Best Lightweight Softside Spinner Checked Luggage 2020

The Best Softside 4-Wheeled Upright Checked Size Bags that Weigh Very Little Softsided luggage will always be popular because of the packing features that they offer. But what about the weight of bags when they’re empty? While some pieces can get heavy, especially the ones made of ballistic nylon, there are a few collections with … Read more

Victorinox Architecture Urban Voltaire 2-Way Carry Tote/Backpack Review

Carrying your laptop in a tote-style shoulder bag is definitely more professional than in a backpack, but it’s the least comfortable method and if you do it for long periods or too frequently, you risk developing bad posture and shoulder and back problems. So why shouldn’t you be able to switch from shoulder to back … Read more

Best Carry On Backpack for Europe 2020

If you’re going to be flying to or around Europe, chances are you’ll be using EasyJet, British Airways, Ryanair and others at least a few times. They all have strict carry on size allowances (stricter than on US airlines) and regularly stop bags that don’t comply at the gate, while also charging you exorbitantly for … Read more

Best Personal Item Bag for Carry On 2020

Don’t you just love that personal item that you can stuff with extra things and take with you on the plane? Your regular carry on is subject to scrutiny if it even appears slightly overweight or oversized but your handbag can be pushing its limits and still be allowed without a second glance. You don’t … Read more