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Orgo Lite
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A common problem while traveling anywhere is finding a clean and stable place to unpack and use your toiletries, makeup and other accessories. If you’re transiting through an airport after a long flight and want to freshen up, placing your toiletry bag on a counter in the public restrooms can be quite unhygienic. A small sink in a cramped hotel bathroom doesn’t give you any space to lay out your cosmetics either. To solve these problems and quite a few others, you should take a look at the Orgo Lite Travel Organizer.

There are other instances where you may need a flat lap desk to put things out, like your children’s travel toys in a plane or car, or your craft items at a corner table in a cafe. When you’re done, you probably want pack everything up quickly and neatly.

You could consider getting a hanging toiletry bag for toiletries and cosmetics, but the Orgo Lite is much more versatile, in that it opens out to go from a storage organizer to a tray table and then back again without a fuss. There are different sized compartments for each and every item and you don’t have to remove everything and then pack them back up again. Just take out a few things and stand them in the middle of the open tray to use and put them back in their holders when done. At the same time, unlike with a toiletry bag, you can all the items right in front of you if you want instead of taking out just one or two that you need first and packing them back again before taking out another.

Once, done with everything, zip up the compartments to secure, slide them to the middle to meet and place back into your suitcase or tote!

The Orgo Lite was quite a hit at the 2016 International Travel Goods Show so let’s take a closer look at it to see exactly how it works and the various ways you can use it.

Features of the Orgo Lite Travel Organizer

Pink Orgo Lite

  • The Orgo Lite comes in black with colored piping of lime green, hot pink or black. So even men can have one too to use not just for toiletries but for camping, a travel cocktail set, etc.

    The case is durable and light and measures 15.4″ x 10.75″ x 2.25″ when closed. When opened with the lid flaps fully extended, its length is 35″. The length of the base when opened is 25″.

  • Orgo Lite closed

  • When closed, the case looks like two flat cases joined together. Snap button closures at the bottom keep them together.

    To open, unsnap the tabs and slide the two compartments apart when placed on the sink, a tray, a table or your lap.

    Unzip both compartments fully around the U and lift both lids upwards and outwards to reveal the compartmentalized cases.

    Orgo Lite for everything

  • Each case has removable and adjustable dividers to create compartments of different sizes. You can store small square things in square pockets, like a compact, or small bottles of shampoo or lotion in rectangular pockets, or your hair straightener in a full length pocket.

    The inside of the lid flaps have slip pockets to hold wet wipes, a comb or anything that’s thin.

    Elastic loops in various places are good for holding a razor, makeup brushes, toothbrush, etc.

    Take out whatever you need and place them on the counter that’s built into the Orgo Lite and appears when you open the case up fully.

  • Orgo Lite used in the plane

  • Use the Orgo as a toiletry and cosmetics case wherever you are cramped for counter space – in a hotel bathroom, a cruise ship bathroom, a public restroom.

    Use it as a workspace at home, in a plane or in a car to store your arts and crafts supplies and to lay them all out without unpacking everything.

    It works great as an organizer for camping, holding medications or as a first aid kit.



  • It’s sleek looks makes it good to use in public as an organizer.
  • The configurable dividers makes it very versatile to use.


  • Many find it too bulky and heavy to pack in a carry on for air travel. Probably best for ground travel or to pack in a check in bag.
  • It doesn’t have its own carry handle, so only works well if you pack it into another bag.

    Check out all the clever uses for the Orgo Lite!


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