Best Collapsible Bags for Traveling 2024

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Do you feel like your luggage and travel bags are taking up too much storage space in your home? If you’re a family where each member has his or her own pieces or if you live in a small apartment, this is probably a bigger problem. Most wheeled luggage or hardsided pieces don’t nest into one another unless they’re designed like that and you buy the set, so what can you do besides getting rid of most of it? The answer is you buy the best collapsible bags for traveling that you can find.

Foldable carry on luggage can easily be stored in bigger suitcases or they can even go into drawers or regular closets. Check in sized suitcases can be stacked one on top of the other and stored under a bed or in a corner of a walk-in closet. What is important is that the folding feature doesn’t cause weak luggage that will break down more quickly than regular pieces. Hinges and struts have to be strong and move smoothly too.

You can find a wide range of collapsible carry on luggage and collapsible checked luggage online, with foldable duffels being most widely available, but we’ll focus on the collapsible suitcase with wheels and vertical rolling bags. Our recommendations are tried and tested by enough customers.


Best foldable rolling suitcase

Vera Bradley Women's Lighten Up Small Softside Foldable Rolling Suitcases

Vera Bradley Women's Lighten Up Small and Large Softside Foldable Rolling Suitcases

  • Two sizes - a 20" carry on, a 26" checked size

  • Comes with a storage bag

  • Side panels to set up after unfolding

  • Telescopic handle and a top and side grab handle
  • Best foldable rolling duffel

    Vera Bradley Women's Lighten Up ReActive Foldable Rolling Duffle Luggage

    Vera Bradley Women's Lighten Up ReActive Foldable Rolling Duffles

  • Two sizes - a 21" carry on and a 29" checked size

  • The end walls fold inwards/li>
  • Telescopic handle and dual duffel handles
  • Budget pick

    REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels

    REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels

  • Three sizes - 25", 29.5" and 36"

  • Comes with a storage bag

  • The two ends fold inwards and then it rolls up

  • Dual duffel handles and two end haul handles


    Collapsible Suitcase with Wheels

    Vera Bradley Women’s Lighten Up Small and Large Softside Foldable Rolling Suitcases

    Vera Bradley Women's Lighten Up Small and Large Softside Foldable Rolling SuitcasesThe nature of foldable luggage can make checking your bag for a flight pretty dicey if the construction and durability isn’t up to the mark. Usually, foldable carry on luggage, yes, checked luggage, no. That’s not the case here, however.

    The Vera Bradley suitcase with wheels comes in a small foldable rolling suitcase and a large foldable rolling suitcase. The small suitcase is available in four color and print options (Indiana Blossoms, Black, Paisley Swirls, and Tossed Posies), while the large suitcase comes in the first three options. 

    The small bag measures 14” x 20 “ x 9” and weighs 5.3 lbs. The large suitcase measures 17” x 26” x 11” and weighs 6.7 lbs. Both of these bags fold flat to 3” high and come with a heavy duty clear plastic bag, so you can easily store them when you aren’t in the air (or on the road).

    You need to put the bags together in order to use them. The supportive side panels should be put up after the sides are straightened up. Three panels are present, two snap in ones on either side and one velcro across them. No support is present on the top and it isn’t necessary. The bags are easy to put together and stay put once assembled.

    Even though they are foldable, there are elements in their construction that make them ready for rigorous travel. Both small and large bags are made from a lightweight water-repellent nylon that’s easy to clean and durable. With the telescopic handle and two inline skate wheels, you can easily pull the bags behind you or you can use the cushioned top and side grab handles to lift them for stair climbing or hauling them off a conveyor belt or into an overhead bin. The telescoping handle is hidden under a strong zipper and the corners and bottom feature skid guards. They also have two feet in the front to prevent them from tipping over when stationary, although you do need to be smart while packing to make them more stable.

    For organization, these collapsible travel bags with wheels feature two inside mesh zip pockets and compression straps, two outside pockets, and an ID window.


  • Comes with a clear plastic bag for storage.
  • TSA lock is included.
  • Smaller bag is carry-on compliant.
  • Made from a very pretty water-repellent fabric.
  • Easy maneuverability.

