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Delsey Luggage Belfort Plus 26 Inch Spinner Trolley

Delsey Luggage Belfort Plus Spinner Trolley – Reviewed below

Do you know that a zippered suitcase is vulnerable to thieves with a ball point pen? It doesn’t matter if the zipper pulls are locked. All they have to do is insert the point of the pen between the teeth of the zipper and pull against them to open. Once the thief is done stealing, he can cover his tracks by pulling the locked zipper over the open section to close it!

To prevent this stealthy tactic, a suitcase with latching locks instead of zippers is a better bet. The best hardside luggage without zipper locking usually feature at least two latch locks for the main compartment instead. Some can be used either with a key or with a combination code, while a few come with only the key option. Unfortunately, very few luggage manufacturers make them but we have a few good options for you.


Samsonite S’Cure Spinner

Samsonite S'Cure Spinner 28The most popular zipperless spinner suitcase by far is the Samsonite S’Cure collection. It is especially good for overseas travel, as it is made of a very light polypropylene, although tough enough to withstand the rigors of rough baggage handling. UK customers can purchase the bag too and you can also take a look at a demo video at the end of this page.

The textured surface molding hides scratches that naturally show up over time. All components are fully integrated to minimize the risk of damage.

It features three-way integrated locks, one of which is a TSA lock. The rubber gasket seals all around protects your belongings from the elements much better than zips do. The aluminium pull handle features three locking positions for handling at any height, while an integrated ID tag sits between the handle poles at the back. The 4 spinner wheels are dual type, so the bags are easier to pull over cobblestone streets.

The interior is unlined but there is a divider pad that you zip up to separate the lid half from the bottom half and the bottom half features criss cross restraining straps.


Lojel Octa Hardside Spinner Upright Suitcase

Lojel Octa Medium Hardside Spinner Upright SuitcaseFor a more sophisticated but athletic look, the Lojel Octa Spinner line features a medium and large size with the shell made of Advance Polypropylene for high impact resistance and flexibility that prevents cracks. Severe winter conditions won’t affect these bags either. All components sit flush with the surface when fully closed, so there’s very little chance of anything getting caught somewhere and tearing off.

There are two sizes available and both are check in sizes – 25.5 inches and 30 inches in height. They feature 4-point latch locks, with two being TSA locks. The spinner wheels are the smooth rolling Japanese Hinomoto brand and are removable for extra protection or if you just want them to be replaced at any time. The trolley handle extends to three different points so that travelers of any height will find it easy to move along.

Another big difference from the S’Cure above is the interior organization, in that the Octa pieces have several features in the interior for keeping things neat and organized. There is no lining but both sides have divider panels with small and large in-built zipped pockets for your delicates and accessories. The lid’s divider is a zippered type, while the lower compartment’s dividers are two partially overlapping flaps.

This collection comes in a variety of colors, both subtle and vibrant.


Delsey Luggage Belfort Plus Spinner Trolley

Delsey Luggage Belfort Plus 26 Inch Spinner TrolleyThe Delsey Belfort Plus Spinner line is an upgrade from the older version in that this one boasts dual spinner wheels instead of single, making maneuvering the bags easier in the 4 wheeled upright as well as the 2 wheeled inclined rolling position. The two stage telescoping handle allows for this as well. A grab handle on the top and one on the side are fulling integrated and there are molded feet on the other side to allow you to the the bag down on its side if you need to without getting it wet or dirty.

The Belfort Plus pieces feature 3-point locks, with one being TSA approved. A tongue-in-groove closure ensures that no water or dust gets in. The interior is fully lined with a long zipped pocket on one side for small items and a divider panel on the lid side to keep clothes in their place. The lower half features restraining straps.

You can choose from three different colors – red, blue and grey, and from three sizes – a 22″ carry on, a 26″ or 30″ checked sized.

The Delsey Belfort Plus line is also available in the UK on Amazon UK and Luggage Super Store UK.


Lojel Groove Frame Spinner Luggage

Lojel Groove Frame Medium Spinner LuggageIf the Lojel Octa listed above is athletic and sophisticated, the Lojel Groove Frame Spinner luggage is funky and lighthearted. These pieces are made of Makrolon Polycarbonate with a frame of aircraft grade aluminum for extra toughness. The smooth and quiet Japanese Hinomoto wheels and three stage extension trolley handle make for easy maneuverability. Two keyed TSA locks are flush mounted to the case to replace zippers.

The interior is completely lined in polyester that is velcroed in place, which makes it easier to clean inside if the need arises. The packing space is divided into two, with the lid compartment featuring a zippered divider panel that carries two zipped pockets for undergarments and other essentials. The lower half of the interior features criss-cross restraining straps.

You get this bag in three sizes: small – 21¾ x 14¼ x 9½ inches, medium – 26½ x 17¾ x 11 inches and large – 31 x 21 x 12½ inches. Please note that the dimensions as stated on Amazon are incorrect and the ones stated here are taken from the Lojel website.


Demo of the Samsonite S’Cure Spinners



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    • The Rock brand is only available in the UK. The Shield line is fairly new so reviews are not yet coming in, but some of the other lines from the brand have positive reviews, so it’s a safe bet if you’re looking for a budget option for zipperless suitcases.

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