Lipault Paris Weekend Bag Vs. 18 Inch Weekend Satchel

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Lipault Paris weekenders
Lipault Paris weekend bag and satchel

One of the most popular brands of luggage that you’ll see in European airports and train stations is Lipault Paris. The fashion conscious are drawn to them, but they are also very practical for modern travel, particularly by air. Their weekender/overnight bags are perfectly sized to fit under an airplane seat or a small overhead bin, and they’re durable and lightweight to boot. But which one should you buy? We’ll look at the Lipault Paris Weekend Bag Vs. 18 Inch Weekend Satchel in detail so that you can choose which one better fits your needs.

One of the plus points of some of the Lipault Paris pieces is that they’re foldable when empty, so if you live in an apartment or just don’t have a lot of storage space for big luggage, you should consider this brand so that you can pack the bags up flat to store on a shelf or drawer. Both the weekend bag and weekend satchel can be stored this way. They are also great as carry on luggage if you’re under strict weight and size restrictions. Even though they’re both compact, they provide a very roomy interior to fit enough for a weekend.

Available in many fun colors
Available in many fun colors
Their range of colors makes it suitable for women of all ages and tastes. In fact, they even have three neutral colors and the weekend bag is in a unisex style, so you’ll see men carrying it too. The weekend bag is more casual and relaxed in style, while the satchel is a little more stylish.

Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap on the weekend bag
Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap on the weekend bag
The design of the main compartments on both these bags is similar except that the satchel is slightly smaller in volume and the top opening is framed. The biggest differences lie on the exteriors. The satchel does not have any outer pockets or shoulder strap, while the weekend bag does.

Both bags are available in black, grey, chocolate brown, purple, mustard yellow, aqua blue and fuschia.

For more details on the similar features, differences and pros and cons of each bag, read on.


    Back strap to slide over another bag’s handle

  • Water resistant 420 Denier Twill Nylon.
  • Two top carry handles.
  • The inside has an organizer panel of pockets and loops for a cell phone, loose change and pens.
  • One inner large zippered pocket.
  • One plastic swivel hook on a short strap for a key to be attached.
  • Fully lined interior.
  • Soft sided but with a rigid bottom base to prevent sagging when they’re full.
  • A backstrap lets you slide it over another bag’s extending handle.


Lipault Paris Weekend Bag

Lipault Paris 18 Inch Weekend Satchel

Lipault Paris Weekend BagBuy from AmazonLipault Paris 18 Inch Weekend SatchelBuy from Amazon
Measures 19” * 13” * 8”Measures 18″ * 12″ * 9″
Weighs 2 lbs and 3 ozWeighs 3 lbs and 8 oz
One adjustable and detachable shoulder strapNo shoulder strap
Lots of outer organizational pockets

  • One large zippered pocket at the back
  • One large zippered pocket high on the front
  • Two U-shaped zippered pockets below, each with a small zippered pocket on the flap
No outer pockets
Frameless duffle-style top zippered main compartmentFrame opening zippered main compartment that stays open until you close it
Faux leather Lipault identity patchFaux leather Lipault identity patch, carry handles and trim
Can be squished down for storageFolds completely down for storage
Unisex style and on the relaxed sideFeminine style and very chic


Plenty of outer organizational pocketsStays open on its own to make packing easier


The shoulder strap is not paddedNo outer pockets for easy access
The cell phone pocket is not large enough for a smartphone but one of the outer pockets can be used for thatNo pocket large enough for a smartphone

Both these bags have received great customer reviews, so if you’ve made up your mind or want more details, go check out the Lipault Paris Weekend Bag and the Lipault Paris 18 Inch Weekend satchel on Amazon.
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2 thoughts on “Lipault Paris Weekend Bag Vs. 18 Inch Weekend Satchel”

  1. Comparing Lipault and Biaggi large rolling luggage. Which is best. ?? Reviews. Easy to roll and carry. Warranty and durability

    • Which is best depends on a few more criteria. Are you going to use the suitcase on more than just smooth flooring? If so, two wheeled inline luggage is better and Lipault has the 2-wheeled Pliable line whereas Biaggi only does 4-wheeled pieces. Biaggi is also a lot heavier than Lipault. Biaggi’s warranty is 10 years, while Lipault’s is 3 years, but the latter is less expensive. Both have similar reviews, although Lipault has been around longer and is better known in Europe.


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