Best Carry On Garment Bag in 2024

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Can you carry on a garment bag? If you’re looking for the best carry on garment bag for suits, dresses and other formal wear, forget about those tall and wide bags that used to be allowed as carry on luggage many years ago. In those times, planes had a small storage area that you could use to hang up your garment bag during the flight.

These days, airlines are a lot stricter, and carry on garment bags have to fall within the same size restrictions that all other bags do, i.e. 45 linear inches all around. The normal dimensions for most carry ons allowed on U.S. domestic airlines are 22” by 14” by 9”. This rules out traditional travel garment bags in favour of newer designs that are especially meant for carry on. Some airlines allow a few more inches if it’s a soft-sided garment bag, but you have to check with your airline to be sure.

In order to narrow down our list for best travel garment bag for carry on, we eliminated the ones that don’t do a good job of keeping wrinkles to a minimum. We also selected bags that a majority of existing owners have said were not a problem to carry on on most planes. There are a few in our list that comes slightly over the maximum allowable limit and are sometimes gate checked by stricter airline personnel. In those cases, we let you know in our carry on garment bag reviews. Last but not least, our picks not only hold your formal clothes but also all necessary accessories. A good garment bag should at least hold a pair of shoes, belts, toiletries and undergarments in separate pockets without adding bulk to the bag.

We also give you tips on how to keep your clothes as crease-free as possible, whether you’re using standard luggage or the best suit travel bags.

If you’re not convinced that a carry on will be good enough for your formal wear and you’re OK with checking a larger garment bag, then take a look at our picks for top checked garment bags. You should also know that if you don’t mind juggling an extra item, you’re allowed to take a garment on a hanger on board your flight.


Best Carry On Garment Bag

  • Our top wheeled garment bag as hand luggage: Travelpro Crew Versapack Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag
  • Our top garment bag without wheels: Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold
  • Budget pick for non-wheeled bags: ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag



    Can a Garment Bag be a Carry On and What are the Rules?

    Most airlines do not specify anything regarding garment bags. A few like JetBlue and Southwest do say that their planes do not have a closet space to hang one up so if you bring a suit or dress in any piece of luggage, it must conform to their carry on size restrictions and fit in the overhead bin.

    Is a garment bag a carry on or personal item? You should assume that the airlines that do not specify dimensions will treat your garment bag as regular carry on baggage. The following carry on garment bag rules and restrictions are among the few dimensions explicitly stated on airline websites:

    American Airlines states explicitly that soft-sided garment bags up to 51 inches all around are fine.

    Lufthansa’s carry on garment bag limits are 57 x 54 x 15 cm or 22.4 x 21.2 x 5.9 inches.

    Qantas counts a garment bag as either a carry on bag or as a non-rigid garment bag with a total of 185 cms, depending on which class you travel in.


    Types of Carry On Luggage for Suits and Dresses

    There are four styles that you can choose and we’ll give you some of the best options from each of those styles here – a carry on garment bag with wheels, a tri fold suiter luggage that you hang over your shoulder or hold in your hand, a large but flat bi fold garment bag that you also carry yourself, and finally, a convertible garment duffel bag. The first three types are best if you’re looking for professional looking luggage, while duffel garment bags are the best at avoiding creases but may not be appropriate for business travel.

    There are upright suiters and hybrids available that take the middle ground between upright carry on bags and garment bags, but except for one or two, they’re designed more for those who just need to pack one formal garment along with their other clothes and travel essentials. We’ll review one upright garment bag that is designed for several suits, but the rest of the best are horizontal styles that are better for your formal garments but still come under the carry on dimensions. If you intend to check your garment bag everytime or only travel by car or train, then invest in a bigger wheeled garment bag that can be checked.

    Rolling Garment Bag Carry On

    Not everyone wants to travel with a separate garment bag in addition to a carry on bag, and these days most airlines only allow one a garment bag as your one carry on and not as a personal item. In that case, it makes sense to have one solid bag that can hold a few suits or dresses with as little wrinkling as possible, as well as all other items needed for a 3-4 day trip. This kind of bag would have to be roomy enough, so its final weight would make it a good candidate to have roller wheels and a telescopic handle for easier transportation.

    Most wheeled garment bags are wider than they are tall to accommodate the shoulder width of a suit placed across the width of the bag. However, these are too wide to roll down the aisle of a plane and will need picking up. These are bi-fold bags with the top half of the bag folding over the lower half, so your garment will be folded at least once inside. Big and tall suits and most dresses will be folded inside once more at the bottom with the aid of an extension panel.

    There are very few proper vertical rolling garment bags, but we have selected one that is designed well. This kind can be rolled down airplane aisles, just like a regular upright carry on. In this case, the suit would have to lie sideways on a panel that folds twice or thrice for packing. Then there is carry on luggage with a garment bag inside. Most of these types include very flimsy garment covers that won’t keep out the wrinkles but we have one very good option that you should definitely consider.

    Some of the best roller garment bags are quite heavy, so you should make sure that the airline you’re flying with doesn’t specify a weight limit for a carry on. Some international airlines do. They also can’t be hung up as a whole bag from a wardrobe rod, so you’d have to remove each suiter hanger from the bag and hang the garments up separately.



