Best Flap Over Crossbody Bag for Travel 2020

Anti-theft bags are very useful when you travel through certain cities and countries, as they allow you to enjoy yourself without worrying about your belongings. However, some people find the extra security features to be a bit too complicated to deal with and prefer something simpler but still safer to use than a normal handbag. … Read more

Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag Review

If you’re the kind of traveler that needs to work while on a plane or train, you probably find it a nuisance to reach up into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you every time you want something from your bag. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have all your important … Read more

Tumi Voyageur Crossbody Bags for the Female Traveler

Tumi’s voyageur line of luggage has been a big hit with women who liked the brand’s products but preferred something more feminine and easier to carry. While many crossbody bags are considered casual wear, the ones from Tumi are made of a rich materials and are styled with extra care so they can even be … Read more

Samsonite MIGHTLight Collection Review

The MIGHTLight Collection from Samsonite is its lightest luggage line yet. There are two large spinners for check in, 2 smaller ones that are carry on size, and two tote bags – one horizontal boarding bag and one vertical shopper’s tote bag. They range in weight from 2 pounds to 9.25 pounds but are still … Read more

Choosing the Best Laptop Tote for Women 2020

If you want to look stylish and professional while traveling with your laptop, then a backpack or messenger bag may be too casual for you, while a standard laptop bag is too boring and not very feminine. That’s where a good laptop tote for women can come in handy while traveling but it’s also very … Read more

eBags eTech 2.0 Firewall Laptop Brief Review

Every gadget warrior needs a good bag that will organize and protect all her gadgets and accessories while traveling. If you’re the type that likes plenty of organizational compartments in her bag, then the eBags eTech 2.0 Firewall Laptop Brief is a top rated choice. While other laptop bags feature a padded compartment only for … Read more

Lipault Paris Weekend Bag Vs. 18 Inch Weekend Satchel

One of the most popular brands of luggage that you’ll see in European airports and train stations is Lipault Paris. The fashion conscious are drawn to them, but they are also very practical for modern travel, particularly by air. Their weekender/overnight bags are perfectly sized to fit under an airplane seat or a small overhead … Read more