Oprah’s Favorite Things for the Traveler 2018

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Oprah's Favorite Things 2018Every year, Oprah Winfrey curates a big list of new products she loves that year. There’s something in there for everyone and those looking for gift ideas, especially during the holidays, can safely get any or all of these products because they are of high quality and just a little different every year. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel, why not pick from Oprah’s Favorite Things for the Traveler in 2018? Her choices are fun yet useful and are sure to be appreciated by anyone. In fact, while you’re at it, you could get one of them for yourself too!

If you’d like to see and shop from Oprah’s entire list of favorite things of 2018, check them out on Amazon now!

Otherwise, read on for a closer look at her picks just for the traveler.

Favorite Things under $50

LittBag by PurseN LED Lighted Organizer Insert for Handbags Purses

LittBag by PurseN LED Lighted Organizer Insert for Handbags PursesMany women have several handbags but only use one or two neutral ones for long periods of time just because it is a pain to keep transferring all their essentials from one bag to another everytime they go out. That’s why a separate handbag organizer like the LittBag Insert Organizer is a very handy accessory for all women and not just travelers. It acts like a purse within a handbag and you pack it with all the items that you always take with you, close it and slip it into whichever bag you want to use on the day or in the morning and then in the evening. That’s it – so much time saved each day and it will encourage you to use all your bags regularly and have them match your outfit! It also acts like a liner for your bags as it keeps their insides clean for longer.

The LittBag is just like a well organized purse, except that it doesn’t have its own strap or handles but it does come with a very useful feature. There are 2 LED lights to one side of the zipper opening to help you see inside of your handbag as well as inside the insert when the flap is turned down. You can find stuff easily even in the dark. You put them on and off by pressing a power button but they are also turned off automatically after 60 seconds. These lights are powered by a removable lithium battery that’s hidden in its own small compartment inside and just below the main zipper. If you don’t want to remove the battery on the days you don’t need the lights, you can deactivate it via a clear attached tab and reactivate it when you do. The battery lasts for 22 hours and can be recharged. New FAA rules state that batteries can’t be packed in your check in luggage, so if you intend to pack it for use at your destination, you should either use it in your personal item handbag or pack it in your carry on luggage.

This organizer insert maximizes use of space in whatever handbag you slip it into. It measures 9″L x 6″H x 3″W and will fit into any bag that measures 12″ x 7″ and above. For bigger bags, the insert is expandable by releasing an expansion zipper and magnetic tabs.

This insert helps keep your belongings really organized with its 12 compartments – 4 of them on the outside. The remaining 8 are inside – 4 in the walls of the insert, two zipped pocket dividers in the center, and 2 elastic top pockets for the corners.

Although it doesn’t come with its own strap, there are two D-rings on each corner, so you can buy your own strap with carabiner clips to attach to the organizer, which looks quite smart on its own if you want to use it as a bag on its own during the day. Two convenient handles on the outside of its walls make it easy for you to slip it in and out of your bags.


Harper Crossbody

Harper CrossbodyIf you’re stepping out with just a few of your most important things, like lipstick, passport, cards, cash, keys and phone, you don’t need a more than a small purse like the Harper Crossbody. This slim vertical purse is just large enough for these items and it’s very easy to go about sightseeing with it. It comes with a strap that’s easily convertible from a crossbody to a belt strap and vice versa by just clipping and unclipping the carabiner clip, so both ways are pretty secure for crowded public transport and tourist sights.

There’s a front flap with tassel secured by a magnetic closure to open and close the purse, and inside are 4 RFID-blocking card slots to secure against unauthorized use of card readers. The main compartment features a divider to keep your phone in a separate space from the other items.

This cute bag is made of vegan Leather and comes in a variety of chic colors and prints so that you can find an ideal one to gift both young and old.

It measures 4.5″W x 7.25″H x .5″D.

If you’d prefer a wallet with RFID protection to slip inside a larger handbag or tote, check out our recommendations here.


Eccolo World Traveler 8″ x 10″ Desk Journal

Eccolo World Traveler Desk JournalEvery good traveler needs a good journal and the Eccolo World Traveler 8″ x 10″ Desk Journal fits the bill nicely.

