Incase EO Travel Roller Review

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Incase EO Travel Roller
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The Incase EO travel collection is aimed at men and women who never travel without their gadgets but want to look good doing it. Some of the pieces are TSA-friendly too. For the female business traveler, the pieces are styled to be professional but with just a pop of bright green to add a touch of personality and recognizability.

Our Incase EO Travel Roller review focuses on the standard carry on roller bag, but the others, i.e. hardshell roller, roller brief and backpack can be useful too, so we’ll tell you if any of those pieces will better suit your needs.

You can find the EO Travel Roller on Amazon, but let’s read on to see if it’s the right piece of luggage for you.

Features of the Incase EO Travel Roller

Bright green roller wheels

  • It measures 22″ x 15″ x 9.50″ including the wheels and weighs 8 lbs. It will fit in all legacy airline overhead bins.

  • The dark grey outer shell is made of a combination of cotton with a weather-resistant coating on polyester for the front panel. There are protective features in rubber too.
    Telescopic handle and rubber tracks

  • The bright green roller wheels work smoothly and are designed for rough and smooth terrain. When pulling over stairs, the two rubber tracks on the back protect the fabric shell from damage. The telescopic handle is a simple push button type with a rubberized handle grip and it automatically locks into place when extended. There are two fabric padded grab handles on the side and top.

  • Right on the front is a quick access zippered pocket where you can store last minute things, travel documents or even a book for the flight.
    Front protective tech gadget compartment

  • The front compartment opens vertically via a U-shaped zipper to reveal the inside of the flap containing several pockets of varying sizes to hold your smartphone, mouse, chargers, pens, etc. The other side of the compartment has two padded sleeves – one for a 17″ Macbook and the other for a tablet. The sides of the laptop pocket are elasticated and there’s a Velcro strap on top, so a smaller laptop will also be held securely. At security checks, this compartment can be opened quickly to remove the laptop and tablet for screening.
    Clam style main compartment with divided packing space

  • The main compartment opens clam style and there’s also a zipper that lets you expand it by 35% for extra packing space if needed. One side of this compartment features two zippered pockets – one mesh and the other opaque for storing your shoes, toiletries and undergarments separately. The other side of the main compartment features a zippered mesh divider that keeps your clothes neat and intact. There’s enough space here to pack enough clothes for 2-3 days.


  • Users rave about the looks of this bag because the material used is different and the pop of color with the wheels makes it eye catching but still professional.
  • Good organization.
  • The wheels are very hardy and you can easily drag this bag over curbs and cobblestones.


  • The gadget compartment is not checkpoint-friendly, as in you have to remove the laptop and tablet to place in bins for screening. If you want this feature, choose the EO Hardshell Travel Roller bag, which has a hardsided front panel that opens completely flat to allow you to keep all your gadgets in while going through security.

  • This bag won’t fit into the overhead bins of regional or turbojet aircraft. If you fly these types regularly, get the EO Travel Backpack instead, which is 19 inches high. If having wheels is important, there is the EO Travel Rolling Brief, but it’s much smaller and can hold fewer clothes.

  • Although this is a standard size carry on, don’t expect it to hold a lot of clothes. This is designed for the short trip traveler who must have his or her gadgets on every trip. In addition, the telescopic handle system takes up quite a bit of space in the clothes side of the main compartment.


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