  • Can tip over easily if you don’t pack for balance.
  • The handle doesn’t extend much, so if you are tall, this might be an issue.

    Lipault Foldable 0% Pliable Carry On Luggage

    Lipault Foldable 2-Wheeled 28 Inch Packing CaseThe Lipault 0% Pliable 20 inch two-wheeled luggage comes in 4 colors – black, navy, and khaki. It is very lightweight yet durable and weighs 4.8 pounds with 21.7 x 14.5 x 8.8 inches as overall dimensions.

    The shell of this collapsible carry on bag is made of reinforced nylon for durability and water resistance and the inside is completely lined. Because of their two wheels instead of four, they collapse to a much thinner state than others and can be kept almost anywhere at home. They come with their own matching storage cases with a zipper and handle so that they can be stored easily in their collapsed state.

    The two wheels are inline skate and housed in reinforced corner guards, as is the bottom of the bag. There is a bottom stand on the front so that the bag stands upright and doesn’t tip over. The 2-stage telescopic handle retreats back into its own zippered pocket when not in use and there are padded top and side grab handles for easy lifting. The long side opposite the grab handle features 4 small feet so you can set it down on its side without fear of it getting wet or dirty. The way you collapse the bag is by pushing the buttons right above the two wheels at the back.

    Inside the uprights are simple organizational features. The inside of the lid has one large zippered pocket, and the deep side has one full length zippered pocket and restraining straps. There is one zipped pocket on the exterior front of the bags.

    The bag comes with lockable zipper pulls, so you can check it for a flight if necessary.


  • Comes with a storage bag to keep the suitcase clean.
  • Meets carry on restrictions for overhead bins of all airlines.
  • Streamlined design maximizes interior space.
  • Sturdy construction.

  • Top grab handle protrudes too much, reducing the actual height of the bag to 18″.


    Foldable Luggage Bag with Wheels

    Hanke Expandable Foldable Rolling Travel Bag

    Hanke Expandable Foldable Rolling Travel BagThe Hanke Expandable Foldable Rolling Travel Bag is a three-in-one suitcase solution. Made from high-quality polyester that’s tear, water, and scratch-resistant, the expandable bag can fold into a small 20-inch suitcase, a medium 24-inch suitcase, or a large 28-inch suitcase, not including the wheels. When it is fully folded, it is only 4.7 inches high, which is the length of an iPhone SE or iPhone 8. This makes the bag easy to store when you aren’t traveling. You can store it under your bed or in your bedroom closet with ease. 

    The bag has four high-performance wheels that work on all kinds of road conditions, an adjustable strap so you can carry it on your shoulder when it is expanded to the smallest size, high tensile strength zipper pulls, and dual top handles that are kept together with a handle wrap and that’s comfortable for your hand grip while wheeling the bag alongside you. 

    The inside is spacious with one large compartment. There is also an exterior pocket on the front that’s zippered.


  • Versatile, as the bag can expand into three sizes and collapse for easy storing.
  • Easy to expand and un-expand the bag; simply use the zippers.
  • The wheels are durable and sturdy.
  • You can carry the small size bag like a duffel bag.
  • The bag is easy to maneuver.

  • Smallest size is just slightly too big to be used as a carry-on.
  • Some customers complained that the bag falls over easily when packed; however, the manufacturer advises that you start with packing heavy items from the wheels to the middle and then pack lighter items to the top.
  • You have to remove everything from the bag in order to reach what you packed at the bottom.

    Ailouis Extra Large Size Expandable Lightweight Rolling Luggage

    Ailouis Extra Large Size Expandable Lightweight Rolling LuggageThe Ailouis Expandable Lightweight Rolling Luggage gives you a rolling bag that expands to four sizes. It is easy and convenient to expand the 4.72-inch high bag into a 19-inch travel bag. From there, expand it further into a 25-inch, 29-inch, and x-large 36-inch bag. All you have to do is use the expansion zippers at each level.

    Made from nylon, this collapsible wheeled tote is waterproof and wear-resistant. The five swiveling spinner wheels gives you full 360-degree maneuverability so you can pull the bag behind you, in front of you, or next to you while you walk to your boarding gate or hotel room. The bag has top grab handles and a detachable shoulder strap to give you a choice of how to carry it. If you want to wheel it, you have to keep it upright and not tilt it.

