Best Rolling Garment Bag Reviews [2021]

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London Fog Kensington Ultra-Lightweight Collection 44inch Wheeled Garment BagPicking a suitcase that keeps formals like a business suit or evening dress as wrinkle-free as possible is hard to do these days. As airline luggage restrictions get ever so stricter, the space in your bags shrinks and makes it seem like an impossible task. That’s why when picking the best rolling garment bag for your needs, you have to look at various factors to ensure you make the right choice. Our rolling garment bag reviews will help you with that.

If you can only travel with carryon luggage, that task becomes even harder, but we have selected the best garment bags that are allowed as carry ons in most cases. However, if you can, stick to larger bags that can be checked, as more packing space generally equates to fewer wrinkles. You can also pack more clothes into these and in some cases, even enough for a week long trip!

These larger garment bags are hard to carry over the shoulder, so you’ll have to get one on wheels. Most are two-wheeled bags, but we have two very good 4-wheeled options to give you as well.

Continue reading for our picks and reviews of wheeled garment bags for check in.


Top Rated Rolling Garment Bag

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Deluxe Voyager Garment Bag

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Deluxe Voyager Garment BagIf you’ve had a garment bag before you know how heavy they are by themselves. Because they have to be designed specifically to keep clothes as neat as possible, they are not as light as similar sized normal suitcases. Therefore, transporting the garment bag becomes tiring if you have to walk long distances. Some of today’s airports aren’t small! This is where 4 wheeled luggage comes in handy. The extra two wheels take the strain off your arm and wrist so that even the heaviest bags can be rolled right alongside you with minimum effort.

The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Deluxe Voyager Garment Bag features 4 spherical spilt spinner wheels to makes guiding it along on any surface very easy. The gel-infused grip of the telescopic handle makes gripping easy and the handle locks into position in the extended and retracted states.

The organizational features are pretty standard in this bag but that means you can pack enough clothes in it for 1 week – at least 4 suits along with other pieces. The suit half of the bag when opened up features a hangar hook and restraining strap near the top to keep the garment in place. An extender panel at the bottom folds up and snaps close with buttons to enable you to pack longer garments like an evening gown. There are two elastic top mesh pockets here to hold an extra pair of shoes. The two top corners feature triangular mesh pockets for underwear and belts.

Once you pack the suit section of the bag, you can pack your shirts, tops, skirts and trousers in the zippered sectioned panel that closes over it. There are two large pockets for these and a middle thin pocket for smaller accessories. Once done, just fold the panel over the suit, zip it up fully to secure and close the garment bag like a book and use the exterior zipper to secure. The bag comes with a Travel Sentry combination lock to use on these exterior zippers.

There are two u-shaped pockets on the front exterior to store a laptop or some quick access items. There’s a very discreet luggage tag slip pocket at the back and to one side of the wheeling handle.

It measures 22.0″ x 20.25″ x 9.75″ when closed and weighs 12.5 lbs. You’ll only get it in jet black or greyish black, so nothing exciting in that regard but the outer material is a durable texture nylon with SamGuard protection for water and stain resistance. Other durability features included integrated top and bottom handles that are the best when it comes to lifting and carrying extra heavy bags. There are rubberized corner protectors offer protection against wear and tear when they get caught somewhere or when the bag is dragged over curb-sides.


Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wheeled Garment Bag

Briggs & Riley Luggage Deluxe Wheeled Garment BagIf you prefer a top rated 2 wheel rolling garment bag, then the Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wheeled Garment Bag U176 model is a good one. This one is made of ballistic nylon with a honeycomb frame for lightweight durability, flexibility and shape retention, and weighs 12.6 lbs. Its dimensions are 24″ x 21″ x 10.5″.

The telescopic handle on this bag is set into v-grooves on the outside so that it is less likely to jam while being extended or retracted and doesn’t take up any packing space inside nor cause creasing. It stops at three levels to suit anyone. It also has sturdy inline skate wheels, two wedged front feet, cushioned top grab handle, bottom integrated fabric handle, and self-repairing YKK zippers with ergonomic zipper pulls, of which the ones for the main compartment are lockable.

The exterior features two zipped pockets. A small single zippered one is for quick access to travel documents or anything that needs to be stored before going through security. A large u-shaped double zippered pocket is gusseted and can be used for a jacket, a pair of shoes or any other large accessories. There’s also a small slip pocket here that hides a key keeper and a D-ring that you can hook anything to.

The real star of this bag is the design of the interior. The main compartment opens to reveal a door panel with several pockets of various kinds on both sides to accommodate accessories, undergarments, shoes and casual clothes. The suiter section features two sets of Wally clamps to hold 4-6 suit hangers, and foam garment panels in the center to keep your clothes in place with minimum wrinkles. If you’re carrying longer garments like a trench coat or floor length dress, the removable extender panel gently folds the bottoms over to keep them tidy. Two mesh corner pockets at the top can hold a belt and other accessories.

This bag can easily hold a week’s worth of clothes. Maybe even more!


Best Value Rolling Garment Bag

Delsey Luggage Chatillon Trolley Garment Bag

Delsey Luggage Chatillon Trolley Garment BagFor a 4-wheeled option that’s less expensive than the Samsonite, we also rate the Delsey Chatillon Trolley Garment Bag as the best lightweight rolling garment bag. It measures 20″ x 22″ x 9.75″ when closed, 51.8″ in length when open. It weighs just 10.4 lbs and is the lightest of all the garment bags here. You can find it in blue or black with the outer fabric being polyester coated with Duratec for its water repellent and scratch resistant nature. An additional protection is the reinforcement of the corners and the bottom of the bag.

The spinner wheels on this bag are single instead of double but maneuverability is top notch. There is a top carry handle and telescoping trolley handle that retracts into its own zipped pocket on top. A hidden ID tag is placed to one side of the trolley handle at the back.

