Delsey Chatelet Collection Review

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Delsey Luggage Chatelet 21 Inch Carry-On SpinnerSpinner luggage is great because of the four wheels that allow you to easily roll the bags alongside you with minimal arm and wrist strain. However, keep them stationary and upright on a smooth surface and you may or may not notice them slowly gliding away from you! Just a slight slope of the floor and they are prone to this, so in some instances like a moving train or bus, you’ll have to grab them back or keep a firm grip on them even if your hands are otherwise full.

That’s where the Delsey Chatelet Collection comes in. It consists of 4 hardsided spinners with a brake system that when engaged, prevents the front wheels from rotating. This keeps the bags still and if you want to quickly be on the move again, you can either turn the brake off or pull the bag like a regular two-wheeled bag on its rear wheels. This unique and useful feature won Delsey second place as 2014’s Travel Goods Show Product Innovation Awards.

The other feature of note is the elegant look of the collection. This line from the famous French company is clearly aimed at the sophisticated traveler. Add in a host of other great features and you have quite a winner.

Here’s a quick link to all the 4 trolleys available individually or as sets on Amazon.

Or, you can read further to see if the Chatelet collection is a good match for you.

Features of the Delsey Chatelet Collection

  • The telescopic handle locks into two positionsWith two level locking, the telescopic handle is designed to allow you to transport the bag either on four wheels or two. This maximizes transport comfort no matter which way you wheel the bag.

  • A TSA lock and top and side carry handlesComfortable brown leather handles on the top and side make it easy for you to haul the case from the conveyor belt or into a car trunk or overhead bin.

  • The bags lock via a combination dial TSA-approved lock so they can be opened only by a TSA agent without damaging the bag. They close via resilient zippers.

  • Four Hinomoto spinner wheelsThe best quality spinner wheels in the luggage industry are present on this bag – the Japanese Hinomoto wheels. They’re the smoothest kind and completely silent while allowing you to use all four wheels or just the 2 rear ones.

  • Easy access brake system The easy to access Stop and Go brake knob is positioned at the back. When the brake is engaged, the front wheels are locked and the bag can’t roll away but you can still pull it behind you as if it is a regular 2-wheeled suitcase.

  • The shell of the cases is made entirely of BAYER Makrolon polycarbonate, making it lightweight, scratch-resistant and resilient. Leather trim gives it a unique look while still looking sophisticated.

  • The interior comes with a divider panel and restraining strapsThe interior is fully lined and has two compartments that are separated by zippered divider panels. One panel is completely opaque and the other is partly made of mesh. One compartment also has restraining straps for added neatness of your clothes.

  • The other compartment is designed to easily hold a suit or garment that can be held in place by the included hanger. Also included are two drawstring pouches – one is perfect for toiletries and the other for your laundry so that soiled clothes can be packed separately.

  • There are 4 sizes of trolley spinners available. Two are carry on size and two are check in size.
    The 19″ spinner – Width: 14 in, Depth: 9.5 in, Height: 19 in, Weight: 7 lbs
    The 21″ spinner – Width: 13 1⁄2 in, Depth: 9 in, Height: 20 in, Weight: 8 lbs
    The 24″ spinner – Width: 16 1⁄2 in, Depth: 10 in, Height: 24 in, Weight: 11 lbs
    The 28″ spinner – Width: 20 in, Depth: 12 in, Height: 27 1⁄2 in, Weight: 13 lbs

  • All the trolleys are available in three different colors – white, black and brown.
  • Pros

    Two included pouches for toiletries and laundry

  • Stylish looks.

  • Very easy to wheel.

  • Very roomy inside while keeping all your things neat.


  • Even though the bags feature zippered closure, there is no expandable feature so each bag will only let you pack a fixed volume for every trip.

    Like what you see?Then check out the current price of any or all of the Chatelet pieces on Amazon.

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