Traveler’s Choice Glacier 29 Hardshell Expandable Spinner Luggage Review

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Travelers Choice Glacier 29 Hardshell Expandable Spinner Luggage
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If there’s one major disadvantage that many hardside suitcases have, it’s their relative inability to expand if you need to pack that little bit extra. The new Traveler’s Choice Glacier 29 Hardshell Expandable Spinner puts those doubts at ease, as it can be expanded an additional 25”! Now you can shop for all those souvenirs without worrying about not having enough luggage space to bring them back.

Another nice cosmetic detail in the Glacier collection is that the outside of the shell is not convex like most other hardshells. The surface is almost completely flat and only the edges and corners are rounded. If you want to lay the suitcase flat and pile other smaller bags like the other pieces in the collection on top of it, they will stay stable instead of wobbling or falling off.

The Glacier collection of expandable spinner uprights seems to be a decent lightweight and durable choice if you’re looking for affordable luggage.

Take a look at the current price and customer reviews of the 29 inch spinner on Amazon.





Features of the Traveler’s Choice Glacier 29 Hardshell Expandable Spinner

  • The bag measures 28.5″ x 19.5″ x 12.75″ and weighs 10 lbs 8 oz.
  • The hardshell is made of durable and lightweight ABS plastic.
  • There are low profile carry handles on the top and side of the bag for easy carrying.
  • An additional bag can stack easily on top of this spinner because of the low profile grab handle.
  • There’s a push button telescopic handle to pull the bag or roll it alongside you.
  • Four dual spinner wheels are placed on the corners for added stability and smoother rolling.
  • Four feet on one side of the bag keeps it off the ground when it’s standing on its side.
  • The suitcase opens clam-style and the lid compartment is separated from the main by a full U-shaped zippered flap, the outside of which features a zippered mesh pocket and an open elastic pocket.
  • One length of the main compartment features a zippered shoe pocket.
  • Restraining straps keep your clothes in place in the main compartment.
  • The bag can expand up to 25% more to allow for extra packing.
  • This bag comes under a 10 year limited warranty.



  • This is a spacious bag that can expand for added capacity.
  • Plenty of good organizational features on the inside.
  • At under 11 lbs, it is quite lightweight for its size.
  • Nice looking shell.
  • Very stable because of the wheel design.
  • Inexpensive.



  • There are no pockets on the outside.
  • The protruding wheels can cause you to trip over them if you walk to close to it.



The Traveler’s Choice Glacier 29 Hardshell Expandable Spinner Luggage is priced inexpensively, especially for a hardside suitcase. If you’re looking for lots of packing space and enough organizational features on the inside, this may be a good buy. If you’re interested in one of the other pieces in the collection, there is a rolling briefcase and a 21” carry on spinner. The briefcase has a horizontal handle on its back that can be slipped over the handle of the carry on or this 29” to make transporting multiple pieces easier.

Get this Traveler’s Choice Glacier 29” Spinner Hardshell and the other two pieces in the collection on sale from Amazon.

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