    What’s great about this bag is the easy-access pockets on the exterior. All the zippers and other hardware are durable and made of metal alloy.


  • Well made bag.
  • Wheels roll well and are sturdy.
  • Flattens for easy storage.
  • For the smaller sizes, you can carry it over your shoulder like a duffel bag, and for the bigger sizes, roll it on wheels.
  • Versatile; offers 4 luggage size options.

  • It topples over easily; the fix is to pack it full and with balance in mind – heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones toward the top.
  • Some customers complain about the zippers and how it’s a bit complicated to unfold the bag.

    Verage Foldable Luggage Bag with Spinner Wheels

    Verage Foldable Luggage Bag with Spinner WheelsAvailable in red and blue, the Verage Foldable Luggage Bag gives you two options in terms of size. You can pick the one that expands from a 21 inch carry on size to a 24 inch medium checked size, or you can pick the one that expands from a medium 25-inches into a large 28-inch roller bag. The bag also folds into a small 14″x 9.5″x 4.5″ OR 18.5” x 13.5” x 4.5” size cube respectively so you can easily store it when you aren’t traveling. 

    The method of folding this collapsible rolling tote is different to the ones above. To fully “collapse” the bag, simply fold it inwards into the base until the just the wall that’s the lid is left. Then fold that down and zip it up to form what looks like a packing cube. into its smaller size, while a zipper allows for the bag to be expanded and unexpanded between the contracted and expanded version.

    The 4 double spinner wheels help balance the bag to make it easy to pull along as you walk from one boarding gate to another. The straps also adjusts so you can find a length that’s comfortable for you. The wheels are also detachable, so you can remove them when you just need a carry bag or if any wheel is damaged, you can just replace it instead of the whole bag. 

    The spacious main compartment provides adequate space to pack your shoes and clothes, while the two zippered front pockets provide you with storage for easy access items. One of the front pockets on the smaller bag is big enough for a tablet, while on the larger bag it’s big enough for a 13″ laptop.

    The luggage bag is made from water and tear resistant fabric. The manufacturer advises packing heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones toward the top so the bag is balanced. Also, never overpack and make sure the wheels are inserted properly.


  • Easy to collapse the bag and then expand it to its two different sizes.
  • Sturdy wheels that are easy to assemble.
  • Spacious packing space.
  • The straps are adjustable for height.

  • The base may become warped if the bag carries too much weight.
  • Some reviewers complain that it’s hard to control the bag by the straps.


    Collapsible Rolling Duffel Bag

    Vera Bradley Women’s Lighten Up and Lighten Up ReActive Foldable Rolling Duffle Luggage

    Vera Bradley Women's Lighten Up ReActive Foldable Rolling Duffle LuggageThe Vera Bradley Lighten Up Foldable Rolling Duffle Luggage comes in a recycled small option, a recycled x-large option, and a small non-recyclable version

    Between these versions, there are quite a number of color options, from plain black to Hope Blooms Teal, Island Tie-Dye, Blooms Shower, Foxwood Meadow, and more. The interior is completely lined in a nice print as well.

    The non-recyclable bag is made from 100% polyester while the recycled small and large bags are made from 100% recycled polyester (RPET). This makes these bags lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. You simply have to wipe them with a damp cloth. 

    These bags are rolling drop-bottom duffels, which means there are two separate compartments – one on the top and one on the bottom if you lay the duffel horizontally on the ground. This is a great feature if you want to segregate your belongings on a trip. You can pack dirty clothes in the bottom and clean ones in the top. The top compartment is softsided with collapsible walls and is separated from the bottom by a zippered fabric divider. If you want just one large interior space, the divider can be rolled up and secured.

    The bottom compartment is rigid and the top part folds into it so that you can store the bags under a bed or in a corner.

    In terms of sizes, both small foldable rolling duffle bags measure 13” x 21” x 10”. These are great as rolling duffel carry ons when flying. The ReActive XL duffle measures 15” x 29” x 15” and can be a good checked luggage rolling duffel. The small bags feature a 9” strap drop, while the large bag has an 11” strap drop. Either grab both handles or roll the duffel by its telescopic handle as you walk through the airport. The thick nylon webbing handles and retracting handle are strong, as are the two inline skate wheels.