    Over the Shoulder Tri-fold Carry On Garment Bag

    While bags with wheels are easy to transport, they can be bulky and heavy. If you can forgo the wheels and carry the bag in your hand or on your shoulder, a tri-fold bag is your best bet for carry on. These are more likely to fall under carry on restrictions too.

    This kind of bag folds three times to become a more compact option so you will get an additional crease in your clothes from the extra fold. You may find that you can carry fewer suits and other items in this type of bag as well, but the good models are still well designed and durable.


    Over the Shoulder Softsided Bi-fold Garment Bag

    These garment bags look like flat square cases and are usually not of standard dimensions but their overall dimensions when added up fall within the standard that’s allowed by many airlines for this type of bag. These soft-sided garment bags up to 51 inches are folded down just once and have minimal structure, just enough to keep your clothes protected, and therefore are quite thin. However, because there is just one fold, the height of the bag will be around the same as that of the length, and therefore look quite large. Still, this kind of bag is usually quite easy to carry on your shoulder and its soft shell design makes it lighter than the other types of travel garment bags.

    Most airlines allow this bag as carry on because it will fit into most overhead bins.


    Convertible Garment Duffel Bag

    One of the biggest problems that travelers have while taking their work wear, suits and dresses in their carry on bags is taking them out and finding them crumpled and creased. Even the best regular garment bags will create a crease or two because they have to be folded up to carry. The solution to this is to use a carry on garment duffel bag, where the method of packing involves rolling the garment into a tube to eliminate creases.

    There are two ways that a duffel can roll up your suits without needing to create folds. The most common way is where the whole duffle lies flat in the fully opened state like a garment bag. You pack the suits, dresses or pants into the flat garment sleeve and then it folds upwards and inwards and zips up by its seams into a cylindrical form to become a duffel bag in its closed state. The sides of the duffel may have shoe pockets and the front exterior of the garment section will have several pockets to hold accessories. Once in the closed state with just the top zip open, the interior space formed by the walls of the garment sleeve is where you store the rest of your clothes. This is called a convertible garment bag because in its open state you can hang the whole bag up by its own integrated hook.

    The other way is where there are two pieces to the luggage. There is one zipped cylinder that holds accessories and the garment section rolls around the cylinder to become a duffel bag.


    Most garment bags are styled conservatively, as luggage for suits is meant to be unisex and able to pack suits for both men and women. However, many models do come in black and at least one other professional-looking color. Here are options for a horizontal wheeled garment bag carry on, one option for a vertical wheeled bag, some options for a tri-fold garment bag without wheels, or a bifold suiter, some recommendations for a roll up garment bag, and one for a carry on garment bag for wedding dresses or gowns.


    Horizontal Carry On Rolling Garment Bag

    Travelpro Crew Versapack Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag

    Travelpro’s Crew collection has proven to be such a hit with flight crews and frequent travelers that they decided to create a complete collection just for civilian travelers that include many of the popular features of the classic Crew collection but adds flexibility to your packing style. Not every trip is the same so why should I have to make do with a piece of luggage everytime? With the Crew Versapack collection any piece of luggage that you buy can be adapted to any upcoming trip by customizing the packing space using removable Versapack packing organizers that are sold separately. Each piece of luggage is meant to be just as high quality and durable as the classic Crew pieces so we rate this as the best carry on garment bag with wheels that you can buy.

    Its overall dimensions including the wheels and handles are H: 15.75 inches, W: 22 inches, D: 9 inches, and it weighs 9.4 lbs. You can easily pack two suits/jackets, three shirts/tops/dresses and two pairs of trousers along with other casual clothes and accessories.

    It’s our pick for the best rolling carry on garment bag. While not the lightest of all garment bags of this type, the Travelpro Crew Versapack Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag makes up for that in its extremely durable construction and extra thoughtful features. It’s a bag for the most organized traveler and is available in black or navy blue.

    The PowerScope aluminum extension handle has multiple stops for people of different heights and there’s minimal wobble while pulling on the two rear high performance smooth rolling ball bearing wheels. The shell is made of high density ballistic nylon with a coating of DuraGuard to resist stains and abrasions. Protective corner armor, skid guard on the bottom and heavy-duty wheel housings round out the features that protect the bag from damage caused by rough handling. All external zippers feature SUPRA zipper heads that are made to last even through daily use and abuse. The bag comes with the Travelpro Built For a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

    The front external pocket is large and u-shaped with dual zipper opening. The main compartment bi folds down. To keep your suits, shirts or dresses in place there is a hold-down strap each on the top and the bottom of this compartment and a foam padded roll bar right where the bifold is helps prevent wrinkling of the garment when it’s folded in half while the bag is closed. For longer garments there is an extension panel with its own hold-down strap that accommodates them. A metal hanger clamp at the top helps secure the garments.

