2013 and 2014 but 2015 looks to be the year when many top brands try to showcase something extra with their offerings in this genre. The EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On was one of the offerings at the International Travel Goods Show and it’s now available in the market as a wheeled underseat tote that converts to an overhead bin-sized carry on.

The concept is clever – offer two bags of different sizes in one so that it can be used either for a short one or two day trip or for a longer one or you can bring back more from your holiday than what you left home with! You need very little storage space in your closet either way. Of course, this means that there will be shortcomings in some ways, however, do those outweigh the positives?

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Eagle Creek is one of the brands that’s in the forefront of convertible luggage, as you can see from a few of our earlier reviews. Let’s see if the Pop Top Carry on is an exciting and completely different type of product from them or just a bit of tinkering of some of their previous ideas.

Features of the Eagle Creek EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On

    Front loading bottom compartment of the wheeled underseater

  • The Pop Top weighs just under 6 lbs. In its smaller state its capacity is 28L and measures 14 x 13.75 x 9 inches, while in the expanded state it is 45L and measures 14 x 22 x 9 in.
  • The bag is made of a poly blend that makes it rugged and durable and able to withstand rips and tears.
  • The colors available are black, olive green and cobalt blue.
  • The bag can be used either as a wheeled underseater that fits under most airline seats, or as a full sized carry on that will go into most overhead bins.
  • In either state, the bag can be rolled on two wheels and it will stand upright and stable with the help of the front stand at the bottom that doubles as a handle for hoisting the bag into overhead bins.
  • There are also top and side handles for both states.
  • Unzip and unfold the top of the underseater to reveal an extra compartment on top.

  • To convert it from the smaller state to the larger one, just unzip the top and unfold it backwards to reveal an extra compartment for 50% additional volume.
  • There is an elasticized back sleeve to enable you to slip the underseater over the telescopic handle of another bag.
  • Convert from a smaller underseater to a full-sized carry on

  • It is top loading and front loading as an underseater bag – either via the zippered flap on top or the zippered panel in front. The top compartment on the carry on is front loading.
  • Both top and bottom main compartments have dual lockable zippers.
  • There is a zippered organizer pocket on the front that will hold electronics, pens and keys. This is on the bottom half of the carry on. The top half has another zippered pocket for any last minute items.
  • There is a zippered mesh pocket inside the bottom compartment and when expanded, there is an additional 3-1-1 pocket inside the top compartment.
  • The telescopic handle is recessed in the underseater back panel but pulls out through the full length of the carry on

  • Its telescopic handle pulls out from its own zippered pocket at the top of the bag in the underseater configuration. When it’s the full size, you can reach down through the sleeve on the top to pull it up.
  • An ID tag pocket is included on the back of the top compartment, which is also the top flap of the underseater bag.
  • This bag is designed to accommodate Eagle Creek’s Pack-it storage system. It comes with suggestions on how to utilize it best.
  • It is completely covered under the brand’s No Matter What™ Warranty so you can get the bag repaired or replaced if damaged during its lifetime.


  • This is one of the most versatile pieces of convertible luggage yet.
  • Its design means you save storage space at home.
  • Nice sporty look.


  • You can’t pack a long dress or suit in this bag because of a lack of one large compartment.
  • No padded compartment for a tablet or laptop.

Here’s a demonstration on how the Eagle Creek EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On works.
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