TravelPro Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection Review

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Travelpro Crew 10 25 Inch Hardside Spinner
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Choosing hardsided luggage over softsided luggage can be a tough decision for travelers, specifically because of the many design differences between the two. Solid, roomy, and perfect for all travelers, hardsided luggage will successfully accommodate all of your belongings inside, offering extra protection thanks to their hard case to prevent damaging the contents inside.

The TravelPro Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection stands out through the excellent build of the bags, which have lightweight and durable shells, cushioned carry handles, dual-wheel spinner wheels, as well as expandable main compartments. With TSA locks on all pieces, the spinners will keep all of your belongings safe and secure.

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The Crew 10 collection also has several softsided pieces that are upgrades from the previous Crew collections. But should you really choose one or more of the TravelPro Crew 10 hardsided luggage? Keep reading the review below to find out.

Common Features of the TravelPro Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection

• 100-Percent Polycarbonate shell for lightweight and extreme durability.
Patented power scope handle and contour grip
• Patented Contour Grip Design: The patented Contour Grip design of the handle has TPR touch points that have been specifically implemented to make maneuvering the spinners easier.
• Patented PowerScope Aluminum Extension Handle: Made of aluminum, the PowerScope handle of the TravelPro spinners can be extended, with multiple stops at 38 and 42.5 inches for comfortable transport.
• Split-Case Construction: The case of the spinners is split book-style, enabling travelers to pack their clothes and other belongings within each half.
Divider panel and restraining flaps and buckles
• Deluxe Hold-Down System: All of the TravelPro Crew 10 spinners have mesh pockets, along with easy-to-adjust straps that keep contents inside in place. The straps feature Duraflex anti-break buckles that are durable and resistant, even when actively buckled and unbuckled.
• Interior Divider Panel: The panel divides the two halves of the spinners, and provides an extra full-length mesh pocket you can use to store smaller items.
• SUPRA Zipper Heads: The zippers have been built to last, with outstanding resistance to damage resulted from daily use.
Expandable main compartment and side feet
• Expandable Main Compartment: The TravelPro spinners have main compartments that can be expanded 2 inches to maximize space and offer travelers more packing flexibility. This feature is not available with the 19” Business Plus Hardside Spinner.
• TSA Lock: The lock that comes with all spinners ensures that nobody else will have access to your belongings.
• 360-Degree Dual-Wheel Spinner Wheels: Since these are spinners and not regular rolling uprights, their wheels successfully rotate to 360 degrees for better maneuverability. The wheels are dual to offer better support to the spinner when packed even with a heavy load.
Dual spinner wheels and bottom handle
• Low-Profile Top/Side Carry Handles: The spinners are equipped with low-profile top and side carry handles for the times when rolling is not possible (e.g. climbing stairs). The handles are cushioned for added comfort, with an additional handle cup on the bottom.
• Enhanced Protection: The spinners have molded wheel housings that reduce impact to prolong their rolling life; the built-in guards prevent the luggage from skidding; and the protective side feet allow for the spinners to be placed on one side.
• Available Colors: Merlot and black.

Differential Features

•Size: All of the Crew 10 hardside spinners produced by TravelPro come in different sizes, as listed below:
– 19”: L9 x W14 x H19 inches, 8.6 pounds
– 21”: L9 x W14 x H21 inches, 8.4 pounds
– 25”: L10.5 x W18 x H25 inches, 9.9 pounds
– 29”: L12 x W21 x H29 inches, 12.7 pounds

Travelpro Crew 10 19 Inch Hardside Spinner with Pocket
• Laptop/Tablet Compartment: Available only in the 19” Business Plus Hardside Spinner, the extra padded compartment will easily accommodate your laptop or tablet on business trips.


• The shell is made of durable polycarbonate that prevents damage. As such, the spinner will last for much longer, offering good value and convenience to business men and women.
• Maneuvering is very good thanks to the dual spinner wheels and the handle that has multiple stops, which is a huge plus for travelers of any height who want to get a better grip.
• Organization and neat packing is what you’ll get because of the split-case construction, the divider panel and the deluxe hold-down system that has been engineered to keep belongings in place while rolling and lifting the luggage.
• The top and side handles are padded for carrying the spinners comfortably when rolling is not possible and you can put the luggage down horizontally instead of vertically because of the side feet.


• One customer has reported that his case does not roll smoothly on all surfaces. As such, maneuvering might become harder if terrain is uneven.
• Zippers on the main compartment may be difficult to pull at bottom corners. This is due to the flexible shell of the spinner, so by aligning the two halves of the cases properly, this problem is easily solved.
• As resistant as it might be, the shell can scratch pretty quickly. This can make wear visible. However, this is a common problem with glossy hardside surfaces.

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