    There are two triangular zippered mesh corner pockets on the top to hold accessories like a belt or ties. There’s also one zippered pocket along the inner long edge. The inside of the lid panel feature two large zippered mesh pockets to hold your undergarments, casual outfits and even a pair of dress shoes.


  • Very stable bag with minimal handle wobble.
  • Tough construction with water, stain and abrasion resistance
  • Robust protection against damage.
  • Several organizational pockets.

  • Will feel a bit heavy for some.
  • No external hook to hang it up.

    Traveler’s Choice Carry-On Softside 8-Wheeled Spinner Garment Bag

    Traveler's Choice Carry-On Softside 8-Wheeled Spinner Garment BagEnjoy quality at an affordable price with the help of the Traveler’s Choice Carry-On Softside 8-Wheeled Spinner Garment Bag leading you through crowded hotels and airport terminals. Besides the ease of mobility this garment bag provides, it also offers a plethora of convenient features such as a riveted top handle, a 4-position telescopic handle, organization pockets on the inside, and a detachable shoulder strap.

    This is again not a lightweight carry-on rolling garment bag, as it weighs around 9.5 pounds and measures 21 x 14 x 9 inches. As the dimensions with the wheels are slightly more than what airlines allow for carry-on baggage, it is advisable to check with your airline before using this bag as carry-on luggage. That said, this garment bag can easily fit any overhead compartment of most airplanes.

    As far as the material goes, this bag is made from tough 1200D polyester that extends around the entire exterior, making it extremely durable and water and stain-resistant. The extension handle has a gunmetal finish and is made from aluminum. Furthermore, the inside of this garment bag is lined with plush material for added padding.

    Designed with mobility in mind, the bag houses eight spinner wheels at its base with 360-degree rotation capabilities. Besides the eight wheels, you can carry this garment bag around with the top handle or wear it on your shoulders with the help of the detachable shoulder strap. Not to mention, corners guards protect your garment bag from unnecessary bumps and damage.

    There’s a hanging closet clip at the top from which you can secure hangers to keep up to 8 garments neat. The compression belts on the inside help keep your garments in place, while extension panels add an extra layer of protection for long dresses and suits. Moreover, this bag also has two removable corner pouches with zippers, allowing you to store multiple items such as shoes, accessories, or extra clothes. The three zippered front pockets also allow you to house extra items when you’re traveling.


  • The design is great for preventing wrinkles.
  • Holds a lot.
  • The bag has eight spinner wheels for easy mobility.

  • The bag may require checking on small regional airlines.
  • The bag has a shaky telescopic handle that may get stuck now and then.
  • The bag comes with a low-quality small lock.

    Vertical Garment Bag for Carry on

    Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Upright Garment Bag

    Briggs & Riley Baseline Luggage Carry-On Upright Garment BagThis one may just be the best carry on suit bag. The Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry On Upright Garment Bag can pack up to 2 suits or even 3 if it’s a woman’s, but is in the vertical style, so wheeling it down narrow plane aisles or taking it into a tight bathroom stall at the airport is easy. It provides great organization for all your suits, clothes and accessories.

    If you’re looking for the best carry on luggage with suit compartment that is easy to pack while almost completely keeping your clothes wrinkle-free, then this Briggs and Riley carry on wheeled garment bag is the best available today. Its structured and durable ballistic nylon case protects your clothes while being tossed around.

    This garment bag is 22″ tall, 14″ wide and 9″ deep, weighs 9 lbs and comes in olive green and black. It will fit into most overhead bins but not in those of small commuter aircrafts. Its frame is lightweight honeycomb structured to maintain flexibility and retain its shape after impact.

    The aluminium telescopic outsider handle bars are fixed on the outside so as to maximize packing space on the inside and eliminate creases that are caused by bars fixed on the inside. If you want to use this handle to support another bag on top, the Smartlink strap system facilitates this. It is sewn onto the inside of the front pocket so that it never gets lost. The two wheels are very sturdy and roll incredibly smoothly.

    The front compartment is for your suits and features a tri-fold panel with restraining side panels to keep your suit in place. The last folding extender panel is zip away and meant for longer men’s suits or women’s dresses. It is ideal for a 2-3 night trip and will hold most women’s jackets without having to fold the bottom panel at all, so if you’re not carrying any longer hanging garment, then you can remove this panel. There are foam centered garment panels that keep your garments smoothed out and crease free. There is a wally clamp to hold your own wire hangers and two removable triangular zipped mesh pockets that fit into the two corners of the compartment. These are good for underwear, socks and a belt.

    The main compartment is similar to a regular suitcase’s main compartment and is good for your other clothes, accessories and toiletries. It can be opened while in the upright position, as there are side gusset straps to keep the front section from opening all the way. Another feature in this compartment is the pair of adjustable restraining panels with two small mesh pockets built in. These keep all your clothes from falling out if you open this compartment while the case is upright. Half of the lid of this compartment features a zipped mesh pocket for soiled garments and the other half features two elastic top slip pockets for a pair of shoes.

