Stylish Leather Backpack Purse for Women

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Leather Backpack Purse for Women
Visconti Ladies Triangular Leather Rucksack Handbag for Women

Itching to get a leather purse that’s good for travel but want the freedom that a backpack has to offer? Then take the middle road with a leather backpack purse for women! These are not casual backpacks. They’re instead meant for women who like to travel smart but find a regular shoulder bag to be too cumbersome when they need both hands to be free while the travel.

Often all you need is a small personal item backpack that is just big enough to hold an iPad along with essentials like a phone, keys, wallet, and travel documents, while you carry other items in a carry on bag for plane travel. Then when you reach your destination, this backpack can be used as your day pack as long as you don’t stuff it with unnecessary items.

The stylish look of leather allows you to use it for other occasions too. Many leather backpack purses can also be converted to a shoulder bag if you prefer it, so they can also be used to take to work.

Let’s take a drive through of some very highly rated options so that you can find your perfect leather backpack purse for women. If you feel leather is not for you, we also have some lovely synthetic leather and nylon mini backpack purses for you!


Brown or Black Leather Purse for Women

You can get beautiful top rated leather backpack purses and handbags in a variety of colors, but black and brown backpacks are the most popular. If you’re so inclined, some brands like Le Donne also have some popular models in chic colors like pink, red and grey.

Easy Access Mid-Sized Backpack Purse

Le Donne Leather U Zip Mid Size Backpack/PurseThis tear drop shaped Le Donne leather U zip mid size backpack/purse is full grained and designed for easy accessibility of the contents in its main compartment. It opens via a large U-shaped zipper.

The front of the bag features a full-width zippered pocket, while there are two additional vertical pockets – one on the right side and one on the rear left side.

The interior is fully lined with one zippered pocket.

A top carry handle, also in leather, makes it easy to grab and go, while the backpack straps are adjustable via buckles at the rear bottom of the bag.

It measures 12” by 10” by 5.5” and can hold an iPad.

Colors available: Black, Dark brown, Gray, Red and Tan.


Backpack Purse for iPad

Le Donne leather Ladies Tech Friendly backpackIf you’re like me and have to have your iPad or ereader wherever you go, this Le Donne leather Ladies Tech Friendly backpack is ideal. The main compartment contains an iPad sleeve for extra protection and it closes via a zipper and a flap over it with a magnetic closure on the front. There is a pocket under this flap.

There is one other large zippered compartment for your other possessions and a smaller one on the front. A cell phone holder on the side is covered by a magnetic closure flap.

A top carry handle/hook makes it easy to grab and go or hang up in your closet. The shoulder straps are thick and lightly padded to make carrying it easier even when heavy. The length of the straps are adjustable via buckles at the back.

The bag measures 4.5 x 12.5 x 9.5 inches.

Colors available: Black, Dark brown and Tan.


Vintage Leather Backpack Purse

Le Donne Leather Distressed Leather Womens Backpack/PurseThis full grain Columbian distressed leather Le Donne Womens Backpack/Purse is like the tech-friendly backpack shown above, but has the vintage look and is available in dark brown and light brown. It also has an iPad sleeve in its main compartment.

Leather Backpack Purse Sling

Some of these purses can be carried like a traditional backpack, i.e. on two shoulders, or like a sling on one shoulder.

Le Donne Leather Women's Sling BackPack PurseIf you’re looking for a bag that looks least like a backpack but can still be carried like one, this Le Donne leather Women’s Sling BackPack Purse is a good choice. The sleek and streamlined look in full grain leather makes it look like a handbag but with two backpack straps!

There is a front drop pocket with a magnetic closure, a main zippered compartment on the top, and a rear side-access vertical zippered compartment. There are no interior pockets, so you’ll need to have a change purse to keep in the bag.

The straps are thin and are adjustable via antiqued buckles on the top.

At 4 x 12 x 9 inches, this is a smaller bag, but ideal if the idea is to force you to cut down on unnecessary items.

Colors available: Black, Dark brown, Gray and Tan.


Visconti 18258/18259 Ladies Triangular Leather Backpack Rucksack Handbag for Women For the ultimate stylish statement, the Visconti 18258/18259 Ladies Triangular Leather Backpack Rucksack Handbag for Women fits the bill. This is also in the sling style, with the backpack straps zipped together into one when you want to carry it on one shoulder, or unzipped into two for two shoulders. Buckles at the bottom allow you to adjust the lengths.

The two upper corners of the bag fold inwards and stay closed via push magnetic closures to create a triangular shape. When the bag is in its fully opened state, the main compartment is wide. It has a cell phone pocket and another zippered pocket. There are two zippered pockets under the flaps and one side and rear vertical zippered pocket.

This bag comes in two sizes. The medium bag measures 7.9″x 11.4″x 4.3″ and the large one measures 9.8″x 13.8″x 7.5″

Colors available: Black, Brown and Red.


Convertible Leather Backpack Purse

Womens Leather Convertible 7 Pocket Medium Size Tear Drop Sling Backpack PurseThis affordable genuine cow hide leather Sling Backpack Purse Organizer converts from a backpack to a shoulder bag just by adjusting a metal loop!

The main compartment is zippered and when you want it as a backpack, you move the loop holding the straps together from one end of the compartment to the other.  This way, the straps separate into the backpack style. When the loop is moved the other way, the straps are brought together to let you sling the bag over one shoulder like a handbag. The straps are adjustable in length via buckles.

The bag has plenty of zippered pockets – one in the interior and three on the outside, plus a front pocket with flap.

It measures 14 x 6 x 10 inches.

Colors available: Light brown, Tan brown and Black.

Don’t think a leather backpack purse for women is for you? Then take a look at more traditional backpacks for your travel needs.

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