Briggs and Riley BRX Expandable Luggage Review

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Briggs & Riley Explore Domestic Expandable Upright
Briggs & Riley Explore Domestic Expandable Upright – Reviewed below
Briggs and Riley has been long known for being one of the few companies to care about customer satisfaction and aims to make improvements based on their feedback. Having redesigned their BRX line of luggage and backpacks to bring new features and make user experience a lot simpler and more enjoyable, the new products are aimed at holiday travelers that need solid bags to store all of their items inside, including those extra souvenirs!

With a supreme level of durability, lightweight construction and good build, the Briggs and Riley BRX expandable luggage line offers a wide range of wheeled uprights, duffles and even a backpack option for customers to choose from.

Here’s a quick link to all the pieces in the new Briggs & Riley BRX collection on Amazon.

The products include commuter expandable uprights, international wide-body spinners and domestic sized upright carry ons, medium and large expandable uprights and duffels, and even a toiletry bag. Because of the expandable feature of the pieces with compression straps to keep luggage within airline dimension limits, they are ideal for women who do not want to leave any of their favorite pairs of shoes or fashionable pieces behind. Briggs and Riley’s new line of products will be versatile for different purposes. You can even buy several if you’re looking for a completely new set of luggage!

Although available only in two colors, the Briggs and Riley BRX line of luggage has been designed for comfort and great durability that surpass other companies in the market. Keep reading to find out more about the products.

Explore Expandable Uprights

Briggs and Riley’s BRX line of Explore expandable uprights is probably the best of all, providing expandable storage space for those times when you need extra room to fit all of your things inside. These sport the same design at different sizes, which range from wide-body to commuter depending on your specific storage needs.
Take a look at all the Explore Uprights and Spinner.


  • EZ-Hook Adjustable Compression: The compression helps cinch contents to prevent it from shifting while in transit, so all of your assets will stay in place during the entire time. This also reduces space taken up inside.
  • SpeedThru Pocket: The pocket is small and easily accessible, and is ideal for storing small items such as your phone and loose change at security checkpoints.
  • Exterior Pocket: This exterior pocket is larger than the SpeedThru one, and will be ideal for keeping items you might need at hand, like travel documents.
  • Large Front Pocket: Perfect for magazines, water bottles or even your laptop, the front pocket is large and can be quickly accessed through the convenient zipper.
  • Lightweight and Durable Fabrics: All of the Explore expandable uprights of the BRX line are made of 600D polyester, 420D nylon and water-resistant tarpaulin that will keep all of your things secure. Moreover, the fabrics are particularly durable and resistant to wear, so the uprights will likely last for years.
  • HideAway ID Tag: A small, versatile pocket you can use for storing your personal documents.
  • Wide, Low Profile Wheels: Due to being very wide, the wheels will make maneuvering easy and smooth, providing a long rolling life that tops that of most other models of its kind.
  • SpeedDock EZ-Hook System: The system makes it possible for you to connect soft duffles to the BRX Uprights for added convenience when carrying the luggage.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Handle System: The handles of all Explore uprights are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is durable and resistant to wear. Thanks to the v-groove tubes it is equipped with, there will be less jamming of the handle, which will prolong its lifespan and allow travelers to use the uprights for much longer.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Explore expandable uprights of the BRX line of luggage come in different sizes, hence enabling travelers to select the most convenient option for their particular needs. The Explore Medium Expandable Upright is the largest upright, whilst the Explore Commuter Expandable Upright is the smallest of the line. See the list below for full dimension specs of all Explore expandable uprights:
    – Explore Commuter Expandable Upright: 19 x 13.5 x 9 inches (equivalent of 48.3 x 34.3 x 22.9 cm)
    – Explore International Wide Body Spinner: 19 x 15.5 x 9 inches (equivalent of 48.3 x 39.4 x 22.9 cm)
    – Explore International Expandable Wide Body Upright: 20 x 15.5 x 9 inches (equivalent of 50.8 x 39.4 x 22.9 cm)
    – Explore Domestic Expandable Upright: 21.5 x 14 x 9 inches (equivalent of 54.6 x 35.6 x 22.9 cm)
    – Explore Medium Expandable Upright: 25 x 17.5 x 10 inches (equivalent of 63.5 x 44.4 x 25.4 cm)
  • These uprights are also particularly lightweight for their size – the largest upright weighs only 3.8 kilograms.
  • All of the Explore Expandable Uprights of Briggs and Riley’s BRX line of luggage have a very wide range of storage compartments and pockets you can use to store all of your important assets.