    When you get to your hotel room, there is a way to hang your formal garment up right from the bag. The side gusset straps of the main compartment can either be released to completely open the bag up or still secured to create a “packing shelf” that holds your other clothes and accessories. There’s an external hook on the side of the bag where the wally clamp is and from here you can attach a hook and strap and hang it up from a door top or closet rod. The entire front compartment with the garment bag hangs fully open with your suits still hanging by their hangers from the clamp.

    There are three front zipped pockets as well. One is a large U-shaped one and the other two are small single zipped ones lying one behind the other.

    This carry on upright bag comes with the famous lifetime warranty that includes airline damage, so though it may be an expensive option, this along with its toughness and durability and extra features might be wort it.


  • You have two versatile options for hanging the bag up.
  • Comes with the famous B&R lifetime warranty.
  • The design is great for packing formal and casual clothes and accessories.
  • The vertical design makes it easier to maneuver in narrow aisles.

  • Not all hangers fit properly in the Wally clamp.
  • Big and tall suits may be too wide for the garment compartment.

    Tri Fold Garment Bag Carry On

    If you don’t want to wheel your bag everywhere, you can choose a tri-fold type of bag instead of the standard two-fold that you get with wheeled garment bags. This compact design makes it easy to carry on board with you.

    AmazonBasics 23.5-inch Garment Bags

    AmazonBasics 23.5-inch Garment BagAmazonBasics is known for making a variety of decent affordable products and here is an option from the line to consider. The AmazonBasics 23.5-inch is a less structured bag but pretty durable and made of strong polyester with interior lining. It measures 23.5 x 16.5 x 2.5 inches folded and weighs 3.55 lbs.

    It is a non-wheeled carry on folding garment bag that is folded thrice in the closed state and can be carried over the shoulder or by hand using the detachable shoulder strap or the carrying handle. You can use this travel garment bag for dresses of any length and they’ll remain wrinkle-free. It is available in black or navy.

    Once the bag is fully unfolded, the main suiter compartment opens via a center zip door opening on the front. Removing and packing your suits or dresses may be a bit tricky because the opening isn’t very wide. However, because this soft-sided garment bag carry on is not rigid, it is still easily done even for wide shouldered jackets.

    There are 3 hanger loops at the top and this bag will easily fit two suits, shirts or dresses or three if they are of thinner material. If there are shirts or jacket on top, then you can pack trousers at the bottom. This bag has two roll-bar straps to keep everything in place and wrinkle-free. Once zipped close, the door holds three pairs of zippered pockets, each pair placed on one third of the length of the bag. The zippers are vertical and accessed near the outer edges.

    This bag closes by side and top snap buckles, after tri-folding the bag closed. There is just a single slouchy front pocket with velcro closures and a single zippered back pocket. There is no separate hook to hang the bag up but you can use the single carry handle at the top for that purpose.


  • Very good for transporting long dresses.
  • Lightweight but sturdy.
  • Lots of zippered pockets to hold shoes and accessories.
  • Easy to transport and no problem taking it as hand luggage.

  • The shell material is a little thin.

    Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold Carry-On Garment Bag

    Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold Carry-On Garment BagIf you have to take a short business trip on a regional airline then the Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold is the best tri-fold carry-on garment bag for business travel. It is a small garment bag carry on that can hold up to two suits or one suit and one dress shirt. It measures 12.5 x 20 x 4 overall and weighs 3.7 lbs. The colors available are black, brown and grey.

    In the fully open state, the garment compartment opens by fully unzipping its door panel. There’s a top fabric hook that will hold a couple of your own wire hangers and there are two triangular corner mesh pockets to hold undergarments. Two foam roller bars placed at the bag’s folds keeps wrinkles in your clothes at a minimum, and a restraining buckle snap near the bottom keeps the whole garment in place. There’s a zippered mesh accessories bag on the inside of the door panel for accessories. The outside of the door panel has a clear plastic zippered toiletries pouch that is detachable.

    There are two metal hanger hooks provided at the top of the bag – one on the suit part and one on the door part, so that you can hang the entire bag up in its open state while at the hotel and there’s no need to unpack at all.

    To close, you zip up the garment section and fold the bag into three, securing the first fold by the adjustable snap buckles. The final closing fold is secured by the two outer buckles on either side of the leather top handles and you then zip up the sides to completely close.

    The front exterior of the bag has two zippered compartments – one large double zippered u-shaped pocket, and one single zippered in front of that. There’s a hidden quick-slip pocket with magnetic closure just below the handles and another one on the rear of the bag as well.

    You can securely stack this bag over a rollaboard or spinner suitcase’s extension handle if you don’t want to carry it by the dual handles or by the detachable padded adjustable shoulder strap.

    This bag will just about let you squeeze in a pair of women’s formal heels but there is no space for a pair of men’s shoes.


  • Dual hooks to let you hang the bag up while open.
  • Trolley strap for an additional method of transport.
  • Protective coating against water, stains and abrasives.
  • Has a tablet sleeve in the front pocket.

  • Pricey.
  • Only large enough for 1-2 days of travel.