Measuring 8″ x 10″, this notebook features a beautiful bonded soft faux leather cover in a few different beautiful colors and/or patterns with inspirational quotes embossed into it. Inside are 256 premium acid-free cream-colored pages with rounded corners and 8mm spacing light grey colored lines. The pages are sewn bound into sections so that the pages lay flat while you write. A satin ribbon in the same color as the cover serves as a bookmark.


The Pillow Bar Jetsetter Mini Travel Neck Pillow

The Pillow Bar Jetsetter Mini Travel Neck PillowIf you know someone who travels long distances on planes, trains or automobiles, a travel pillow is something that will be greatly appreciated. But not just any travel pillow. The The Pillow Bar Jetsetter Mini Travel Neck Pillow is ergonomic and practical because it comes with an inner pillow that’s filled just right with hypo-allergenic washable polyester and a zippered removable and washable soft cotton cover that’s embroidered with a travel related phrase, depending on the color you choose, in a contrasting thread color and features satin cording around the outer edge too. There’s also a reusable vinyl travel bag with snap closure to facilitate easy packing and unpacking and to ensure that your pillow stays clean and hygienic throughout your journey.

The pillow hugs your neck snugly with just the right amount of flexibility to ensure a comfortable journey with your head and neck completely supported. The easiest way to travel with it is to secure it between two handles on your luggage or handbag, as the curve of the pillow will prevent it from falling off. A bungee cord will make it extra secure.


Bindle Bottle 24oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Bindle Bottle 24oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water BottleIf you’re out and about on vacation, or just doing day to day chores, or making a trip to the gym, a bottle of water or hot or cold beverage is always a handy thing to have. But why stop there? The Bindle Bottle gives you much more bang for your buck than most other bottles and is not just another gift that the recipient already has.

Its main function is as a vacuum insulated leak-proof container that will keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 12 hours. The food-grade BPA-free stainless steel double wall construction with air tight screw top cap ensures that. It also keeps the outside cool to the touch even when filled with boiling hot liquid or free of condensation when filled with an icy drink. Its capacity is 24 ozs.

At first glance, the Bindle bottle looks a lot like some other very popular vacuum insulated water bottles, but take a closer look and you’ll find that there is a hidden bottom compartment that’s revealed by unscrewing a cap below! This compartment is boasts a 450 cc dry storage capacity and can be used for almost anything that you would like to take with your on your outdoor jaunts. Some cash, keys and credit cards will fit perfectly, but so can a stash of crackers for when you get the munchies! Like to have a protein shake immediately after your workout? Keep a serving of protein powder in there, ready to be mixed with the water you have stored in the liquid chamber!


RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports for iPhone and Android

RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports for iPhone and AndroidWhether you’re doing a long road trip or just daily car excursions on vacation, the use of smartphones and tablets by everyone in the car is almost a given these days. That means batteries are probably going to die before the day is over if you don’t have enough backup power. Have you seen how much battery power your phone’s GPS needs? You don’t want to be stuck in some unknown rural area without your online directions!

That’s why a regular car charger that only charges one device at a time is not that practical. Instead, get your gift recipient the RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports for iPhone and Android devices. Not only can you plug in up to 5 phones for recharging at the same time, but each USB port can detect the type of device plugged in and deliver the charge in the fastest and most optimum way. If the phone supports fast charging, the RapidX X5 will oblige with a maximum of 2.4 amps per port or 10.8 amps overall. However, it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

It will work with 12v-24v vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters and has a 5 ft long cable between two USB docking bays. This clever design lets you plug in the 2 port bay to the car charger so that the two front seat passengers can plug in their phones, while the 3 port bay can be clipped somewhere behind for the backseat passengers to plug in their devices. This way everyone is happy on the journey!


Favorite Things Under $100

Glamourpuss NYC Knitted Faux Fur Mitten

Glamourpuss NYC Knitted Faux Fur MittenIf you’re going on a winter vacation then you have to keep your hands toasty. Instead of just a normal pair of gloves, there’s no reason why you can’t be glamorous while on holiday. That’s where the Glamourpuss NYC Knitted Faux Fur Mittens come in. These are mesh lined, and the silky faux fur outer layer adds a dash of cozy sparkle to your hands. You can ski in the Alps or shop in New York.

