Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tandem Warrior 22 Review

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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tandem Warrior 22
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I reviewed the Eagle Creek Exploration Morphus recently as it features a clever design where the whole unit is made up of two bags joined together by a zipper when you didn’t need more than one carry on. When you need an extra bag, you just unzip them to get two. It is a very nice bag but it’s not really designed for the adventure traveler or even for a woman concerned about its masculine looks.

This is where you’ll find my full review of the Morphus. If you like it but prefer a more sporty look and features more suited to adventure travel, the company has taken that clever concept and made one for precisely those needs with the EC Travel Gear Tandem Warrior carry on shown here on the left. The Exploration Morphus combines a wheeled carry on with a backpack and has a dedicated laptop compartment, making it ideal for business trips or normal trips. At over 7 pounds, it’s not the lightest of carry ons so if you’re looking to transport it without using the wheels very often, you may want to consider the much lighter Tandem Warrior which takes some of the best elements of the popular Load Warrior bag, a wheeled bag for adventure travel.

Want direct links to the Tandem Warrior? You can find it in cactus green on Amazon.

Features of the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tandem Warrior 22

    Two separate compartments when joined together

  • The patented Morphus technology allows you to actually carry two bags in one and use them as either one piece of luggage or as two separate ones. All you have to do is zip the front gear bag to the main wheeled unit and secure with the buckles at the bottom to get one bag with two compartments.

  • They both work as carry on bags with each measuring 14 x 22 inches in height and breadth while the thickness of the wheeled bag is 9 inches and the gear bag is 7.5 inches. They’ll give you 42 litres capacity each and together the unit weighs just 5 pounds and 5 ounces.
    The combined bags wheeled together

  • The main compartments on both bags feature dual zippers that are lockable.

  • Reflective accents all over the bags give them complete dusk and nighttime visibility.

  • Both bags are compatible with the Eagle Creek Pack It System of packing cubes and other organizers.

The main wheeled bag

    The separate bags when filled

  • The bottom stand of the wheeled unit is hinged and provides stability when stood upright. It can be kicked back to collapse to save space when stored or placed in an overhead compartment. When the gear bag is attached, the stand is used to secure it via buckles.

  • For extra gear that you need to take with you, there’s an expandable attachment that you pull out from a hidden compartment in the top to secure a rain jacket or another small bag. The piggyback clip at the end latches on to a loop on the front while your gear is held in place.
    Separating the front duffel unit from the main wheeled unit

  • When separated, the main compartment opens vertically via a dual zippered front flap and has two sets of compression straps to keep your gear intact.

  • The telescopic handle system is recessed and there’s also a quick grab handle on the top.

  • For top notch durability, the fabric used is a ripstop/oxford/ballistic nylon blend. There’s a skid guard for bumper protection, reinforced edges and strong casing for the two wheels.

The detachable gear bag

    The detached duffel/shoulder bag

  • This bag features an adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap, a top carry handle and a front duffel-style handle.

  • External compression straps keep the bag compact.

  • The main compartment opens book-style to reveal a large packing space inside.

  • There are two 3-1-1 sized zippered pockets on the front – one on the top and one on the bottom.


  • Lighter, cheaper and more female-friendly than the Morphus.
  • Versatile enough to be used for different types of trips.
  • Lots of packing space in each bag as the insides are free of bells and whistles.
  • Cons

  • The complete lack of interior pockets and unstructured gear bag means that your things won’t be too organized without using packing cubes and organizers.
  • When the bags are connected, it’s not that easy to access all the contents of the wheeled unit. In order to get to your stuff right at the bottom, you may find it easier to detach the gear bag first.
    See the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tandem Warrior 22 in action
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