Skyway Sigma 4 42 Inch 2 Wheel Rolling Garment Bag Review

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Skyway Sigma 4 42 Inch 2 Wheel Rolling Garment Bag
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Are you looking for a proper garment bag for your clothes while traveling? A standard 42” one will not meet carry on restrictions except on a few large aircraft, but unlike the small garment bags that do, this Skyway Sigma 4 42 Inch 2 Wheel Rolling Garment Bag is designed to keep your clothes pretty wrinkle and fold-free.

There’s no point in getting your formals, suits and dresses dry cleaned before a trip if you’re only going to stuff it into a regular upright suitcase. However, a proper garment bag that will keep your clothes in good condition may be too big or heavy to carry on to a plane, so it needs to be strong enough to withstand rough handling when it’s checked.

Does this garment bag meet those requirements? Well, if it does, it means that this bag is priced to be very accessible for most people, especially when it’s on sale. The Skyway Sigma 4 collection features a total of 10 different pieces! It is an upgrade from the Sigma 3 collection in terms of quality construction, like where the old telescopic handle was made of a plastic, this one is in stronger metal.

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Let’s take a look at this rolling garment bag’s features.


Features of the Skyway Sigma 4 42 Inch 2 Wheel Rolling Garment Bag

  • The dimensions of this bag are 21″ x 22.5″ x 7.5″ and it weighs 11 lbs 1 oz.
  • The bag is in 100% polyester and features lightweight side bound frame construction that enhances durability by being flexible enough to withstand high impact.
  • The smooth rolling rear inline skate wheels are encased in high impact casings at the corners and the two front feet ensure stability while stationary.
  • The lightweight retracting handle extends and locks into multiple positions to fit your needs and retracts into its own zippered compartment when not in use.
  • There’s an adjustable add-a-bag strap if you want to carry another smaller bag on top of it.
  • The zippers are nylon and self-repairing and move smoothly even around the corners.
  • The case expands an additional 2.75” via an all around zipper.
  • The interior features shoe pockets and mesh side pockets for your accessories.
  • There’s a clasp for multiple hangers and restraining straps to keep your formals in place.
  • A full length zippered lid closes on top of the garment area before the bag is closed.
  • There is one U-shaped dual zippered pocket on the front to hold last minute items.
  • You get a 5 year limited warranty.



  • Affordable price.
  • Clothes have ample room to be packed without needing to be folded more than once.
  • Won’t tip over when stationary.
  • Enough organizational pockets for all your accessories. 



  • Since this bag comes in just over 22” in length and weighs over 11lbs, you may have to be prepared to check it.
  • Simple and minimalist features to keep the price low.



As long as you’re willing to take the risk of maybe having to check this bag, it looks to be a good option for a low cost rolling garment bag.

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Here’s a quick link to all the pieces in the Skyway Sigma 4 collection on Amazon.

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