Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag Review

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Genius Pack High Altitude Flight BagIf you’re the kind of traveler that needs to work while on a plane or train, you probably find it a nuisance to reach up into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you every time you want something from your bag. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have all your important things right in front of you instead? That’s where the Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag comes in. It has been available on the market for a few years but has been going strong in terms of sales.

The flight bag from Genius Pack is a messenger bag that you can carry as your personal item on a flight and it has Velcro straps at the back that wraps around the tray table in front of you securely. This lets you reach for your tablet, documents, phone, pens, etc. very easily so you can work or read throughout your trip. It is also a boon for frequent travelers as its various compartments are well thought out, keeping in mind that they usually like to stay organized at all times.

The flight bag is also great for a bike commute or even as a day bag when you’re out and about. The organization features are great too.

Here’s a quick link to the Altitude Flight Bag on Amazon.

If your interest is piqued, read on to see its features in more detail.

Features of the Genius Pack Flight Bag

  • This useful travel bag measures 12″ x 1″ x 11″, weighs 8 ounces and is made of 100% polyester on the outside and 100% nylon on the inside.
    Wrap around the seat back tray table

  • The innovative dual straps positioned on the back have a Velcro closure about midway. They can each be wrapped around any kind of bars in front of you, like a plane seat’s table tray or the bicycle’s handlebars. The Velcro secures the bag in place.
    Backpack and wrap around velcro straps
    These straps can also act as backpack straps temporarily. Since they are Velcroed together, you have to make sure that the load won’t make the straps open up suddenly while you carry the bag by the straps.

  • There is also a detachable shoulder strap to allow you to carry the bag like a messenger bag.
    A padded tablet compartment

  • The bag is divided into two zippered compartments. The main compartment is where you can store magazines and a tablet. There is secured padded pocket for the latter which is large enough for a Macbook Air 11″.
    Organizer compartment

  • The front pocket is the organizer compartment. In here you’ll find several slip top pockets, some elasticated, to hold your passport, pens, a phone no larger than an iPhone 5S, business cards, charging cables and other small items. There is even a battery charger pocket to allow you to charge your phone or other gadgets during a trip. There is also a port for headphone access.

    The front flap of the organizer compartment folds down halfway when unzipped so you can see all your things plainly for easy access.

    Piggybacked on your carry on

  • There is a piggyback sleeve at the back to allow you to slide the bag over the telescopic handle of your rolling carry on to make transporting both easier.

  • The Genius Pack is available in 3 colors: black, plum and navy.


  • Most people love the unique wrap around straps for attaching on the seat in front.
  • The organization features are well designed.
  • Very easy to carry with you.


  • Some newer planes may have a differently designed tray table where it’s not too easy to wrap the bag’s straps around it, in which case you’ll have to stow it under the seat in front of you after taking out whatever you need from it.
  • It’s not big enough for a 13″ laptop.

The Genius Pack Altitude Bag makes a great gift for frequent travelers. Or you can even get one for yourself!

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