Best Budget Luggage on 2 Wheels 2024

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Best Rolling Luggage for the Money

American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set
American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II – Reviewed below
Luxury brands are great of course, and mid-priced ones give you the most value if you travel regularly, but sometimes there’s no need for them. If all you do is take a trip somewhere once a year, you probably can make do with a cheaper brand that has all the basic features and can withstand the mild abuse of infrequent travel.

While 4 wheeled or spinner luggage is growing in popularity, 2 wheeled bags will never disappear. Two wheeled or rolling luggage generally gives you more packing space for the same size and they can be dragged across any terrain.

So, what are your options for the best budget luggage on 2 wheels this year? Read on to find out the best rated softsided rolling luggage that retails for under $200.


IT Luggage World’s Lightest Second Generation

IT Luggage World's Lightest Second Generation 22 Carry On
IT Luggage World’s Lightest Second Generation 22 Carry On
There are three 2-wheeled options from IT Luggage World’s Lightest Second Generation that are just as good as any. These are a 22″, a 27″ and a 31″.

The carry on measures 22″ x 14″ x 8.7″ and weighs just 3 lbs and 8 oz. The 27″ bag measures 27.4″ x 17.1″ x 9.8″ and weighs 4 lbs and 3 oz. The 31″ measures 31.3″ x 19.1″ x 11″ and weighs 4 lbs and 7 oz. All these measurements include the handle and wheels.

These rolling uprights are available in eight fabulous colors.

These suitcases are made of high density polyester with a fiberglass frame, making them very lightweight. However, they are not designed for rough handling. The carry on bag is great for air travel, but we recommend that the two larger ones be used only on trips where you handle them at all times. That said, you do get a 10 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

The two rear wheels are corner mounted directly onto the frame on ball bearings to ensure smooth rolling. The extension handle is made of light aluminium and works on friction locking. It is designed to work along the rear edges of the bags, leaving the surface of the bag flat so that you can pack clothes in without worrying about creasing and be able to pack more than with a traditional type of suitcase. There are grab handles on the top and side for easy lifting.

The front of the bag sports two large zippered pockets while the interior is fully lined and simple. The inside of the lid features two open top elastic mesh pockets, the lower one being divided. The main compartment features two restraining straps running lengthwise to keep your clothes in place during transit.



American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II

American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set
American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set
American Tourister is the lower end version of its sister brand, Samsonite. You’ll always find a good deal with this brand and the Fieldbrook II collection features 2,3 and 4 piece sets at amazingly low prices. The individual pieces are:
A tote measuring 15” X 10” X 8” and weighing 1.5 lbs
A wheeled duffel measuring 23” X 11.5” X 12” and weighing 3.3 lbs
A 21” upright measuring 21” X 14” X 7” and weighing 6.5 lbs
A 25” upright measuring 24.5” X 16” X 8” and weighing 8.8 lbs

The colors available are red with black trim, purple with grey trim and all black.

All the pieces in these sets nest into one another, so you can save storage space at home when they’re empty. The largest suitcase can expand by almost 2″ with just the pull of a hidden zipper. The two uprights feature two exterior zippered pockets on the front while the duffel and tote feature one zippered compartment on the front. The interior pockets are simple but functional.

The construction of all the pieces are of tough polyester with reinforcements on all corners for extra protection. The largest upright has skid guards on the back. The tote bag has a built in add-a-bag strap to allow you to slip it over the push button locking extending handles of the wheeled bags. Both uprights have top and side carry handles, the duffel has double grab handles on top and a single handle on one end and the tote has an adjustable shoulder strap.


Ricardo Beverly Hills Valencia Lite

Ricardo Beverly Hills Valencia Lite 21 2-Compartment Carry-on
Ricardo Beverly Hills Valencia Lite 21 2-Compartment Carry-on
One doesn’t normally associate Ricardo Beverly Hills with affordable luggage but the Valencia Lite collection of rolling luggage is a very good option in this class. What makes it all the more impressive is that unlike some of the other options, this line gives you some features that are usually found only in higher priced pieces, like organizational pockets and durable construction. This collection comprises a 17″ carry on, a 21″ carry on, a 25″ and a 28″.

The 17″ measures 17.5″ x 13″ x 6.25″ and weighs 5 lbs and 11 oz.
The 21″ measures 21.25″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″ and weighs 7 lbs and 3 oz.
The 25″ measures 24.75″ x 17″ x 9.5″ and weighs 8 lbs and 9 oz.
The 28″ measures 28.5″ x 20″ x 11″ and weighs 10 lbs and 3 oz.

