Best Beach Bags for Moms in 2024

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If you’re a mother and planning to take your brood on a beach holiday, you can’t just focus on your luggage like you do on other trips. Once you’re at your destination, you can forget about your suitcases, unpack your beach bag and fill it with the tons of stuff you need for a day at the beach. If you’re only packing the bag with your own stuff, you don’t need a large one, but when your kids are not old enough to be responsible for their own bags, you will! That’s why the best beach bags for moms are roomy but light and easy to carry, have at least a few pockets for small items, and are easy to clean off all the sand that invariably enters them. Waterproof beach bags are even better. Of course, your partner can share the load, in which case you’ll need two bags.

There are certain materials that work very well for beach bags. If it’s made of just polyester then it’s probably quite a light and washable beach bag, while cotton canvas is light and sturdy, looks good at the beach, and can probably make a good travel beach bag. Straw is the original summer-appropriate material. We’ll select a few stylish beach bags of each type that we think are perfect for a Mom who needs to pack a bag for herself and one or more kids. We even have one bag that has taken the market by storm recently.

Don’t know what essentials you should pack for a day at the beach? We’ll tell you farther down this page! Pair this with a picnic backpack and you can have a wonderful day out.

There are numerous beach totes to choose from but the following ones that we’ve reviewed are top rated.


Top pick
BOGG BAG X Large Waterproof Washable Tip Proof Durable Open Tote Bag

BOGG BAG X Large Waterproof Washable Tip Proof Durable Open Tote Bag

  • Made of EVA
  • Open top.
  • 3 lbs, 19″ x 15″ x 9.5″
  • Customizable pocket placement


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Runner up
SCOUT Original Deano - Extra Large Utility Tote Bags

SCOUT Original Deano - Extra Large Utility Tote Bags

  • Made of polypropylene with leatherette handles.
  • 1 lb, 19" x 15" x 10".
  • No pockets but separate wristlets available.
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Budget pick
F-color Mesh Beach Bag

F-color Mesh Beach Bag

  • Made of polyester mesh.
  • 0.65 lbs, 16.5" x 15" x 8.5".
  • 9 pockets.


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Eva Plastic Beach Bag

Who better than a mom to design a beach bag for moms and families? The award winning BOGG BAG X Large Open Tote Bag is like no other beach bag but it can also be used for a variety of other things, like a small pet carrier, laundry bag, picnic basket, and more. Its capacity is huge and it measures 19″ x 15″ x 9.5″.

It is an open-top bag, so there are no buttons or zippers to close it. However, its wide and boxy design keeps it from tipping over and spilling out its contents. The treaded bottom keeps it from slipping off a car seat or beach and the dual shoulder straps are soft for easy portability.

Made of durable, washable, and anti-microbial EVA, this bag is can just be emptied out and hosed down in the garden before you take it in after a sandy day at the beach. It is also quick drying.

Now for the pockets for organization. The body of the bag itself is just a single-piece shell but it comes with two clear waterproof zippered pockets that you can attach anywhere inside or outside the bag. The larger pocket has three buttons on the back while the smaller pocket has two. You can attach the pockets to the bag by snapping the buttons into any of the holes, so their placement is entirely up to you. This clever design also extends to various optional accessories that are sold separately, like an anchor charm or tassels. You just have to snap them into a free hole. If you want to use it as a picnic bag, then you can buy the separate Bogg Bag cooler insert.


Waterproof and Polyester Beach Bags

Polyester is the best material for a pool bag because even if it gets wet, it dries out very fast and it is machine washable. If the bag is made of polyester mesh then all water and sand will fall through the small holes. If it’s made of tightly woven threads, they’ll slide right off.

This classic Polynesian design Odyseaco Waterproof Beach Bag Tote effortlessly combines style with functionality. Its fashionable yet robust ‘Ripstop’ fabric ensures durability, making it resistant to water, tearing, and ripping. The lightweight design adds to the convenience, making it an ideal companion for various occasions. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a picnic in the park, or a family outing, this bag stands out with its XL capacity of 16.5″ x 14″ x 7″.