    Sleeping Lamb Bridal Wedding Gown Garment Bag – Best Carry On Garment Bag for Wedding Dresses

    Sleeping Lamb Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment BagIf you’re having or attending a destination wedding and don’t want to risk losing or damaging your wedding dress or evening gown by checking its bag, the only option is carrying it with you on board the plane. While it may seem impossible to get a wedding dress to fit into a bag that conforms to carry on size restrictions, there is one carry on wedding dress garment bag for travel that manages to be the perfect solution.

    With a vertical length of around 72 inches, the Sleeping Lamb Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag is long enough to house grooms’ tuxedos, long dresses, bridesmaid dresses, maxi dresses, etc. Furthermore, the garment bag’s 15-inch depth at the bottom is roomy enough for long mermaid dresses, wedding dresses, long skirts, formal gowns, etc. It can also preserve these items from being wrinkled or crushed. On top of that, you can also use this garment bag to store underwear, toiletries, hats, pendants, collars, wedding veils, pins, shirts, socks, and shoes in the extra mesh pockets.

    As far as material goes, it is made from 100G non-woven fabric, making this garment bag highly tensile and breathable at the same time. While unfolded, it measures around 72 x 24 x 15 inches in total. What’s more, the non-woven material makes this garment bag highly heat-resistant. However, it would be wise to avoid storing it near heat sources such as fires. What’s more, the smooth front zipper prevents dust from entering this garment bag.

    If you want to store a dress with a href=”” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>toiletry bag, matching accessories or shoes, the Sleeping Lamb Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag has an extra compartment for such storage needs. It contains two bottom compartments that should allow you to store anything you want. This means you can bring along anything from matching shirts, underwear, hats, shoes, and even an extra gown if required.

    It also comes with a small clear window, allowing you to label your garment bag for security reasons.


  • Handles at each end make this garment bag makes it easy to fold and carry.
  • It contains hanger slits and zippers for added protection.
  • It is made from non-woven breathable fabric, which is heat and tear-resistant.
  • The gradually widening bottom allows long gowns space to spread and prevent wrinkles.

  • It can feel too cheap for some people.
  • It doesn’t have any way to secure the bag itself.

    Bi-fold Garment Bag for Travel

    There is one bag that does not strictly conform to carry on restrictions but is allowed as one on most US domestic flights. The reason is that it is a bifold bag that is much thinner than the depth you find on a traditional carry on even though its height is more. It is essentially unstructured with just padding for protection of your garments. Think of it as somewhere between a fabric laundry garment bag and a travel bag.

    ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag

    ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment BagThe ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag measures 23”x 22”x 4” when folded and 43”x 22”x 4” when open and can hold up to three dresses or suits plus a pair of shoes, toiletries and accessories. Travelers love this inexpensive option because it fits into any overhead bin and is light enough that it doesn’t cause shoulder strain when carrying it. It also comes with plenty of pockets for proper organization of your things.

    Your garment hangers are held up by 3 loop holders in a velcro and buckle clasp on the top and a detachable hanger hook is provided to hook through this buckle and hang the bag up on a door or rod. The suits are kept in place by three tie down straps across, the middle one being padded to reduce wrinkling when the bag is folded in half. Side flaps go over the garments and zip together to close the bag. The outside of the flaps hold 4 pockets – 2 opaque zippered, 1 mesh zippered and one opaque velcroed. These hold your other travel items. The bottom half of the bag then folds over the top half of the bag and is secured via double zippers. The front exterior features a zippered and gusseted u-shaped organizer compartment for all your electronics and travel documents. It is also large enough to hold a tablet or small laptop.

    There are three ways to carry this bag about. There are two short grab handles with a velcro wrap grip, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with an adjustable shoulder pad, and a piggyback strap at the back to slide the bag over another bag’s handle.


  • Affordable.
  • Minimal wrinkling of garments.
  • The front pocket is large enough for a full toiletries kit.
  • Plenty of storage for a multi-day trip, including 2 pairs of shoes.

  • The interior zippers are not the best quality.

    WallyBags 40” Deluxe Garment Bag for Travel

    WallyBags 40” Deluxe Garment Bag for TravelThe WallyBags 40” Deluxe Garment Bag for Travel is the kind you can carry independently or pack inside of a suitcase. It can hold up to 6 garments because of its lightweight and simple construction of a water-resistant polyester shell. It measures 40 x 22 x 3 inches when open and comes in black, charcoal grey or purple.

    The design is simple. It folds into two when closed and comes with just dual handles held together with a velcro strap to carry it. The velcro strap can also be used to attach it to a telescopic handle of a suitcase.

    When opened, you unzip the center-access door panel, and the inside features one large packing space with nothing but a WallyLock hanger clamp on top. This clamp can hold up to 6 of your own hangers and they can’t move once held in place, although it does take a little bit of time to get all of them in and secure. The hangers will protrude out once the door panel is zipped closed. You can hang the entire bag up on a door hook by the top handle.

    You can unzip the door panel all the way down, so it’s easy to pack your garments in without crumpling them. There is no shoulder strap with this 40″ bag, but if that’s important to you, then get the WallyBags 42″ Premium Travel Garment Bag that comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Good Wally clamp and clip to hold the hangers in place.
  • Can hold quite a few garments.
  • Lightweight but good construction.