  • One of the most notable pros of the uprights by Briggs and Riley is their well-built structure, which is very well made to ensure superior durability for several years.
  • Thanks to the low-profile wheels of the uprights, the units are actually easy to maneuver, and will feel even sturdier since the wheels are also wide. The Explore International Wide Body Spinner has fully-swiveling wheels that rotate to all directions, which will make maneuvering even simpler and stress-free.


  • The commonest complaint users had about the Explore Expandable Uprights is the very huge price of the luggage. The cheapest of the Explore Expandable range of luggage costs $300, while the most expensive goes above $350.
  • The handle of the Explore Expandable Uprights can sometimes get stuck, which might actually make it kind of difficult to handle and maneuver.

    Exchange and Expedition Duffles

    Exchange Medium DuffleThe Exchange and Expedition duffles come equipped with pretty much the same features as the Explore uprights and spinners. The Expedition duffle bag is the only one to also have low-profile wheels and an extending handle, which makes it possible for travelers to quickly maneuver it in crowded areas with ease.

    The Exchange duffles are the shoulder strap carry ons and the Expedition is the large wheeled duffle bag.


    Features in common with the uprights detailed above

    Expedition Large Duffle

  • SpeedThru Pocket and Exterior Pocket.
  • Same Lightweight and Durable Fabrics.
  • HideAway ID Tag.
  • EZ-Hook Adjustable Compression.
  • Features exclusive to the Duffle Bags

  • SpeedDock EZ-Hook System: The system makes it possible for you to connect the duffles to the BRX Uprights for added convenience when carrying the luggage.
  • Same wide, low profile wheels on the Expedition duffle.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Handle System on the Expedition.
  • Zip-Away Back Panel: The panel allows you to easily convert the duffels into backpacks. When folded down, the panel provides excellent comfort, offering superior lumbar support that helps users maintain proper posture.
  • Aerated Mesh Back Padding: The mesh padding on the back allows air to ventilate through the fabric, keeping your back cool during the entire time.
  • Side-Zippered Pockets: These pockets are placed on the sides of the BRX Exchange and Expedition duffels, hence being absolutely perfect for storing last-minute essentials like keys, phones, or even important medication.
  • The duffel bags of the Briggs and Riley BRX line of luggage come in different sizes that can easily accommodate the needs of different customers. See the list below for full dimension specs of the Exchange and Expedition duffels:
    – Exchange Medium Duffle: 20 x 12 x 8 inches (equivalent of 50.8 x 30.5 x 20.3 cm)
    – Exchange Large Duffle: 26 x 12 x 10 inches (equivalent of 66.0 x 30.5 x 25.4 cm)
    – Expedition Large Duffle: 28 x 16 x 13.5 inches (equivalent of 71.1 x 40.6 x 34.3 cm)
  • Except for the Expedition duffle, which weighs 4.2 kilograms, both Exchange duffel bags are extremely lightweight, weighing only 1.2 and respectively 1.4 kilograms.


  • The non-wheeled duffels are versatile and convenient because they easily turn into backpacks through the zip-away back panel any time you want. You can successfully carry the bags on your back if you prefer this option, which is oftentimes simpler and more comfortable to carry.
  • The SpeedDock EZ-Hook system comes in very handy, as it allows travelers to quickly attach the Exchange duffels to the Explore uprights to make carrying simpler.
  • Lots of storage options thanks to the many pockets and compartments they feature. The main compartment is extremely large, offering enough room to fit all of your things inside without too much effort.


    Despite being made of the same fabrics as the Explore expandable uprights, the material of the Briggs and Riley BRX duffels seems to sometimes catch after a few times of zipping and unzipping compartments.

