Zomake 40L Foldable Travel and Hiking Backpack Review

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ZOMAKE 40L Foldable Travel or Hiking Backpack
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Are you looking for a light all purpose backpack to use as a daypack most of the time and a light hiking pack some of the time? Do you also want to use it as a carry on bag sometimes? The Zomake 40L Foldable Travel and Hiking Backpack may be just what you’re looking for.

While it shouldn’t be loaded with very heavy items or thought of as a proper hiking backpack, its versatility can’t be beat for those times when you just want to carry a light backpack comfortably at your travel destination. It is an unstructured backpack that is as big as any carry on sized pack but folds up into itself to form a small pouch when empty. This pouch can then be slipped into your suitcase or regular carry on.

When you’re at your destination, use it as a daypack or light hiking pack. Or take it as your one carry on bag on the flight if you want. Or use it as an extra bag for things you buy when you travel. Because it is unstructured, you can pack it less and compress it down to a smaller size to even fit under an plane seat.

If you think the size of this backpack is overkill, we have reviewed a few other simpler and smaller backpacks that can be folded up into a small pouch and work really well as daypacks. However, if you’re going to be hiking a lot for heavier treks, you should get a proper hiking backpack.

You can get the Zomake Foldable Travel and Hiking Backpack on Amazon.


Features of the Zomake 40L Foldable Travel and Hiking Backpack

Two elastic mesh pockets for water bottles

  • The Zomake 40L foldable pack is made of durable nylon and is tear resistant and water resistant when it comes to light to medium showers. It weighs just 12.7 ounces.

  • It comes in a compact zipped pouch with a carry handle and you can easily stuff it into your suitcase to use for later on. In this form it measures 9.4″ x 7.8″ x 3.9″.

  • To transform it into a full sized backpack, you unzip the pouch, pull out the rest of the shell and turn the whole thing inside out. Now it measures 22.8″ x 13.4″ x 7.8″.

  • There is a main compartment that closes via a drawstring lock, so you can keep the pack as compact as possible even if you don’t fill it up fully. If your pack is stuffed, you can leave the drawstring open and just close the top of the compartment using the pouch lid as described next.

  • A top lid cover folds over the main compartment and has an outer pouch and inner pouch. The outer pouch is great for your ziploc toiletry bag and odds and ends that you need quick access to. The inner pouch is perfect for other items that you need to keep more secure but you don’t want to mix in with your clothes or get lost inside the main compartment.

  • The top pouch cover folds over the top of the main compartment and secures to the front via two adjustable snap buckled straps that also help keep the height of the bag as low as possible.
    Easy to carry and water resistant

  • There are elastic top mesh pockets on either side of the bag to hold water bottles or an umbrella.

  • There is a front exterior pocket that opens via a zip that’s hidden under a flap. This pocket is also good for any small items you need easy access to.

  • The bottom of the pack is extra strong as it is double lined.
    Padded shoulder straps with chest strap

  • The two shoulder straps are padded and breathable. They are adjustable in length, and when worn on the shoulders can be clipped together across the chest via an adjustable snap buckle. This keeps the pack stable and easier to carry for anyone of any height.

  • There are two cord loops on the top and two loops on the bottom of the pack that can be used to lash hiking equipment or a windbreaker to the exterior of the pack. You could even attach a hydration bladder like this one also by Zomake.



  • You can wash this pack in the washing machine and then air dry it or tumble dry on the low and cold setting.
  • Perfect as an extra bag to bring back souvenirs or your dirty laundry at the end of your trip.
  • The Zomake 40L foldable travel and hiking backpack is versatile for use even when not traveling.
  • Will work as a carry on for any airline if you pack it accordingly. The unstructured design with adjustable drawstring and locking straps allows you to increase or decrease the size quite a bit.



  • The biggest negative is the lack of a top carry handle. This means that the only way to carry this backpack is by the shoulder straps.
  • While it is light and foldable, this unstructured design makes the pack unsuitable for carrying very heavy items or anything that can poke a hole through the fabric if the pack.
  • Don’t try checking in this pack if you fly. The unstructured design leaves it vulnerable to rough baggage handling.


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