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Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody Straight Pocket Shoulder Bag
While traveling, one of the most important precautions you need to take is to keep your belongings safe. Your credit cards, travel documents, gadgets, etc can be easy targets for pickpockets and identity thieves if you’re not careful. Therefore, I always use an anti theft cross body bag for travel, whether it’s for during the journey or while exploring my destination, I can have some peace of mind that I’m not making life easier for those thieves!

While there are anti theft handbags of all kinds, I prefer a cross body bag. That way, unlike with a backpack, my eye is on it at all times, both my hands are free at all times, and it is very comfortable to carry for long periods of time, which is not always the case with a short strap shoulder bag. However, if you’re more of a backpack kinda girl, we have some good anti-theft pack options there too. There is also a new 21″ wheeled carry on by Pacsafe that’s been getting good reviews.


So, what should you look for in a good anti theft sling bag? The bag and its straps should preferably be slash-proof and at least one main compartment should have zippers that are lockable. In addition to these, some of the best anti-theft handbags give you the ability to lock it to a secure fixture. Since identity theft is a rising problem, many anti theft purses for travel have a RFID blocking ability, so thieves can’t use an RFID device to read things like your credit card number or passport. However, if you already have a bag that you love using for travel but doesn’t have this in-built feature, you can buy a separate RFID wallet or credit card shields to store in your old bag.

Keep in mind that even though you have your hands free with this type of bag and it is easily accessible whenever you need, it can get uncomfortable to wear all day if you load it. In that case, you should consider getting an anti-theft sling bag instead. If you’re OK with stepping out with just a few essentials, a theft-proof waist pack is even more comfortable. And if you’re wary of sticking out like a sore thumb, some fanny packs can be converted to a small crossbody pack too.

There are various styles of cross body bags, like the messenger style, a hobo style or a purse style, and you’re sure to find a size that’s just right for your needs. If you like Tumi products, they have 3 very nice ones in the female targeted Voyageur line. Here are 5 bags that we think are good options otherwise.


Travelon Anti-theft Cross Body Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body BagThe top selling anti theft bag is this chic looking cross body bag from Travelon and it is easy to see why.

What this bag does best is provide you with lots of different compartments and pockets for all your valuables. There is a locking main compartment that includes pockets, RFID blocking card slots and a removable LED light. There’s a zippered lockable smart phone pocket on the front and two front flap pockets. There’s also a zippered pocket on the back that is protected because it faces you. The main compartment zipper locks by hooking onto a metal loop on the end.

The entire bag is made of easy to clean nylon, including the lining which hides slash proof wire mesh. The shoulder strap is cable reinforced to be cut proof and can be attached to an immovable object.

This anti theft purse measures 10″ x 12″ x 1.5″ and weighs 12oz. The shoulder strap is adjustable and measures 55.5″, and you can attain a shoulder drop between 15″ to 28″. It is available in a variety of colors.

Pros: Lots of organizational pockets.


Cons: A few customers say it is a bit small as it won’t hold a normal sized tablet or water bottle.


Travelon Anti Theft Messenger Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger BagOnly slightly less popular than the first one, this Travelon anti-theft classic messenger bag may be just as good. It is larger in thickness than the first one but less wide. It has many of the same anti-theft and organizational features. It weighs 1 lb and measures 11″ x 10″ x 4.5″.

The nylon bag features chain link cut-proof construction, and secure locking zippers. The strap is adjustable and it can be clipped to a fixed object via an attached carabiner. It is very easy to clean.

The main compartment is very wide and roomy so you can carry quite a few things in there, like a DSLR camera or iPAD. It also features several organizational pockets and a removable LED light. There’s a magnetic front flap that hides a zippered pocket where you’ll find RFID card slots and passport holder and there’s a back zippered pocket on the outside. Both the front and back zippers lock via clips. Two side pockets are handy for a water bottle and compact umbrella or roll of newspaper. They snap inwards and zip shut when empty, so they don’t stick out.

This bag is available in several different colors.

Pros: Good organizational storage.

Compact and light.


Cons: Strap can get uncomfortable if the bag is heavy.


Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody Straight Pocket Shoulder Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody Straight Pocket Shoulder BagIf you find most anti-theft bags rather staid looking or clunky, consider the very chic Travelon Signature 3 Compartment Shoulder Bag. It includes all necessary anti-theft features and still manages to look like a stylish handbag. In fact, we pick this as the best travel purse for Europe.

