CABIN 1 Adaptable Carry On Travel Bag Collection Review

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CABIN 1 Executive Adaptable Carry On Wheeled Trolley
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Do you struggle to keep up with different carry on size restrictions by various airlines? As more and more airlines impose stricter rules regarding how much you can carry with you, each one is relatively free to set their own while also charging high fees for checked in baggage. The CABIN 1 Adaptable Carry On Travel Bag Collection takes the headache away by allowing you to buy just one bag that fits all airline baggage rules.

Here’s a quick link to all three bags in the Cabin 1 Adaptable collection on Amazon.

If one journey involves carry on bags being restricted to 45 linear inches or less while another journey allows just 20″ by 15″ by 8″, why should you be forced to buy a bag that conforms to the lower size? Or, why should you have to buy multiple bags in order to maximize packing space for every airline?

For example, airlines like Delta allow you 45 linear inches whereas Southwest allows 10 x 16 x 24 – a whole 5 inches more. On the other end of the scale, Spirit airlines doesn’t even allow a free carry on bag. You can only take a personal item measuring 16 x 14 x 12 inches or less on board. Anything bigger and you have to pay. The same goes for European carriers like Ryanair, Easyjet and British Airways.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably use several different airlines, depending on where you’re flying to and maybe its cost. Do you buy 2 or 3 different carry on bags so that you maximize your baggage limit every time?

The backpack expanded fullyUK brand USB International solves this problem for you by creating 3 types of bags in the Cabin 1 collection that expand or contract to different useful sizes all by the pull of a few zippers. Just buy 1 of these bags to suit your needs and have it adapt to each trip that you take. Do you want a tall but narrow bag? Easy! Just expand the top one or two pockets! Need a short but wide bag? Collapse the top and expand both or just one side section! If you prefer a thicker case, expand the front. Can only take a personal item on board? Collapse and zip up all sections to make a compact bag.

The other advantage you have with this bag is that you can travel to your destination with a smaller sized carry on and use the same one but expanded it to bring back those souvenirs!

The Cabin 1 collection consists of three carry on bags – a backpack, a single rod retraction handle wheeled bag, and a dual rod wheeled bag. If you’d like to see some products that switch from backpack to wheeled bag or backpack to duffel, take a look at our reviews of hybrid bags.

Features of the CABIN 1 Adaptable Carry On Travel Bag Collection

Common features

    The Cabin 1 wheeled trolley with expanded top.
    The top zip opening

  • There are four separate sections that can be expanded on any of the bags. The top section features two expansion zippers to let you adapt the bags to three different heights. The bag is at its shortest when both zippers are closed and tallest when both are open. This top section is a separate compartment and has its own opening via a single horizontal zipper right on top.
    Zippers for expanding the bags

    There are two separate side sections that collapse and expand by vertical zippers. Open either both zippers for dual side expansion or just one. These sections are just extensions of the main compartment to give you additional packing space there.

    Front pocket
    The last expandable section is the front where you can add more volume by allowing the bag to become fatter when unzipped.


  • There are double lockable zippers for the main compartment and double zippers for the front pocket where you can store your passport and travel documents.

  • The expansion zippers are different from the closing zippers and are clearly marked as such so you won’t accidentally use the wrong one in a hurry.

  • All the bags have a top carry handle for you to grab and go.

  • The colors available are black, red and blue.

  • In its smallest state it measures 17.7″ x 13.7″ x 7.8″ and has a capacity of 32 L. When fully expanded it measures 21.6″ x 17.7″ x 9″ and has a capacity of 57 L. It will fit every possible carry on size restriction in use today when you expand and/or collapse each section.

Executive Adaptable Carry On Wheeled Trolley Case

Adaptable Carry On Wheeled Trolley Bag

  • It has a single pole extension handle that retracts into a zippered pocket on top.

  • Two inline skate type wheels and small front feet for wheeling and keeping upright respectively.

  • Two small feet on the back of the bag to let you lay the bag down on its back without getting it dirty.

  • It weighs 3.6 lbs.

  • Check Amazon for price of the Cabin 1 Wheeled Trolley Bag.

Adaptable Travel Backpack Bag


  • Good for keeping your clothes and accessories organized.
  • Each piece is very lightweight.
  • Very affordable luggage.


  • If you’re looking for a carry on with one large regular shaped main compartment, this is not the bag for you. Since you have to arrange your things properly within the various expandable sections, it’s not the easiest bag to pack in order to maximize space.

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