Two spacious external pockets provide easy access to accommodate large items, complemented by a secure zippered inside pocket for valuables like keys and cell phones. The unique, extra-thick, soft rope handles with a 10″ shoulder drop add a touch of comfort, making it an excellent choice for any adventure.

Beyond its stylish appearance, this bag is built to last. The re-enforced stitching throughout enhances its strength, ensuring it won’t let you down over the years. This deluxe tote bag not only meets but exceeds expectations in both aesthetics, functionality and durability.


Scout makes several totes and a few different travel accessories for women in fun prints and colors, but the water resistant pool bag called Original Deano Classic Tote is still everyone’s favorite from the line and our pick for best pool bag for moms. That may be because it can be used for a variety of things. It is made of a durable lightweight polywoven fabric called polypropylene, so it is waterproof and can be wiped clean. You could even spray it with a hose and let it line dry!

The dual handles are made of leatherette and so is the reinforced flat bottom. Nothing will get into this bag even if you set it on the sand and let the water reach it.

The Deano measures H 15″ x D 10″ x W 19″ and can hold 5 towels and even have enough space left over for things like beach toys, books and personal items. The only negative is that there are no pockets whatsoever, so using it to also hold small items means you’ll have to dig around at the bottom quite a bit. However, there is a clip on the inside with which you can secure your keys or a small purse with a strap, so one of these matching water resistant Scout Wristlets will do very well for this purpose.

You can get the Scout Deano in any of 35 different patterns, so you may even be tempted to buy more than one!


The Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag is also a beach bag with pockets galore to keep everything organized, and made of strengthened polyester mesh. You can also get it in a variety of fun bright colors with contrasting trim and double shoulder straps.

You get 7 oversized outer pockets for toys, sunglasses, sunblock, water bottle, flip flops, etc. and one inner zippered pocket for your keys, wallet or phone. The main space inside has a flat rectangular base measuring 16.5″L x 8.5″W, while the total height is 15″, so you can fit enough beach towels in there as well. It also collapses into a small enough package to easily store in a locker at a public pool.

The webbing around the top edges of the bag and pockets ensures that nothing pokes and scratches at you when carrying it. Sand and water will just pour out and you can also machine wash the bag whenever you want.

You may find that it will have a strong smell when you get it but just let it air out for a few days and the smell will dissipate completely.


Another bag that’s very much like the Saltwater bag in size and design is the F-color Mesh Beach Bag and we rate this as the best mom beach bag on a budget. This 16.5″L x 15″H x 8.5″W bag can carry 4-6 beach towels along with several other items in its 9 pockets and the 9″ drop reinforced wrap around shoulder straps can hold a heavy load of up to 160 lbs very well. It weighs just 1 lb and can be folded into a compact parcel to throw into your suitcase if you’re going on vacation.

There is a pair of loops built into the front side of the straps from which you can clip a set of keys or anything else that is good for hanging off of the bag.

This bag is made of environmentally friendly mesh material to allow sand to fall through and let damp towels breathe. It is machine washable and dries quickly.

There are 8 outer pockets for the usual beach essentials and one large inner waterproof zippered pocket for your iPad, wallet, and phone. It also collapses into a small enough package to easily store in a locker at a public pool.


Looking for oversized beach tote bags? The OdyseaCo Extra Large Mesh Beach Bag is an extra large beach bag with compartments galore so that one person can carry everything for the entire family for a day at the beach. It measures 18″ in height and 29″ in width and depending on thickness, can hold anywhere from 6 to 10 beach towels in the main compartment. It is also big enough for a rolled up mat. The walls and outer pockets are all made of extra durable mesh but the bottom is solid and reinforced so that it can handle the weight of a lot of items packed in it. Inspite of its size it is a packable pool bag if you want to throw it in your suitcase for your beach vacation.

