Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Tote/Backpack Review

Carrying your laptop in a tote-style shoulder bag is definitely more professional than in a backpack, but it’s the least comfortable method and if you do it for long periods or too frequently, you risk developing bad posture and shoulder and back problems. So why shouldn’t you be able to switch from shoulder to back … Read more

ECBC Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack Review

I’m always interested in hybrid bags and carryalls that work for more than one kind of trip. Speeding through security checkpoints is important too but not always possible if you or your fellow travelers have to unload several gadgets and place them in those trays. Since I can’t do without at least a few of … Read more

CABIN 1 Adaptable Carry On Travel Bag Collection Review

Do you struggle to keep up with different carry on size restrictions by various airlines? As more and more airlines impose stricter rules regarding how much you can carry with you, each one is relatively free to set their own while also charging high fees for checked in baggage. The CABIN 1 Adaptable Carry On … Read more

Eagle Creek EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On Review

Convertible luggage has been one of the top innovations of 2013 and 2014 but 2015 looks to be the year when many top brands try to showcase something extra with their offerings in this genre. The EC Adventure Pop Top Carry-On was one of the offerings at the International Travel Goods Show and it’s now … Read more

Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22 Review

I love the concept of having two bags in one but some brands don’t really get it right because at least one if not both bags will be lacking somewhere. The Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22″ is a combination of a roller bag and a backpack or shoulder bag. Together and separately they’re designed … Read more