The cuff is adjustable, so one size fits all. It is available in 5 colors – black, purple, oatmeal, pewter, and dusty rose. These are hand washable in cold water and are best drip dried, but can be fluffed up again using the gentle cycle in the dryer.


Core 10 Women’s Motion Tech Fleece Fitted Peplum Full-Zip Hoodie Jacket

Core 10 Women's Motion Tech Fleece Fitted Peplum Full-Zip Hoodie JacketA fleece hoodie doesn’t have to be the sporty loose fit kind. The Core 10 Women’s Motion Tech Hoodie Jacket proves that you can stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Available in black, dark grey and navy, this cotton polyester blend jacket is perfect for early fall weather by itself or can be layered with another outer jacket or a coat for winter. Its stylish peplum hem makes it comfortable for women with wider hips and the funnel neck and hood ensures no cold wind or rain gets. The smooth Motion Tech fleece fabric has a bit of stretch to it so its hugs any woman’s curves. Hidden zipper side pockets complete the very modern and chic look.


Echo Design Women’s Faux Fur Vest

Echo Design Women's Faux Fur VestWhy stop at fur gloves when you can also get a faux fur vest for your loved one? The new Echo Design Women’s Faux Fur Vest is available in 4 different luxurious colors – black, white, grey and pink. The plush fur as well as lining are 100% polyester.

Keep the vest open or fasten it in front with the 3 provided hook and eye closures. There are also two hidden seam side pockets and the fur features solid horizontal stripes for extra texture and visual appeal.

This vest is available in 3 sizes. It must be dry cleaned only.


Magaschoni Women’s Silk Long Sleeve V-Neck Pullover Sweater

Magaschoni Women's Silk Long Sleeve V-Neck Pullover SweaterAn easy to wear light sweater for evenings out and dinners in nice restaurants should be a staple in any female traveler’s suitcase. The Magaschoni Women’s Silk Long Sleeve V-Neck Pullover Sweater would work well in almost any city or town in the world.

While the body of the pullover is 100% silk, the front boasts an additional 100% cashmere layer that’s dyed to exactly match the silk. The deep V neck encourages you to dress up your outfit with a necklace, but the dropped shoulders gives it a look of relaxed elegance.

This pullover is available in 4 sizes and 3 colors – black, light grey and light camel.


Katana Safety Arc: The Personal Security System

Katana Safety Arc: The Personal Security SystemAll women should take a trip alone at least once in their lifetime. If the safety is a concern, there are precautions you can take that will allow you to feel secure and have fun throughout instead of always looking over your shoulder. The Katana Safety Arc is one such precaution. It’s a personal security system alarm that you attach directly on the back of your phone and provides you with 3 levels of defense should the need arise.

All you have to do to activate it is to flick a button on it once or by using the hidden wristband that’s attached. When activated it immediately sounds either of two alarms. One is a loud and piercing alarm to scare away attackers or to let anyone nearby know that something’s going on. The other is a silent alarm meant to be sent to people not around you. With a subscription service, the Katana 24/7 Response Center is alerted as to your whereabouts and they’ll call local emergency services and up to 7 friends and family members. Through the free Katana app, those 7 people also get sent a map with your exact location pinpointed. All this happens even if your phone’s screen is locked.

The safety Arc needs either bluetooth with a data plan or Wi-Fi but its batteries don’t need to be charged. It just goes along with your phone so you never forget it once it’s attached. A great way to have peace of mind in your hometown or on vacation!


Chico’s Women’s No-Iron Cotton Contrast-Trim Tunic

Chico's Women's No-Iron Cotton Contrast-Trim Tunic WhiteA good tunic is a very versatile piece of clothing when traveling. The right one can be worn with pants or a skirt and is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. The elegant Chico’s Women’s No-Iron Cotton Contrast-Trim Tunic is a wrinkle-free machine-washable cotton long sleeved tunic in white with contrast trim and rhinestone cuff buttons.

The cut is slim fitting on the top with a swing style low hem on the bottom and will fall just below the hips. For a comfortable fit, you should size up if you or the recipient is not small busted.


