Best Rolling Duffel Bag for Checked Luggage 2022

Best Rolling Duffel Bag for Checked Luggage

The most annoying companion you can have while traveling is unmanageable luggage. The bigger the bag is, the more difficult it becomes to navigate them through airports, stations, and city streets. You probably think that large duffel bags are the worst for this reason because they have to be carried in your hand or over … Read more

Best 80/20 Hardside Luggage 2022

80 20 Hardside Luggage

It may be hard to believe, but there are very few hardsided suitcases that address the significant packing problem that travelers have with most of these types, and that is not having 80/20 hardside luggage lid openings. While hardside luggage has become more popular than softside in recent years, there are some problems usually associated … Read more