  • No pockets for accessories.

    Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Deluxe Carry-On Garment Sleeve

    Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Deluxe Carry-On Garment SleeveA non-wheeled garment bag is excellent if you want to fall under travel weight limits, especially if you’re looking for the best business travel luggage for suits. If you fall under this category, the Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Deluxe Garment Sleeve for Carry On is perfect for you. This garment sleeve weighs approximately 4.3 lbs, making it easy for anyone to tote it around.

    This messenger bag can be carried around with ease and comfort. While it might appear too compact at 24.8 x 21.3 x 2 inches, it is well constructed and can house every clothing item or accessory you need for your travels. After all, portability is this garment sleeve’s best feature. Moreover, it also comes with a padded adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed if you don’t need it. However, if you prefer to hand-carry it, this garment sleeve comes with a top handle held together with snap closures, allowing you to clip it to any telescopic luggage handle.

    As far as build quality is concerned, this garment bag is made from 600D ballistic Nylon fabric. In addition, the material used to design the Victorinox Werks Traveler Garment Sleeve makes it impermeable and abrasion-proof. So, rest assured everything you store inside it will remain safe and dry when you use this garment sleeve for your travels.

    The garment sleeve’s front houses a zippered pocket that you can use to store small items. On the other hand, the sleeve’s main compartment has adjustable compression/bar straps and a hanger clamp to keep your suits from moving around.

    As far as using this garment sleeve goes, it unfolds by undoing the top snaps. When you unfold it, you’ll see numerous zippered compartments and a detachable hook that will allow you to hang the entire bag up from a door hook or closet rod.


  • The bag has a slim and sleek design.
  • It is made from 600D Nylon fabric, which makes it tough and durable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is water-resistant.

  • It doesn’t have a compartment for shoes.
  • It contains a lot of unused space above the garment shoulder.
  • The bag is priced a bit high for the features it has.

    MATEIN Professional Foldable Carry On Garment Bag

    MATEIN Professional Foldable Carry On Garment BagThe MATEIN Professional Foldable Carry On Garment Bag can make your travels light and comfortable and is very similar to the Victorinox Werks bag above. It has ample space for bringing enough clothes for daily travel. The bag measures around 24 x 47 inches while folded and 21 x 24 x 3.5 inches while unfolded. What’s more, with its slim and sleek design, you can easily take it onboard an aircraft, store it in the overhead compartment, and your clothes will stay in perfect condition no matter what happens.

    As far as design goes, this garment bag has four pockets on the inside to keep your valuables safe, including a shoe pocket. The three loops used to secure your hangers for clothes in the main garment compartment, center foam bar, and two restraining straps, can easily house three suits. So, rest assured your clothes will remain wrinkle-free during your travel, and you’ll be ready for your meetings without worrying about crunched-up clothes.

    The front slip pocket is large enough to fit a tablet or travel documents easily, while the back zippered pocket can hold a small stash of snacks. This garment bag also has a front organizer pocket with numerous slots for pens and other small accessories such as phones, chargers, business cards, toiletries, underwear, etc.

    The bag is also made from high-quality, water-resistant material. In addition, all of the exterior and interior strap housing and zippers are made from steel, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. The adjustable shoulder strap is detachable


  • Has a trolley strap in addition to the detachable shoulder strap.
  • Space to store multiple suits even for big and tall people.
  • Various compartments for everyday essentials.
  • Can house a full-size laptop or tablet.
  • Excellent garment bag for the price.

  • Stitching quality can vary from bag to bag.
  • Pockets are a little small compared to other bags in the category.
  • Some might say it’s too big for a carry-on bag.
  • Not durable enough to be checked in if required.

    Amazon Basics Premium Garment Bag

    Amazon Basics Premium Garment BagThe Amazon Basics Premium Folding Garment Bag is a top-rated garment bag that prioritizes space, organization, and value. You can easily find room for up to three suits at a time, as well as dresses, belts, shoes, ties, and toiletries.

    The designers incorporated several zippered pockets, both opaque and mesh, into this garment bag for added storage capacity to serve you well on your work trips. You can also store pens, notepads, headphones, and other small travel things in the front pocket’s excellent organizer. So, for regular travelers and people who enjoy being organized, the Amazon Basics Premium Garment Bag is a no-brainer.

    Furthermore, this garment bag from Amazon Basics also offers enough capacity for three suits or dresses while still leaving enough space for toiletries, belts, ties, shoes, etc. Two tie-down straps hold your clothes in place. In addition, multiple interior mesh zipper pockets provide excellent airflow, additional storage, making it easy to locate your belongings.

    The bag’s outside pockets include a fancy organizer for paper pads, pens, and even Bluetooth headphones. So, with this garment bag, your items will always have ample room in the individual pockets, making it extremely simple to keep your belongings neat. The bag measures 40″ x 20.5″ x 4″ and weighs 2.2pounds while unfolded. Furthermore, this garment bag also comes with are movable/adjustable shoulder strap and a short loop handle for convenient carrying.