UN BILLION Lacy Sheep Faux Fur Tote Bag

UN BILLION Lacy Sheep Faux Fur Tote BagEvery female traveler needs a good tote bag to carry around all her essentials for the day – wallet, keys, maps, phone, snacks, travel documents, tissues, etc. The smart and sophisticated UN BILLION Lacy Sheep Faux Fur Tote Bag is designed in Japan and madeof vegan leather with faux shearling fur panels on the side and turn lock closure strap with gold plated hardware for fastening the bag. A large detachable top zip closure pouch to store inside the tote keeps your smaller valuables from falling out. There is also an inside back wall slip pocket.

The double rolled handles with a 19″ drop makes it easy to carry by hand or over a shoulder. The tote has a wide opening of 20 inches and tapers gradually to 12″ at the bottom. It is 7″ in height.

This beautiful travel tote is available in 3 colors – camel, khaki and oak. Each one features a different matching faux fur accent color.


Paravel Travel Fold-Up Bag

Paravel Travel Fold-Up BagMost foldable travel bags that you can pack in your luggage for use later use are made of quite thin materials that can’t handle any heavy load or sharp corners. However, the Paravel Travel Fold-Up Bag is different because even though it is lightweight, its construction is made of durable nylon that can handle regular wear and tear. The reinforced cotton webbing double handles of this duffel bag are strong and can handle quite a heavy load.

The bag easily folds into itself to make a compact parcel that zips up like a pouch. Throw it into your carry on or suitcase so that you can later go shopping and bring back your goodies in this extra bag! When fully open, the back of the bag features a trolley strap to allow you to piggyback the bag on your wheeled carry on.

Unfolded, this travel bag measures L 18″x W 11″x H 11.5″ and can easily fit under an airplane seat. For some lighter foldable duffel options, take a look at our other favorites.


Olli Ella Kid’s Sized See-Ya Suitcase

Olli Ella Kid's Sized See-Ya SuitcaseIf a child is old enough to handle his or her own kid-sized luggage, why not her her her own, like the Olli Ella See-Ya Suitcase?

This sweet vintage style suitcase is available in 3 pleasing colors with white contrast trim. The covering on the outside is made of easy to clean polycotton and the trim is made of vegan leather. The elastic trim straps in front can be used to hold the child’s favorite plush toy that she’ll want to take with her on holiday! The retractable handle is comfortable for small hands to grip and the skate-type inline wheels make it easy to roll.

The suitcase measures 15.5″H x 10″W x H6.7″D. When the handle is fully extended, it reaches 26″ high. There’s also a grab handle on the side so that a parent can carry the suitcase easily in case the child tires of rolling it about after a while.

The inside of the case is a lot like that of an adult’s. The inside of the lid features a zipped mesh compartment, while the main storage section features elastic compression straps to keep some clothes in place.


Footnanny Foot Cream Travel Set with Lavender Tea Tree Eucalyptus Peppermint Rose, Socks & Buffer

Footnanny Foot Cream Travel Set with Lavender Tea Tree Eucalyptus Peppermint Rose, Socks & BufferYour feet can sometimes take a beating when you’re traveling. You may not realize just how much you’ve walked in a day around a city or hiked up a hill in the countryside. That’s why a good foot care set can be a much appreciated gift. The Footnanny Foot Cream Travel Set is small enough to pack and it contains a few different scented foot creams, a pair of socks and a buffer. The creams and meant to smooth and soften your feet and they are all paraben-free and cruelty-free.

The scented creams included are Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Rose. At the end of a long day of walking, just rub in one of the creams and put on the socks to let the skin completely absorb it without getting any on the sheets. The buffer is useful for getting rid of any dead skin to keep your feet looking beautiful and healthy.


Favorite Things Under $200

Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones

Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhonesOprah loves her Apple gadgets so her pick for this year is the Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones! These intelligently designed wireless earphones are very easy to use and they come in their own recharging case which delivers 5 hours of continuous listening time and 2 hours of talk time. In a pinch, it also quickly charges the Airpods in 15 minutes for 3 hrs of listening time and over an hour of talk time. The case itself holds enough multiple charges for 24 hours of total listening time and 11 hours of talk time as long as the case is fully charged. The Airpods will work up to 30 to 50 feet away from your device.