This 100% nylon bag has a fully adjustable shoulder strap with a maximum drop of 29″ and is 13.8″ high and 11.5″ wide. The entire body and strap is slash-proof. There are 3 lockable zippered pockets – two in front and one as the main compartment accessible from the top. There is also a normal back zippered pocket that includes a tethered LED light and key ring. Inside the main compartment are RFID blocking slots for your cards and passport. The shoulder strap has a locking buckle to let you tether the bag to a post or a chair leg for when you want to set it down. This ensures no one can walk away with it.

You can get this bag in a variety of stylish colors.

Pros: The bag is quite large without looking bulky. It can accommodate a tablet, camera, a wallet, lotion, hand sanitizer, travel documents and various other odds and ends.

Cons: A couple of owners say that they would like to have a slightly wider bag so that a tablet fits more easily.


Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket BagFor a more slouchy style handbag, try the Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag. It is slightly boat shaped to the bottom of the bag is a bit narrower than the top. It measures 14 x 10 x 4 inches, weighs just 13 oz, and you can choose from several different colors. It has all the slash-proof features of the other Travelon bags and its adjustable strap can be used to tether the bag to a post or bar.

You’ve got two lockable zippered compartments here – the main one that opens from the top via a single zipper, and the one in front that opens in a u-shape via dual zippers. The zippers have a carabiner style head to lock to their own d-rings located on the side.

The main compartment houses a zippered pocket, an RFID blocking passport and card slots, a key fob and a removable LED light. Although there is enough space here for a tablet there is no sleeve for it so you will need to pack it in its own protective case. The front compartment has two slip pockets in the wall.

There is also a regular zipped pocket on the back of the bag and two zipped mesh expansion pockets on the sides for a water bottle and umbrella.

Pros: Lots of space to carry all travel essentials.

Cons: Side pockets are small so only a very small bottle and umbrella will fit.

The inner lining is loose and can get stuck in the inner pocket’s zip.

Note: If all you want is a bag or box to hold your valuables that can be secured via steel cable to an immovable object in your hotel room without the need for an in-room safe, consider getting a portable safe that’s designed to be taken with you on trips.


Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Anti-Theft Shoulder BagThis unisex Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Shoulder Bag is a great option if you want a structured larger bag that will carry a tablet or notebook along with many other items. Even though it is larger in thickness than the Travelon cross body bag shown above, it weighs less than 2 lbs and the adjustable shoulder strap has a removable sliding pad, so it is comfortable to carry.

The bag is made of ripstop nylon, exomesh slash guards, and has an anti theft bag strap. It measures 13.8″ x 10.2″ x 4.3″ and weighs 1.4 lbs. It is available in a few different colors.

The main compartment has a top zippered closure that features a turn and lock hook for keeping the contents secure. A carabiner clip also lets you secure the bag to a fixed object. The compartment contains a padded sleeve for your 11-13″ notebook or iPad, a padded electronic device pocket, an RFID pocket, and a zippered mesh pocket.

There’s a key clip, a smart phone pocket and pen holders within a larger front lockable zipper pocket. The back also has a concealable zippered pocket.

Each side has an expandable pocket that will hold a water bottle and a compact umbrella.

Pros: Very roomy and has space for lots of travel essentials.

Best safety features around.

Cons: The RFID pocket is a bit small.


Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii anti-theft handbag

Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii HandbagIf you’re looking for a slouchy hobo style purse that is quite large, then this Packsafe Citysafe 200 is a good choice. It is available in 6 colors.

The dimensions are 14.6″ x 9.4″ x 3.9″, weighs 1 lb and 1 oz, and can fit a tablet with a few other items easily in the main compartment.

The bag and strap is made of water repellent ballistic nylon and features high-tensile stainless steel wire construction, making it cut-proof. The shoulder strap is adjustable and has a locking system attached to allow you to lock it around a fixed object.

The main compartment is very roomy and big enough to hold a small notebook, a compact umbrella and documents. The lining is also nylon and light colored, so finding your things is easy. It features a zippered pocket, a padded laptop pocket, a pen loop, an electronic device pocket with a headphone port, and an RFID blocking pocket. It has a top opening via a locking zipper. There is one front zippered pocket and open pockets on the front, back and sides.

Pros: Can hold lots of things.

Lots of theft-proof features.

Comfortable to carry.

Great quality.

Cons: Easy to overstuff, so it can get heavy if carried for too long.

In addition to the bags above, there is a newish and more stylish offering from Travelon that is getting good reviews. It’s called the Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Tote and also has similar anti-theft features. So, if you like the brand but want a less touristy-looking option, this new one may be the answer.

Haven’t yet decided on the best anti theft cross body bag for travel? Well, if you don’t want the anti-theft features but want a bag that is designed to be as secure as possible along with providing lots of organizational compartments, try the Baggallini Bon Voyage Bagg or try one of these crossbody bags that have a fold over flap to hide the main compartment’s zipper.