Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Wide-Body Spinner Luggage Review

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When it comes to listening to feedback from travelers, Briggs and Riley seems to be ahead of most of the pack. The old Torq carry on hardside spinner seemed innovative at first glance, but it had some major flaws in design. The new Briggs & Riley Torq hardside wide-body spinner luggage eliminates those to give you more packing space inch for inch while also making it about a pound lighter.

A few luggage brands are trying to get the best of both hardside and softside bags into one piece – better organization and accessibility features in a hardy but lightweight bag. While brands like Rimowa settled on making a hybrid carry on bag with their Salsa Deluxe collection, Briggs & Riley tried to do it with a true hardside spinner. The result meant that travelers would get an external pocket and there would be no soft shell on the exterior at all. Because of the rigidity, however, both the pocket and the main compartment came with reduced packing space but with maximum allowable carry on dimensions.

Briggs & Riley Torq-Hardside Wide-Body Carry-On Spinner LuggageTherefore, Briggs & Riley is giving travelers an option to choose. If you must have the external pocket, go with the old Torq carry on. If you want a lighter version with maximum packing space and an 80/20 hardside luggage lid, choose the Briggs & Riley Torq-Hardside Wide-Body Spinner Luggage.

While the Torq collection is among the first to feature a 70/30 split opening in hardside spinners, there are a few others that have come out since then with a 80/20 split so we give you a round up of the best 80/20 hardside spinner suitcases available.

We have also reviewed the best hardside carry on suitcases with a front compartment.

Here’s a closer look at the new B&R Torq Wide Body International Carry on.

Features of the Briggs & Riley Torq-Hardside Wide-Body Carry-On Spinner Luggage

  • This wide body is available in three colors – graphite grey, ruby red and cobalt blue.
    Makrolon 100% Virgin Polycarbonate shell

  • The lightweight shell is made from a multi-layered 100% Makrolon polycarbonate that is elastic and therefore impact resistant and resilient to the rigors of frequent travel.

  • The dimensions including the wheel and handle are 9″ x 15.5″ x 21.5″ and it weighs 7.8 lbs.

  • There is an inbuilt TSA lock for the main compartment as well as YKK double zipper pulls that can also be locked. The zippers are smooth to use and self repairing.
    Three stop telescopic handle on the outside for flat packing

  • The lightweight aluminium telescopic handle with an ergonomic grip has three stops to allow for easy rolling by users of different heights. This handle is set on the outside of the case so as to allow you to pack your clothes flat inside. This minimizes creases and gives you extra space.

  • There is a soft molded carry handle on the top and molded grab points integrated into the bag for easy lifting and handling.

  • This Briggs and Riley is very stable as it has a low center of gravity on recessed double spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees effortlessly even when the bag is full and heavy. The wheel base is quite wide and tilt resistant too. Steel components in the wheels make them extra durable.

  • A soft-touch molded hidden ID tag rests between the bars of the telescopic handle at the back.
    80/20 top lid opening and packing features for minimum wrinkling

  • You can pack this bag like a traditional suitcase on a luggage rack as the main compartment opens with a 70/30 style lid.
    Hooking suiter system

  • The inside of the lid features a suiter system with a hook that can be used with any hanger. It can hold either 1 suit or up to 3 garments and they canbe cinched in place for minimal wrinkling.

  • In front of the suiter is a U-shaped mesh zippered lid that contains a zip pocket for things like underwear or toiletries.

  • The main section of the main compartment has a flexible retaining wall at the edges to prevent clothes from jutting and getting caught in the zipper.

  • A molded compression panel instead of straps does a good job of keeping your things from moving about and wrinkling while in transit.




  • You get a lot of packing space because of the fuss-free design. The wheels don’t take up much of the overall height.
  • Very light at under 8 lbs.
  • The 80/20 lid opening means it can be packed on a luggage rack or bed like a traditional suitcase.
  • Clothes will stay neat and crease-free because of the internal features.
  • Durable construction.


  • No external pockets.
  • No internal side pockets.
  • No side carry handle.
  • No add-a-bag strap to attach a smaller item to this carry on.

The External Features

The Internal Features

choose the Briggs & Riley Torq-Hardside Wide-Body Spinner Luggage is selling for right now!

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