    Excursion Backpack

    Excursion BackpackThe only backpack of the Briggs and Riley BRX line of luggage is the Excursion backpack, which seems to be a great and very popular option among occasional hikers or as your personal item for carry on on flights. There is one main u-shaped compartment that gives you easy access to all of the contents of the backpack, while the padded slip pocket is just perfect for keeping your laptop at hand and staying connected on the go.


  • SpeedThru Pocket.
  • Padded Laptop Compartment: This pocket is just perfect for storing your laptop as long as it does not exceed 15.6 inches in size. With extra padding that protects the laptop against potential damage.
  • Vertical Front Pocket.
  • Lightweight and Durable Fabrics made of the same 600D polyester, 420D nylon and water-resistant tarpaulin.
  • HideAway ID Tag.
  • Organizer on Front Panel: There are two elastic slip pockets, pen loops and a deep zippered pocket that will enable you to neatly organize your items to avoid having to search through the entire backpack to find them.
  • Aerated Mesh Back Padding: The mesh padding on the back allows air to ventilate through the fabric, keeping your back cool during the entire time.
  • Although it is only a backpack, this particular model by Briggs and Riley is very roomy, measuring 18 x 13.5 x 7 inches (equivalent of 45.7 x 34.3 x 17.8 cm).


  • The Excursion backpack of the Briggs and Riley BRX has all of the compartments you could possible wish for in a backpack of its kind. The main compartment has an u-shaped opening that makes it easy to access its contents, not to mention that it will easily accommodate even oddly-shaped items as well.
  • Many customers have also reported to be extremely happy with the aerated mesh padding for keeping their backs cool and dry when temperatures are excessively hot. The back panel is thickly padded for extra comfort and lumbar support, maintaining proper posture during the entire time.


  • If you are looking for a relatively small backpack, this one might not be quite the best option for you.
  • No special compartment for a bottle.

    Express Toiletry Kit

    Express Toiletry Kit
    Measuring only 5 x 9.5 x 5 inches, the Express toiletry kit is a compact and very convenient bag that enables travelers to keep all of their toiletry items orderly and at hand. Thanks to its unique cylindrical design, the bag is extremely easy to store and does not take too much space, featuring a hanging strap that makes it even more functional.


  • Lightweight and Durable Fabrics.
  • Webbing Velcro Strap: The strap of the kit can be converted to a hanging loop for easy access to contents, enabling individuals to keep its contents off wet countertop.
  • Gusseted U-Zip Dry Pocket: This pocket is perfect for storing most of your items, such as your cosmetics, hairbrush, toothbrush, and more.
  • Gusseted U-Zip Wet Pocket: This pocket, on the other hand, features water-resistant lining that helps minimize leaking and also protects your dry items as well.


  • Despite being just a toiletry kit, this little bag goes a long way towards keeping you clean and neat. The kit is extremely small and compact, measuring only 5 x 9.5 x 5 inches (the equivalent of 12.7 x 24.1 x 12.7 cm). The design is cylindrical to ensure that the kit will not take too much space in your main luggage, offering just enough room for all of your essentials. Even when nearly full, you will still be able to accommodate the Express toiletry kit in any compact space.
  • Probably the most notable benefit is the great interior structure of the kit. There are two pockets you can use to store your things: a gusseted u-zip dry pocket, and a gusseted u-zip wet pocket. While the first is perfect for most of your items, such as your cosmetics, hairbrush and toothbrush, the other one will be ideal for storing liquids or other products that might leak. Featuring water-resistant lining that minimizes leaks, this particular pocket will successfully protect your dry items and keep everything in order.
  • The webbing Velcro strap of the toiletry kit can always be converted to a hanging loop in a couple of seconds only. This will be great if you want to keep its contents at hand, or if you want to protect it from the wet countertop.
  • The Express Toiletry Kit by Briggs and Riley is nearly weightless, as it weighs only 0.2 kilograms. Even if you fill both pockets of the bag, it will still be very lightweight, which will give you nothing to struggle with.


  • The only potential downside of the toiletry kit is the size, which may be too small for some of your items like a very large hairbrush or your regular shampoo bottle. However, the kit remains a great choice for smaller toiletry items, and will certainly be excellent for keeping all of them in a convenient location.

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