When you take the pods out of the case, they automatically activate and pair with your audio device, be it iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. You can set up all your devices to work with them with just a single tap. When you put them in your ears they automatically start playing music that’s already playing through one of your devices. They pause as soon as you remove both from your ears. If a call comes through when music is playing, they switch you to the call and then switch back when the call ends. If no music is playing while the Airpods are in your ears and a call comes in or you want to make a call, you can double tap on either Airpod to answer. You also just double-tap to activate Siri to adjust the volume, change the song, or even get directions!

If the Airpods are out of your ears, the music or call will play through your device. The audio is crystal clear and the person on the other end of a call will only get your voice, as the noise from your surroundings are filtered out.

The Airpods won’t fall out of your ears even when running. If they feel a bit loose in your ear, just buy a pair of silicone tips designed for use with Airpods and you’ll get a comfortable and snug fit.


Travaux en Cours Felt Fedora

Travaux en Cours Felt FedoraWearing a fedora is the most stylish way to prevent sunburn, keep your head cool, and shade you from the strong sun when you’re out and about. The super stylish and flattering Travaux en Cours Felt Fedora is made in Italy out of 100% wool felt and is lightweight but holds its shape well.

It is available in a variety of colors from sophisticated black with white trim band to girly pink. It is available in two sizes – medium and large.


Ricoh Theta SC 360° Video and Still Camera

Ricoh Theta SC 360° video and still cameraOprah also loves her travel video and stills cameras and this year’s pick is compact, sleek, light and smart looking. The Ricoh Theta SC 360° video and still camera looks like and is the size of a remote control and is available in 4 different colors. Its 360° photography allows you to record an entire scene in one shot and can be hand held or mounted on a tripod or selfie stick and operated remotely through your smartphone.

It is a high resolution, fully spherical 360 Degree camera for images and video. It features a F2.0 lens, works with iPhones and Androids, and is very easy to use. The Theta+ and Theta+V apps are used for editing your spherical images and video. Crop images, add background music or make a time lapse video using these apps. Through the interface, your pictures and videos are easy to share immediately through all the popular social sharing networks. You can even use a commercial VR headset to enjoy images and videos in full virtual reality.

Weather’s is not so good? Then buy the optional weatherproof glass case to protect the camera when using it in the rain.


Justin Gregory Shearling Fingerless Womens Gloves

Justin Gregory Shearling Fingerless Womens GlovesWant to keep your hands warm when you’re out in cold weather but don’t want to keep taking them off everytime you want to snap a picture or use your smartphone? The answer is to wear fingerless gloves! The Justin Gregory Shearling Fingerless Womens Gloves lets you keep them on all the time while doing everything you need to do normally.

These full length gloves are one size fits all and are made in Portugal of vat-dyed all natural shearling sheep skins. A single line of stitching in the center and along the full length adds to the design detail. They will keep your hands warm and cozy even in bitter cold and you can still use touchscreen devices as normal with them on. You can choose from 4 brilliant colors for now.


Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

Lumos Smart Bike HelmetAnyone who likes biking knows that you have to take certain safety precautions so that blind turns, non-lit roads and lack of special bike lanes are a non-issue whether in cities or rural areas. Instead of buying additional accessories like bike lights and clothing with reflective stripes, the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet gives you all these security features in just one accessory. Since you anyway have to wear a helmet at all times while on your bike, it makes perfect sense that this helmet has several in-built smart LED lights to takeover the job.

This CPSC and CE Certified cycling helmet comes with a handlebar remote with built-in motion sensors to wirelessly signal to your helmet everytime you’re about to turn. 11 orange LED lights are activated for each turn signal by just a tap of the appropriate handlebar remote button. When you need to slow down, the Hard Brake feature activates 38 red rear LED lights to glow a solid red so that anyone behind you knows that you’re slowing down. Rounding those off are the 10 white LEDs on the front so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re always visible.

The battery on this helmet allows for 6 hours of flashing lights and 3 hours in solid mode. If battery is low, the Hard Brake feature is automatically deactivated.

