Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30 Review

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Sometimes you need more than a carry on-sized bag and it needs to be more practical than a standard wheeled suitcase or duffel bag. The former is too small for things like ski boots or a biking helmet and the latter doesn’t have any features that make packing and accessing adventure travel essentials easy. The Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30 is a wheeled duffel that comes with practical features like separate compartments, multiple lash points and a zip away handle for protection during transit. Not only does it serve a variety of trips and can be used to pack sports and photography gear, but it is built to last and take a beating. If it doesn’t, you can always take advantage of Eagle Creek’s No Matter What Warranty.

With this 30 inch bag, you can easily pack all your things in the bag if you’re checking it in for a flight, and if you’re going by road, you can use the exterior lash points and compression panel to secure boots, helmet and jacket to the outside. If this isn’t enough for your trip, it probably means you have over packed.

The Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30 can be found here.


Features of the Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30 Inch Wheeled Duffel

Highland green

  • This bag measures 30″ x 16″ x 14″ and weighs 10 lbs 12 ozs. Its total dimensions is 60″, which is just under airline maximum allowance for check in without being oversize. It is available in black, granite grey and highland green.

  • The material used for ultimate durability is Helix ballistic nylon with Bi-Tech fabric for weather resistance and Bi-Tech Armor to prevent abrasion on the most abused points on the bag. There are reflective accents on placed strategically for nighttime safety.
    Protective runners, bumper and kick plate

  • The inline skate wheels feature rugged treads and protective wheel housing, skid plate, bumper and runners. These features mean that you can drag the bag through rough terrain or over steps and the bag won’t be damaged.
    Central point locking zippers

  • The zippers are puncture-proof and come with large reflective zipper pulls. The zipper heads of the main compartment can be locked to a single lock point on the main zipper flap with your own luggage lock. The flap also keeps the main compartment safe from any water seepage if it rains.

  • There are six grab handles – one padded one on top, two on the sides, one on the bottom, and two haul handles on the front.
    Equipment Keeper with bottle opener fastener

  • The telescopic handle system stows away for transit in its own zipped compartment at the top. A bungee cord with is also anchored here and its hooked end that secures gear to the top of the bag doubles as a bottle opener. Great of you want to take a break from hiking or cycling with a drink on a hot day!
    Compression cargo net

  • The main compartment opens via a full zippered u-shaped flap. The contents of the compartment are prevented from falling out if it is opened when the bag is standing up by a cargo net that is secured inside by four snap buckles. It also acts like a compression panel to maximize packing space. This net is detachable and can be used on the front exterior of the bag as well to secure a jacket.

  • Inside the main compartment are several mesh slip pockets along the sides and a large zipped mesh pocket on the inside of the flap.
    Detachable zippered pouch

  • The exterior of the flap has a detachable zippered pouch that secures to the top front by snap buckles on the side. This pouch is great for your toiletries or other accessories. There is a mesh slip pocket inside as well.
    Boot compartment

  • There is a large zippered compartment at the very bottom front of the bag that extends all the way to the back of the bag and separated from the rest of the main compartment with Bi-Tech fabric. This compartment is designed to hold your damp or dirty clothes or even a pair of boots and keep them away from your clean clothes that are packed above in the main compartment. This bottom space is flexible, depending on how much you pack here, and won’t leave any wasted space that can be otherwise used for clean clothes above.

  • The front and sides of the bag feature multiple lash points in case you have even more gear to carry or if you want to secure the bag to your vehicle.

  • The main compartment is the perfect size and shape to hold the Eagle Creek Pack-it system of packing cubes if you want to keep your belongings neat and organized in there.


  • This bag is known for its durability and can withstand rough treatment by baggage handlers and transport over rough terrain.
    The No Matter What Warranty also gives you an added advantage because you can either get it fixed or replaced if it does get damaged.
  • The zippers are tough and designed to be puncture-proof, unlike many other ones where it’s easy for anyone with a ballpoint pen to open a suitcase through the zipper.
  • The large capacity lets you pack even for an 8 day trip.
  • It is easy to pack and access things on the fly.
  • Easy separation of wet and dry clothes.


  • Can get too heavy to transport easily if you pack it completely full.
  • If you like Eagle Creek products but looking for something a bit different, check out a few other bags from the brand. We also have some other good suggestions for wheeled duffels that come with a drop bottom to help you separate items.


    Check out the official demo!


    You can buy the 30″ Eagle Creek ORV Trunk wheeled duffel on Eagle Creek.

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