The main compartment can be zipped shut but if you prefer to keep it open, the zipper flap will turn down and out of the way too. There are 8 large outer pockets and one large inner zipped pocket that is waterproof. This zipper is hidden underneath the main compartment’s zipper flap so you can store your phone and wallet in there securely. A carabiner clip is attached on the inside of the bag for you to clip your key chain on so that it doesn’t get lost inside and is easy to find.

The shoulder straps are of a comfortable length but adjustable, and features tough and broad webbing with padded wraps so that they don’t hurt your shoulder even if you carry a heavy load. This is our pick for best beach bag for a large family.


Canvas Beach Bags

The Fit + Fresh Giant XXL Women’s Travel Bag is a game-changer for those who need a spacious, versatile tote for various occasions. Measuring a generous 22″ x 18″ x 12″, it’s a go-to choice for travel, beach outings, or even as a catch-all for everyday essentials.

The bag boasts three large elastic interior pockets and an additional interior zipper pocket, providing organized storage. The wide zipper top ensures easy access to the roomy interior. The high-quality brass zipper adds a touch of durability, while the water-resistant exterior fabric and soft interior lining protect your belongings.

Crafted from water-resistant canvas cotton, this travel carry tote can withstand hefty loads of up to 50lbs, making it an ideal companion for weekend getaways or grocery runs. Its ability to fold flat for storage adds to its practicality. The bag features two sets of durable canvas handles, offering maximum versatility. The short handles provide a hands-on grip for lighter loads, while the long handles make over-the-shoulder carrying comfortable for heavier items.


This nautical design canvas beach tote comes in two sizes – the family size is very large at 27 X 18 X 8 inches, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for one that carries several towels and other items, so it is our pick for the best family beach bag. The individual size measures 18 X 14 X 8 inches.

The Day at the Beach bag is made of durable canvas with a nylon taffeta weatherproof lining, structured bottom and zipper closure on the top to keep sand out. The shoulder handles are made of thick but soft cotton rope for easy carrying.

There is a small drop pocket on the front exterior and two large zipped pockets inside to keep your wallet, keys or even an e-reader.


This Canvas Tote Bag by Handy Laundry is made of 100% recycled natural 12-ounce cotton canvas with nylon 22″ handles and trim in one of 4 colors. The double-stitched seams ensure long term durability.

It measures 22″ W x 16″ H x 6″ D and features one outside drop pocket and one zipped one inside.

While it can also be used as a work bag for books or files, be careful not to overload it, as it can get pretty heavy.


Straw Beach Bags and Totes

There are several Epsion Straw Beach Bags to choose from, so take your pick according to style.

This one is in the classic straw bag shape and measures 18.1″ by 5.9″ by 12.2″ (bottom width). It has nice and long tote handles that drop to 9.8″ and features detachable tassels that make your bag easily identifiable on a crowded beach. It features a light but strong hand woven straw shell with fabric lining in a chic nautical pattern. The opening on top zips up completely and there are three pockets inside – 2 open pockets and one zippered pocket.

This bag is best suited for one person’s belongings for the beach.


What to pack in large beach tote bags

  • Beach towels: Several towels are necessary. Each person should have a large enough one to lie on and an absorbent one to towel off with.
  • Sunscreen: Preferably one type for you and another for the kids. Everyone’s should be at least SPF 30.
  • Lots of water: Pack several bottles so that no one gets dehydrated.
  • Lots of snacks: Playing on the beach and in the water can make everyone hungry, so pack snacks that are easy to eat and won’t get crushed in the bag. Make sure that nothing needs refrigeration.
  • A book, e-reader or tablet: There’s no better time to catch up on your reading than at the beach when the kids are playing!
  • Travel games: There’s also no better time to bond with the family than at the beach! A travel-sized game for 2 or more people or a deck of cards makes a good way to get out of the sun for a bit.
  • A money purse: You should avoid carrying credit cards but you do need a bit of cash to pay for parking or public transport, food to buy at the beach, etc.

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