The Lumos helmet will comfortably fit most heads between 54 and 61 cm in circumference, is styled to be unisex and is available in 6 different colors.

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s Techloom Bliss Sneakers

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women's Techloom Bliss SneakersEvery traveler needs a good pair of sneakers, whether it’s for walking on streets with cobblestones, climbing a hill or just walking about the whole day, your feet can get achy and tired fast and develop blisters if you don’t protect them with good shoes. The Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s Techloom Bliss Sneakers are not only very comfortable but they are extremely stylish and come in some sweet colors so that your day to day travel look is never compromised.

APL’s Techloom Bliss sneakers are actually running shoes so if you like to run for exercise in general, you can continue to do so even while traveling. If not, these are good for just walking in general. They are slip on shoes with milled satin elastic strap, so they even work well in Asia where many sightseeing locations require you to remove your footwear before entering. They stretch as you put them on and enclose your feet almost as if they are custom made.

What makes them especially good for traveling is that they’re really lightweight at just 6.8 oz., so you can pack them in your suitcase without a thought and wear your flips flops or other open footwear in the plane or train if you want to.

APL’s proprietary Propelium™ technology gives you superior comfort with better midsole support than EVA foam does and a good forefoot crash pad for running. The durable rubber outsole features a good traction pattern for when you want to climb any steep unpaved hill paths.


Tory Sport Women’s Colorblock Track Pants and Jacket

Tory Sport Women's Colorblock Track PantsAnother good gift for someone who likes to run even when on vacation are the Tory Sport Women’s Colorblock Track Pants and Jacket. You can buy them as a set or separately and are available in navy or dark green with white trim.

Tory Sport Women's Colorblock Track JacketThis set is made of high quality mid-weight jersey of 70% polyester/30% cotton and feels light and soft against the skin.

The design on the jacket features full zip front opening with logo pull, ribbed elastic cuffs and waist hem, and front zip pockets. The fit is classic. The pants are mid rise and slim fit with an encased elastic waistband and tapered leg. There are front zip pockets and zips at the leg opening. Both these pieces are ideal for sightseeing as well as post workout use.


Baekgaard Clark Duffel and Backpack

Baekgaard Clark DuffelLuggage is always a good gift for a traveler and the Baekgaard Clark Duffel and
Backpack are two pieces that the discerning traveler would appreciate. They are made of wool and feature a classic tweed pattern, while the straps feature Italian leather trim. They are lined in cotton Tatersall Plaid and are water resistant.

The duffel bag measures 22″ X 12 1/2″ X 12 1/2″ and comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap as well as wrap around duffel handles. The roomy interior of the top opening duffel features 3 slip pockets and 1 large zippered pocket. On the outside is a front slip pocket for a smartphone, one side slip pocket for a water bottle, and one separate large zippered compartment to store your shoes separately.

Baekgaard Clark BackpackThe backpack features a roomy main compartment that opens via double zippers and a front single zipper pocket. All zippers feature leather pulls. Two side slip pockets can hold a travel umbrella and water bottle. This backpacks has two ways to carry it – a top grab handle and a pair of adjustable padded backpack straps. The back of the pack feature air mesh paneling to help keep you cool and dry.


Favorite Things Over $200

Lands’ End Women’s Faux Fur Hooded Down Winter Long Coat Faux Fur

Lands' End Women's Faux Fur Hooded Down Winter Long Coat Faux FurA good winter coat is useful for everyday use as well as for travel. The Lands’ End Women’s Faux Fur Hooded Down Winter Long Coat comes in 3 colors – black, grey and red, and several sizes.

This wonderful coat features several high end design details. One is a two way front zipper for venting when it gets less cold and for added mobility for women of any height. Zippered side vents also help with both. The inner storm flap and inner ribbed cuffs keep wind and rain from getting in. Two front pockets will keep your hands warm, while the detachable and adjustable faux fur trimmed hood keeps your head warm and dry.

The HyperDRY™ 600 power fill down stays warm even in bitterly cold and wet weather but is also really lightweight. The 100% polyester shell makes this coat machine washable as long as you remove the hood first. It is water resistant in light rain.


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