    These foldable rollers also have 2 exterior zip pockets and a spacious interior mesh zip pocket in the main top compartment, making it easy to organize your belongings. The XL bag also has a Trolley Sleeve zip pocket so that it’s protected from damage due to rough baggage handling.


  • The small bags are carry-on compliant.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment by opting for the bags made from recycled PET plastic bottles.
  • Classy designs.
  • Easy to pack.

  • These are not the lightest among foldable luggage.
  • A bit expensive.

    REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels

    REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with WheelsThe REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag is available in black; however, there are three color options for the handles and webbing. There’s light gray for the 120L large bag, dark gray for the 140L x-large bag, and a turquoise for the 85L small bag. 

    These large foldable travel bags are made from tear and water resistant 1680D Oxford and 210D polyester fabric that’s reinforced at the stress points. This ensures the bag is durable. 

    The treaded wheels, which are protected by a wheel housing, are made from heavy-duty rubber. The wheels are durable and ensure the bag is fully maneuverable, whether you are pulling the duffle bag along at an airport or over muddy, uneven, or bumpy surfaces. You have the usual duffel bags handles with a padded grip wrap for carrying it by hand, as well as a webbing haul handle on either end. You use the handle on the opposite end of the wheels when you want to wheel the duffel. The largest duffel’s duffel handles double up as backpack straps and can be adjusted for length.

    All the bags have loops built into the webbing around the circumference. These can be used to attach a water bottle, hiking gear or a jacket to the outside using a hook and loop clip. The largest bag has a zippered exerior pocket along one long side.

    The bag is easy to fold for storage. Fold the two short sides toward the middle, roll it up from the side with wheels, and put it into the included 7.9” x 15.7” pouch. That’s almost as small as some non-wheeled foldable travel duffel bags!


  • Quite big, but not so big that they’re unmanageable.
  • Sturdy wheels.
  • They fold up very small.

  • Reviewers wish there was an inside or exterior pocket on the smaller bags
  • No solid backing, so the bag when not packed full slouches towards the bottom.

    How to Choose a Foldable Luggage Bag with Wheels

    When choosing foldable luggage with wheels, keep the following aspects in mind:

    Style of Bag

    There are various styles of foldable or collapsible bags on the market. There is the wheeled suitcase, the expandable tote that comes with four or five spinner wheels, and a duffel bag on two wheels. Each style contributes to advantages and disadvantages in ease of packing, maneuverability, durability, etc.

    Size and Degree of Foldability

    When choosing a travel bag, size is a big consideration. Airlines limit the size of luggage that’s carry-on compliant or check in compliant. 

    Size is also a factor when it comes to storing the bag. Any luggage that’s foldable or collapsible means that you can use the zipper system or fold it so that the bag or suitcase is way smaller. This makes it easy for you to store the piece of luggage under your bed or in a closet when you are in between trips. 

    Some of the bags on our list below collapse to a height of only 4 to 5 inches while others fold up into a large pouch. 

    Material and Durability

    Investing in something durable is a must when it comes to travel bags. Ideally, you want a bag that will last and last and last. 

    Part of the consideration when it comes to the material is whether the fabric is waterproof/water repellent, tear-resistant, and/or scratch-resistant. The best fabrics for foldable travel bags are 100% polyester, nylon, or Cordura. 

    You may also want to check that the zippers are durable, as well as the wheels. 


    The last consideration is how portable the bag is. At airports, you sometimes have to travel long distances from the check-in counter to your boarding gate, or from one boarding gate to another. 

    Having a bag that is easy to carry with reinforced and padded straps/handles and/or sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle so you can pull the bag along with you is a godsend. Thus, check out what the wheels on the luggage bag look like. 

    Pro tip: Because a foldable travel bag with wheels will be less structured than non-foldable wheeled luggage, you should pack for balance. All your heavy items should be at the bottom while the light items should be at the top. This ensures the bag doesn’t topple over when it is stationary or rounding corners. 


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