The colors available are navy blue and chanterelle grey.

All the bags are made of highly durable ballistic polyester with a built in polypropylene honeycomb flex-frame that bounces back on impact. The wheels are a side exposed inline skate style and the telescopic handle retracts into its own zippered compartment.

All the three larger bags give you flexibility while packing because of a 2 compartment system. A floating divider panel separates the main compartment into two, with one section featuring adjustable garment straps and the other featuring a suiter system that can accommodate any hanger. The front exterior features two U-shaped zippered compartments, one large and one small. The small one on top comes with an adjustable add-a-bag strap that you can pack up back inside when not in use. These also come with a 3-1-1 bag for your toiletries.

The 17″ carry on is great for a one or two day business trip. The main compartment opens outwards from the top but is prevented from falling out completely by side snap button straps. The inside of the lid features a padded laptop compartment and there’s a zippered mesh compartment along one side. The front exterior has a large zippered organizer compartment.

While this is an updated version of the old Valencia line, it is less sturdy as it is also lighter. The telescopic handle is on the short side, so these bags are not ideal for tall people, but most women will find it perfect.



Skyway Luggage Sigma 4

Skyway Luggage Sigma 4 21-Inch 2 Wheel Expandable Carry-On
Skyway Luggage Sigma 4 21-Inch 2 Wheel Expandable Carry-On
The 4th generation of Skyway Sigma features 4 and 2 wheeled bags along with two smaller non-wheeled bags. The Sigma 4 2 wheeled options include a garment bag, a 21″ carry on, a 25″, a 28″ and a 30″ duffel bag.

The garment bag measures 21″ x 22.5″ x 7.5″ when closed and its height is 42″ when open. It weighs 11 lbs and 1 oz.
The duffel bag measures 30″ x 13″ x 12″ and weighs 5 lbs and 9 oz.
The 21″ measures 22″ x 14″ x 8.5″ and weighs 7 lbs.
The 25″ measures 25.5″ x 16.5″ x 10″ and weighs 8 lbs.
The 28″ measures 29″ x 20″ x 11″ and weighs 9 lbs.

The colors available are black and dark green.

These polyester bags feature inline skate wheels with high clearance to prevent scraping of the underneath when pulled over curbs or uneven ground. There’s also a multi-height locking telescopic handle and self repairing zippers.

The duffel bag has three external pockets – 2 on the ends and one long one on the front. There are double top grab handles and a single grab handle on the opposite end from the telescopic handle.

The garment bag has shoe pockets and zippered mesh pockets for accessories. The suiter system accommodates any hangers and also has broad restraining straps to prevent your ironed clothes from moving about in transit.

All three uprights expand with a pull of a zipper and feature garment restraining straps inside, a zippered mesh compartment on the inside of the lid and a long zippered mesh pocket. The front exterior has a small top zippered pocket and a larger one below. The top one holds an adjustable add-a-bag strap.

U.S. Traveler Segovia

U.S. Traveler Segovia 3 Piece Luggage Set
U.S. Traveler Segovia 3 Piece Luggage Set
The US Traveler Segovia line features just one set of 3 rolling uprights – a 22″, a 26″ and a 29″. You’ll get excellent value for money with this set as the pieces are lightweight but durable and feature all necessary organizational features and more.

The 29″ measures 29”H x 19”W x 11”D and weighs 10.2 lbs.
The 26″ measures 26”H x 16”W x 10”D and weighs 8.4 lbs.
The 22″ measures 22”H x 14”W x 9”D and weighs 7.3 lbs.

The colors available are black, purple, navy and red.

The material used is polyester with lightweight EVA foam backing and side bound construction. There are corner guards for added protection.
The telescopic handle is strong, the inline skate wheels are recessed and the zippers for the main compartment are self-repairing. There are carry handles on the top, side and bottom. An adjustable add-a-bag strap comes with every piece and is attached to the top.

There are two zippered front pockets for last minute items. The top one is larger and extends down the whole length of the bag. The bottom one is smaller. The interior features tie down straps, elastic shoe pockets, three zippered pockets and a detachable toiletry bag. Each bag can be expanded by an additional 2″ via a single zipper.

You can find the most recent customer reviews as well as any deals on all of the above lines of highly rated softsided rolling luggage on Amazon.

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