Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Tote/Backpack Review

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Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Laptop Pack
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Carrying your laptop in a tote-style shoulder bag is definitely more professional than in a backpack, but it’s the least comfortable method and if you do it for long periods or too frequently, you risk developing bad posture and shoulder and back problems. So why shouldn’t you be able to switch from shoulder to back when you’re not yet in the office? The Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Tote/Backpack is just such a bag and its looks are so good that there’s no hint of casualness at all.

The Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Laptop Pack is styled to be unisex, so there’s every chance you’ll be fighting your partner for it! Everything from its material to its design details is special. However, all this does not come cheap. You’ll be paying for the ability to switch between tote and backpack, good organizational and space features and good construction. Continue reading for an in-depth view of this bag.

If you’re not sure about the cost and would like to stick to non-convertible laptop totes, we have reviewed a few good ones for you too. For something more comfortable than a tote but not as comfy as a backpack, choose a laptop messenger bag.


Features of the Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Tote/Backpack

Nuwa fabric exterior with leather accents

  • This bag’s exterior is made of Nüwa® fabric nylon blend from completely sustainable processes. It is a rich dark grey in color, heavy duty and abrasion resistant with genuine Napa leather trim in black. All of the interior compartments are lined in a premium twill fabric.

  • The YKK® zipper pulls on all exterior pockets and the main compartment feature a thumb groove that mimic the one on a Swiss Army Knife.
    The backpack straps are completely detachable

  • There are three ways to carry this Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire bag. You can use the dual tote handles to carry it by hand, or the single adjustable length shoulder strap to hang it over or across your shoulder, or the adjustable padded backpack straps to comfortably carry it on your back. All these straps are removable and can be stored in one of the many pockets. To attach any of them, just use the strong caribiner clips to hook them on to the well placed D-rings.
    The backpack straps attach via two clasps and D-rings at the bottom of the back of the pack and via a single clasp and D-ring at the top center of the pack.
    Carry the bag like a tote in your handThe dual tote straps attach via two rings at the back of the bag and two rings in front. To keep them together when you’re carrying the tote, you use the built-in leather wrap with snap button.
    There are single D-rings on both the top corners for you to attach the long and adjustable shoulder strap.

  • The top of the bag, through which the main compartment opens via a zip, can be folded over the front and secured with electronics-friendly magnets and a snap caribiner hook. This is a clever design to prevent anyone from slipping their hands in to steal something.

  • There are numerous pockets on the outside of the bag. A full length padded one on the front opens via a hidden zipper. The front of this pocket has the securing ring through which the foldover snap hook secures, so this pocket is also secure and good for your tablet or other valuables. There is also a smaller stash pocket on top of this and under the foldover section.
    There is another full length zipped pocket on the exterior rear of the bag. If you don’t want to use the dual tote straps, you can tuck them into these front and back pockets without zipping them up.
    There are two zip side pockets just big enough to hold a small water bottle or travel umbrella.
    Large main compartment with pockets

  • Inside the main compartment of the Architecture Urban Voltaire bag, the organization includes two zippered side pockets and a loop for you to clip a key ring on.

  • Victorinox has a Swiss Tracker™ Bag Tracking Program that helps you find your bag anywhere in the world if it ever gets lost. The bag has a built in ID tag and you can register the bag into the program for free through the company’s website.

  • This bag is 13 3⁄4 in wide, 6 in deep and 18 1⁄2 in high. It weighs 2 lbs and 14 oz. The cross body strap length is 23 inches with a maximum strap drop of 11 inches.


  • The look and feel of the bag is impeccable.
  • The organizational features are good.
  • Many ways to carry it comfortably.


  • Pretty expensive, but check out what Amazon is selling it for now.

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