TravelPro Crew 9 3 Piece Spinner Set Review

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TravelPro Crew 9 3 Piece Spinner Set
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The Crew 9 collection from Travelpro is its most popular collection of 2013. In addition to its business bags and rollaboard uprights and garment bags, it also includes 3 spinner uprights with suiters. These are now offered as a TravelPro Crew 9 3 Piece Spinner Set with one as a carry on plus two larger sized ones. This set is aimed at business travelers, but it would work well for a family too.

There are two patent-pending innovations on the Crew 9 spinners that make this set attractive. The PowerScope handle that is present on all the rollaboards and spinners is perhaps the strongest and sturdiest that you’ll come across and can even support heavy bags that are attached to make managing luggage easier. The Contour-grip on the handles of the spinners makes rolling or pulling the bags easy and comfortable. Both these features ensure almost zero wobble while on the move.

Since the Crew 9 line consists of many pieces including two-wheeled rollaboards, it’s easy to confuse what features are available in those and what is available on the spinners. To help you out, we have a precise review of the spinner set here.

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TravelPro Crew 9 3 Piece Spinner Set Features

Two front compartments and a side water bottle holder
Two front compartments and a side water bottle holder on the carry on
  • The body of the 21″ carry on measures 21″ H x 14″ L x 9.5″ W, and weighs 9.2 lbs.
    The body of the 25″ bag measures 25″ H x 18″ L x 11.5″ W, and weighs 12.6 lbs.
    The body of the 29″ one measures 29″ H x 20.5″ L x 12.5″ W, and weighs 14.2 lbs.
    Keep in mind that these dimensions are only for the body. When you include the wheels, the height increases and the carry on won’t fit in some smaller overhead bins.
  • The colors available are black and titanium grey.
  • The abrasion resistant 2000 denier Twist Nylon fabric is coated with with DuraGuard for extra stain resistance. The polypropylene honeycomb framing system and EVA foam construction provides additional durability while still keeping overall weight down.
  • The double zipper pulls are high tensile strength.
PowerScope Handle System
PowerScope Handle System
  • There are skid guards on the bottom for when you drag the bags over stairs or curbs.


  • The heavy duty extension handle is called the PowerScope and it minimizes wobble when pulled out. People of different heights will find it comfortable to maneuver as the handle extends and locks to 38” and 42.5”. The handle can support any tote or laptop bag. There is an Add-a-Bag attachment included for that.
  • For greater comfort while maneuvering the bags, there is a Contour-grip handle that is ergonomically designed. It also helps to easily switch from rolling it upright with you to pulling it from behind and vice versa.
Expandable main compartment and high bounce wheels
Expandable main compartment and high bounce wheels


  • The single wheel spinners provide high bounce and the rear wheels are larger to withstand rough terrain. These wheels are sealed ball bearing and removable
  • The main compartment on all the bags can expand by an additional 2.5 inches via a large zipper pull that distinguishes itself from the other zippers by being blue in color.
  • There are 3 low profile grab handles on the top, side and bottom to make lifting easy.
  • The carry on has a vertical zippered side pocket to hold a water bottle.
  • All spinners have two U-shaped front pockets. The first and smaller one is for tickets and last minute items, while the second larger one can hold a small laptop.



Removable suiter system in the two larger spinners
Removable suiter system in the two larger spinners
    • All the bags include removable suiters with padded foam bars to keep the clothes wrinkle-free. The carry on bag’s suiter is a drop in, i.e. there is no hook or Velcro that attaches it to the inside of the bag. This can be remedied if you include your own hangers to hook inside the bag. The larger spinners have a fabric hook and side clips on the suiters to keep them in place.
Drop-in suiter system in the carry on
Drop-in suiter system in the carry on
  • There are two extra-wide compression straps inside to keep your clothes in place during transit.
  • The inside of the lid features a full zipped mesh compartment for added organization.
  • The interior is completely lined with H2O guard.
  • There is a zippered side pocket for accessories.
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty.



  • The handle system is one of the strongest and most comfortable to use in the industry.
  • The material and seams can withstand high impacts.
  • The organizational features are exceptional.


  • The bags should be packed correctly to be well balanced as they tend to tip over if the front of the bags are overloaded.
  • Will not be allowed as carry on on international flights.

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