  • It has both top carry handles and a shoulder strap for improved portability.
  • It has multiple zippered pockets in various locations for increased storage capacity.
  • Enough space for three to four suits.
  • Lightweight but sturdy.

  • The main zippers’ holes are not big enough for using a TSA lock.
  • Hanger attachment hooks are difficult to use.
  • It does not have a hook to hag it up by. There’s just a fabric loop with a metal plate hole on the top that may give way after a few trips if the bag is hung while it’s full.

    Prottoni 44-Inch Garment Bag for Travel

    Prottoni 44-Inch Garment Bag for TravelThe Prottoni 44-Inch Garment Bag will not only keep your suits arranged and looking beautiful for your vacation, but it also has enough room for everything else you would need for a quick business trip. It measures approximately 44″ x 24″ x 1.5″ when open and is made of reinforced PVC and polyester lining, making the bag dust and water-resistant.

    This garment bag can comfortably house three full-sized shirts and suits, with two tie-down straps and a foam crossbar in the center to help keep everything in place. It also contains various outside pockets as well as multiple inner pockets to store your belongings. Two smaller front pockets are designed to hold essentials such as your belts, passports, money, etc. Similarly, two of the external pockets are deep and made to house heavier items such as dress shoes and boots. The u-shaped pocket houses an organizer and a padded sleeve that’s perfect for laptop.

    As far as material goes, the Prottoni 44-Inch Garment Bag is made from 600D heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester. It comes with a hook so that you can hang the bag up anywhere. There’s a shoulder strap that can be adjusted according to your liking to make carrying it more comfortable and hassle-free. Furthermore, a pass-through strap for your baggage handle also comes included with the Prottoni.


  • Has reinforced hanger loops with velcro closure to keep the hangers from slipping out.
  • Lots of zippered pockets.
  • Includes an inbuilt a padded laptop sleeve.

  • The hanger hooks are a little small so it’s not easy to get hangers in or out of them.
  • The hook to hang the bag up by feels a bit weak.

    Best Carry On Garment Duffel Bag

    There are quite a number of these duffel garment bags online but we have selected just a few that are the best and reviewed them below.

    Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag for Men and Women

    Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel BagThe Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag is the best convertible garment bag for travel for most people on a budget. It’s rare that you can get a garment bag with shoe pocket and this one is designed really well. You can get it in blue, black or grey, is made of high quality polyester & Jacquard, and is water-resistant and tear and scratch resistant.

    When it’s open and flat its dimensions are 37.5”L x 20.8”W. When closed, its duffel dimensions are 22.8”L x 11”W x 11.8”H. It weighs just 2.5 lbs.

    The garment sleeve unzips through the center from top to bottom to allow you to pack your suits or dresses with their hangers. You then zip it closed and fold the top flap over to secure it using the two velcro tabs. There is a long shallow zippered pocket along this flap that’s good for ties or a belt. Under the flap are two zippered pockets – one large and one small mesh, and one slip pocket. These are for carrying various accessories.

    Once the garment sleeve and inner pockets are packed you can zip up the sides, back and front to join at the seams. Now it is a garment bag that converts to duffel with just the top part of the garment sleeve open to act as the lid. There are zipper buckles on both ends to keep the heads from separating. The space created inside is now left for all your other clothes and toiletry bag. There’s even room for a laptop.

    The exterior sides of the duffel feature two zippered pockets. On one side is a small organizer for your keys, travel documents, pens, etc., and on the other side is a shoe pouch that will fit a pair of shoes. The shoes will take up some space in the main compartment of the duffel but will be kept separate from everything else in there.

    The blue version of this convertible garment bag with shoulder strap also features two exterior zippered pockets on the front, while the black and grey version feature a single exterior slip pocket.

    There are three ways to carry this 2-in-1 garment duffel bag – over your shoulder using the detachable and adjustable padded shoulder strap, in your hand using the dual grab handles that feature faux leather grips held together by a snap button closure, and a piggyback sleeve to slide the duffel bag onto the extension handle of wheeled luggage.


  • Comes with a nice toiletry bag.
  • Includes a shoe pouch.
  • Includes small organizer pocket on the side.

  • The detachable shoulder strap hook feels weak.
  • You have to pack the suits or dresses first and unpack them last.

    Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag

    Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel BagThe Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag handles it all, whether you’re going to the gym, on a weekend holiday, or on an airplane. With a hanging loop and full-length zipper, wrinkled clothes will be a thing of the past in this garment duffel bag with integrated suiter.

    It converts to a full-sized duffel full of features such as crossbars to keep clothes from shifting, various organizer compartments, and a hanging hook, keeping your clothing items wrinkle-free. Not to mention, the bag fulfills all carry-on airplane guidelines. All the zippers come together at one end to not only form the duffel but to also let you use just one luggage lock to secure all of them. When converted to a duffle, this bag also contains two huge front pockets and two end pockets, ensuring easy access to chargers, tickets, headphones, etc.

