Best Travel Accessories in 2020 – The New and the Slightly Old!

When talking about new and innovative products, the travel industry can’t be left out of the conversation. More and more people are traveling now and 2017 promises to be a busy year in that respect. That’s why companies and individuals are coming up with some cool and some wacky products to tempt travelers. We attempt … Read more

Travelpro Executive Choice Crew Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

Frequent business travelers take note – the TSA security checks in airports in the USA and around the world are taking longer and longer. One reason is that more and more people are traveling with their gadgets and every single laptop and tablet has to be screened while going through the x-ray machine. If each … Read more

Orgo Lite Travel Organizer Review

A common problem while traveling anywhere is finding a clean and stable place to unpack and use your toiletries, makeup and other accessories. If you’re transiting through an airport after a long flight and want to freshen up, placing your toiletry bag on a counter in the public restrooms can be quite unhygienic. A small … Read more

A Guide to Wrinkle-Free Packing

We’ve all been there. We’ve meticulously packed our clothes into our suitcases only to find them completely crumpled once we’ve reached our hotel. Who wants to set up the ironing board and struggle to get the creases out on holiday or early in the morning before an important business meeting? In some parts the of … Read more

Our Favorite Travel Packing Organizers 2018

If you’re tired of arriving at your destination with your belongings in a jumbled mess, using travel packing organizers is the perfect solution. Lots of travel accessory brands make products like packing cubes, compression bags, toiletry and cosmetic cases, etc., but a few go above and beyond when it comes to the design. Just because … Read more

Flight 001 Spacepak Reviews

If you’re a frequent traveler or just the kind that likes to be organized, you probably want to keep all your travel possessions separated and neat throughout your trip. Most frequent travelers also hate taking too many pieces of luggage with them even for a long trip. Both problems can be solved by the Flight … Read more