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Away Luggage SetWe have followed the debuts and performances of several smart luggage pieces and collections over the past few years and have often been asked if their sky high price tags are really worth it. Well, for some of them we think not, but when you look at the price tags of the Away pieces, we think you won’t immediately dismiss them as unaffordable. This collection doesn’t focus on just smart features, but also thoughtfully solves a few other regular travel problems. Our Away Luggage review will look at the pieces individually to help you decide whether any or all of them are right for you.

The Away travel luggage brand comes from two female frequent travelers who interviewed hundreds of people about their packing habits and problems to come up with the perfect luggage that doesn’t cost a bomb. Sure, this is not a budget brand and you can find many of the features and quality construction on other luggage, but those brands like Briggs and Riley or Tumi are unaffordable for the average traveler and they do not as yet have any collection that includes smart features. The Away pieces range from $225 for the standard carry on to $295 for the large checked bag. You’ll save even more if you buy them as a 2 or 3 piece set.

That’s why in just over a year, Away grew to be a success. Without compromising on quality, an Away suitcase offers a slew of great features for your next trip. How do they do it? The company keeps the prices down by completely cutting out the middleman. However, they have a slew of investors, like Jay-Z, to help them expand into travel accessories. If you like what you see with your first Away smart luggage bag, then you should keep an eye out for more good products from them.

The Carry OnJust to be clear, only the carry on pieces include the one smart feature, i.e. an in-built battery charger for electronic devices. If you’re looking for more smart features that come with your luggage, take a look at these other options.

They currently offer two carry on bags, and two checked sized bags. All are hardside spinner bags. You can also have any of them personalized with a 3-letter monogram or you can buy two or three of them as a set. Check out the Away online store for everything, including some cool color options.


Key Features of the Away Collection

  • Most enticing about the pieces is that they come with a 100 day trial period, so if you don’t like what you bought you can return it within this period. You also get lifetime warranty where the luggage will either be fixed or replaced.

  • All the pieces have a polycarbonate exterior, which makes them durable and impact-resistant. They are also extremely lightweight. Plus, instead of the common glossy finish you find on most hardside suitcases, here you’ll find a matt textured finish that hides scratches and scuff marks that inevitably show up after the bags are put through the paces by baggage handlers.

  • The wheels used a dual spinner Hinomoto that spin 360 degrees to give you a very smooth and quiet maneuvering experience on level floors and carpet. They also work well on bumpy and uneven terrain if you want to drag the bags only by their two rear wheels.
    TSA-approved combination lock

  • They all feature a TSA-approved combination lock with zippers that slot right in and sit flush against the side. The lock can also be operated with the included key just in case you forget the combination! Every piece comes with a leather luggage tag.

  • Each bag has a top carry handle and one on the side to make it easy to lift them.
    Efficient interior for packing

  • The interior is almost identical on every bag. They open clam-style, with the left or top side separated from the other by a full size zippered mesh lid. This space is ideal for packing hard items, like shoes, blow dryer, laptop charger, etc.

  • The right or bottom side of the bags is good for your clothes. There is also a zippered nylon laundry bag that is perfect for separating dirty clothes from clean ones. You place this bag flat on top and then secure everything with the detachable compression pad that you then strap down using the adjustable straps. This lets you maximize packing space. The compression pad features a zip along a side with a pocket that’s big enough to hold a laptop, or some files or even toiletries.

  • For easy storage, the empty bags nest into each other to save space.

    Away Luggage Carry On Bags

    There are two sizes of carry on pieces to choose from.
    In-built battery with USB ports for charging devices
    The Standard Carry On is allowed on both small regional planes as well as international flights and easily fits in overhead bins. It measures 21.7” x 13.7” x 9” (including wheels and retracted handle), weighs 7 lbs and has a capacity of 38L. This is enough to hold clothes and accessories for 3-5 days. The telescopic handle is 19.5″ tall when fully extended.

    The Bigger Carry On is meant for large US airplanes or if you’re traveling by train or car and you need the extra packing space. it measures 22.7” x 14.7” x 9.6”, weighs 7.3 lbs and has a capacity of 46L – enough for 4-7 days. This carry on also features a loop for hangers on the left side of the interior.

    Both carry ons come with a built-in 10,000 mAh lithium ion battery to charge your electronic devices while waiting for your flight in the airport. It is connected to two 5V USB 3.0 ports, where one is 2.1A and the other is 1A for quick charging. This gives you enough juice to charge a smartphone 5 times over! The battery can be recharged using the included wall adapter and you don’t have to remove the battery from the bag to do it. Just open the battery cover and plug in the adapter using the included cable. The Away luggage battery is UN38.3 certified and allowed to be brought on board or checked in by the FAA and TSA.


    Away Luggage Checked Suitcases

    There are two sizes of checked suitcases – the Medium and the Large.
    The Medium measures 25” x 17.5” x 10.5”, weighs 8.5 lbs and has a capacity of 62L – good for 2 weeks. It is very easy for just about anyone to handle and maneuver.

    The Large measures 28” x 19.5” x 12”, weighs 9.9 lbs and has a capacity of 86L. This is great for long trips or if you’re moving or if you want one checked bag to carry belongings for 2-3 people.



  • The packing space is efficient and well thought out. The compression pad is very useful for the over-packer so you can fit in a ridiculous amount of stuff!

  • Each piece is durable, yet light because there are no unnecessary features to weigh them down. While an in-built weighing scale or luggage tracker might be nice, they add to the weight.

  • They look streamlined and chic – great for business and leisure trips.

  • Boasts some of the best customer reviews so far among smart luggage competitors.


  • There is no dedicated laptop compartment on the outside. You can use the zippered compression pad inside as a laptop sleeve, but to access it, you’d have to open the bag up.

  • Some of the other smart features that other smart luggage brands include are not there, like an in-built weighing scale and a luggage tracker.

    Like what you see? Check out all of the Away pieces now!

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