    This bag is made from sturdy 600D polyester and is available in 3 colors – black, navy, and brown. When in the duffel form it measures 25.5″ x 12″ x 11.5”. It also has two internal pockets, one made from mesh, to store small items. Additionally, each end has loop flaps and hooks to keep garments in place while minimizing space usage. And thanks to the adjustable and removable shoulder straps, it’s comfortable to carry.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • It can hold several suits.
  • It has ample space to store other belongings, especially if you only pack 1 or 2 suits in the garment sleeve.
  • It comes with big exterior pockets that can house a toiletries bag.

  • It is designed in such a way that you will have to pack your suits first and then your other belongings.
  • You have to fully unpack in order to take your suit out.
  • The clips that turn it from a garment bag to a duffel don’t always make the zipperes stay put.
  • The bag’s shoulder strap is not comfortable when carrying a heavy load and the buckles are made of plastic.

    Henty Wingman Two-Piece Travel and Suit Bag

    Henty Wingman Two-Piece Travel and Suit BagAll the above options are of bags made of one piece that convert from a flat garment bag to a closed duffel bag. The Henty Wingman is a two piece bag where the garment bag is separate from the duffel and the former wraps around the latter. The construction of both is of nylon.

    The design of this garment duffel bag combo is geared towards local travel and specifically for business people who want to cycle to work and then change at the office to their suits. If you want to travel farther afield, this 2 in 1 hanging suit travel bag can hold enough stuff for two days, provided you’re a minimalist packer. It measures 9 x 22 x 11 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds.

    The garment bag opens via a full length u-shaped zipper, so placing your suit or other formals inside without crumpling is easy. You can fasten your hanger hook to the top via a velcro tab and then zip up the bag. Next, take the separate small duffel bag and pack your shoes and accessories into it. It zips closed along the top. You then lay the duffel on top of the garment bag and fasten them together using the attached snap buckles to keep the duffel in place. Then picking up the top of the garment bag, roll it over the duffel to cover it completely. Now use the bottom buckles to fasten the ends of the bag to itself to form a tight cylinder around the duffel. Once it is fully closed, there’s a zipped pocket on the front that is padded and big enough for an iPad or a Macbook. There’s also space for pens, keys, etc.

    The whole piece of luggage can be slung over your shoulder like a duffel using the padded and adjustable shoulder strap but it sits diagonally across your back. To keep the Wingman from moving around you use the front chest strap to attach via a buckle to another point on the bag. This makes it very good for cyclists. The problem with it is that it is designed to be carried this way only over one shoulder, so walking with it over long distances will be tough, especially because it can be quite heavy if you pack it to the gills. There is also no top grab handle as another option.


  • No need to pack or unpack your clothes and accessories in a particular order.
  • The garment sleeve can be hung up without unpacking your other belongings.
  • Easy to bike while slung across your back.
  • The inner tube bag is useful as a separate gym bag.
  • A handy rain cover is included.

  • The one shoulder crossbody strap design is a bit taxing on whichever side you carry it when packed to capacity.
  • It can accommodate 3-5 outfits but only 1 hanger comfortably.
  • Because of the curved wall of the bag, the padded tablet pouch can only hold a small tablet.

    How to Pack a Carry on Garment Bag

    If this is your first carry on garment bag that you’re purchasing you may make a few rookie mistakes while packing and think that it’s impossible to keep your suits and formal dresses wrinkle and crease-free. After all, you do have to fold your clothes at least a little bit for them to fit into a bag as small as a carry on, and the weight of the rest of your packed things on top of the formals can cause very obvious wrinkles if you’re not careful. Therefore, here are a few tips that you can use to get the best out of your carry on luggage for suits.

    • You first need to learn how to fold a suit for luggage. Once you hang the suit, shirt or dress as you normally would from the hanger, place it face up in the open garment bag with the hanger on top and hooked through the luggage clamp or hook if there is one. If there are padded roller bars going across the bag, fasten them after smoothing out the garment properly underneath. These roller bars prevent are positioned right where the garment bag folds, so this is also where the garment folds. The bars prevent the garment’s folds becoming creased so that when you hang it up in your hotel room, the weight of the garment straightens the mild fold out.

      If there are no padded roller bars, you can fashion your own by rolling up another article of clothing that you need to take with you into a thin but long roll and placing it where the garment would fold. If the garment is too long for the length of the bag, then carefully fold the bottom of the garment up and over a rolled up article of clothing as well.

      Never fold the sleeves of the garment near the cuff and instead do it where your elbow would be. Fold them inwards so that they bend just the way you would bend your elbows.


    • If there’s no clamp or tight fitting hook to hold your hangers in place, get some clips to do the job. Also make sure that your garment won’t slip off the hanger during transit. Your clothes will get wrinkled if they move around or fall to the bottom of the bag.

    • Use tissue paper, plain paper or even saved plastic covers from your laundry to place over your garment. This helps reduce wrinkles.

    • When you get to your hotel room immediately hang the garment up either by itself on the hanger or the whole bag with the garment still inside but hanging free. The weight will help straighten out creases so you may not need to iron it at all. You could even hang it in the bathroom where the steam and damp air smooths out wrinkles very well.

    Featured image “garment bag open” by find eric is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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