The Trunkster Luggage Review

Frequent travelers and luggage geeks can be hard to please when it comes to travel gear, and convenience and quality often trumps cost. Smart luggage is all the rage now, what with losing your bags derailing travel plans and running out of battery juice being quite common these days. Steep luggage fees means over packing … Read more

The G-RO Smart Carry On Rollaboard for Every Kind of Trip

Luggage wheel design hasn’t changed in quite a few years and most luggage companies have only focussed on making wheels as strong as possible. However, the caster wheel design of a 4-wheeled spinner bag makes them inherently weak when it comes to dragging a bag over any terrain that is not smooth. The old two-wheeled … Read more

Bluesmart is Crowdfunding the World’s First Smart Carry On

If you’ve been waiting for luggage that’s caught up to today’s high tech world, Bluesmart is definitely what you’re after. A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to produce a “smart, connected carry on” met its goal in just over two hours in 2014 and has so far raised millions of dollars in orders. The company is … Read more