The interior is organized in much the same way as the Samsonite, except that you also get the two detachable chain hooks that you can use to hang the bag up while open over a closet rod or door. A trifold garment suiter section with restraining straps, clamp for hanger hooks and multiple pockets for accessories make up the rest of the interior features.

The exterior front of the bag has two pockets – the one on top has a hidden horizontal zipper while the one on the bottom is an easy to access one for a small umbrella or chargers and cords.


Geoffrey Beene Hearts Fashion Rolling Garment Carrier

Geoffrey Beene Hearts Fashion Rolling Garment CarrierFor a slightly smaller bag that women will find easier to handle, the Geoffrey Beene Hearts Fashion Rolling Garment Carrier in a black and grey print or plain black or olive green is a good choice. With two inline skate wheels, a built in reinforced telescopic handle, a padded and adjustable shoulder strap, and a top grab handle, all the basics for maneuvering this polyester bag are there.

It has a large zippered compartment in front that opens outwards and is gusseted to prevent anything from falling out. This compartment features a zippered pocket and four drop pockets that are sized perfectly for shoes. The main compartment opens vertically and then book style with the inside of the lid divided into two zippered mesh pockets for casual clothing. The other side features a simple hanger clamp that can secure any kind of hanger for your suits and formals. Two triangular zippered mesh pockets in the top corners are good for undergarments and accessories. A single horizontal restraining strap that goes across the middle keeps your suits in place.

The entire garment bag can be hung up on a closet rod by the chain and hook located at the top. However, the bag has to be zipped closed first but not folded up. You can pack for a maximum of 3 days with it as it is a lightweight and small bag, although not sized for carry on.

Weighing 9.8 lbs, it measures 44″ x 22″ x 4.5″ when open and 22″ x 7,5″ x 22″ when closed.


London Fog Kensington Ultra-Lightweight Collection Wheeled Garment Bag

London Fog Kensington Ultra-Lightweight Collection 44inch Wheeled Garment BagIf you like the organizational features of the Briggs & Riley above but don’t want to spend that much, the London Fog Kensington Ultra-Lightweight Collection 44inch Wheeled Garment Bag may just be your alternative. Its interior is almost identical right down to the tie down straps, WallyLock metal bracket for hangers, the storage on the compression panel and the foldover extender flap for longer garments, except that this flap is not removable. The exterior front has a u-shaped zippered and gusseted pocket that can hold a light jacket.

This bag is made of a bronze woven jacquard polyester and weighs 12 lbs. Its open dimensions are 44″ x 22.5″ x 4″. You can easily pack 4-5 days worth of suits and clothes and two pairs of shoes in it.

This is also a 2-wheeled inline skate wheels bag with two feet to prevent the bag from tipping over. The telescopic handle and top carry handle are functional and work well.

Traveler’s Choice Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

Traveler's Choice Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment BagThe Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag is the least expensive on this list, yet surprisingly well made! It weighs 9.3 lbs and measures 23” X 22” (44” Opened) X 7” and is made of polyester in two tone colors.

The regular internal telescopic handle, inline skate wheels, top carry handle and detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with adjustable pad are all there and reliable.

For external organization there are two dual zippered pockets – one large and one small but long. The internal organization is simple, with a clamp for wire hangers, two corner zippered pockets and a restraining strap to keep garments in place. The main compartment differs from the other wheeled garment bags in that it opens bottom to top and there’s no hinged panel for extra storage pockets. The only pocket here is one zippered mesh pocket built into the inside of the opening flap. This means you’ll need to use your own packing organizers if you need to separate more items from the hanging garments.

This bag can hold 2 suits or 4 shirts or dresses in it and if the dresses are long they’ll need to be folded in and you’ll risk creasing them at the fold.

Best Large Rolling Garment Bag

Briggs & Riley Baseline Wheeled Wardrobe

Briggs & Riley Baseline Luggage Wheeled Wardrobe BagThe Briggs & Riley Baseline Wheeled Wardrobe is the largest of all the garment bags here and is probably the best garment bag for suits for tall men or for long business trips for both men and women. Just like all B&R bags, it is not cheap but you pay for top quality and the best warranty of the bunch.

The outer fabric is made of Ballistic nylon with a honeycomb frame and is known to be among the toughest in luggage for durability. Depending on your clothing size, you can fit between 4 and 6 suits in this bag and be set for an entire week’s worth of clothes. In fact there are three Wally clamps here to handle extra hangers.

Like all Briggs and Riley bags, the telescopic handle’s channel lies on the outside of the case at the back so the entire interior is dedicated to only your packing and this also reduces wrinkling of clothes. The handle smoothly extends to 4 stops, so people of all heights will find it easy to pull this bag along on its two inline skate wheels. Two front feet on the bottom provides stability when at rest and a top carry handle is padded for comfort.

The interior is very roomy and is similar in organization as the other bags but there is an extra tri-fold flap at the bottom with a restraining strap for extra long garments like gowns. This extended flap can be removed if you don’t need it. The main restraint further up is a broad flap style that Velcros together, which is better for reducing wrinkles.

The front exterior features a large u-shaped zipped pocket that opens up with gusseted sides, so you be sure that nothing falls out when you open it fully. Inside this are divided sections, one of which holds a key ring and D-rings for hanging closet hooks. The larger section is for other larger items. Outside this pocket is a smaller zipped pocket for items that need quick access.

Its dimensions when closed are 22″ x 24″ x 12″ and 58″ in length when open. It weighs just over 14 lbs. The usual Briggs and Riley colors of black and olive green are available.

While this garment bag is one of the best, the whole rolling upright B&R Baseline collection is among the best 2-wheeled softsided luggage collections to choose your travel bags from.

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