Travelpro Executive Choice Crew Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

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Travelpro Executive Choice Crew Checkpoint Friendly Laptop BackpackFrequent business travelers take note – the TSA security checks in airports in the USA and around the world are taking longer and longer. One reason is that more and more people are traveling with their gadgets and every single laptop and tablet has to be screened while going through the x-ray machine. If each of these have to be removed from a bag and placed in a tray and then packed back in after screening, that’s precious seconds and even minutes adding up to the security lines. The Travelpro Executive Choice Crew Checkpoint Friendly Backpack is one of the few laptop backpacks that ticks every box that a traveler should have for a fast, convenient and stress-free transit.

The TSA advises that to make queues move faster through security, gadgets should be presented properly for screening. This means that they should either be removed from luggage and placed flat on trays or the compartments in which they’re stored can be unzipped to lay flat and fully open on the X-ray belt. The former option takes a lot more time to execute, so if you travel frequently, consider getting a backpack, briefcase, messenger bag or roller bag that incorporated the latter design.

We have selected a few TSA-friendly laptop backpacks that are top rated by customers, but the new offering by TravelPro which is part of the Crew Executive Choice collection has taken off with a bang and certainly deserves to be considered when making your choice. So let’s take a closer look at it to see why it is getting such high praise.

You can purchase the Travelpro Executive Choice backpack from Amazon.


Features of the Travelpro Executive Choice Crew Checkpoint Friendly Backpack

  • This pack measures 17.5 inches x 13 inches x 8.5 inches and weighs 3 lbs and 4 oz.

  • The material used is a rugged nylon with a coating of DuraGuard for even more durability and stain resistance. Genuine leather is used for the the accents and the top carry handle.
    Adjustable shoulder straps and sternum strap

  • The shoulder straps are contoured, padded and adjustable for a comfortable fit. There is a pair of sternum straps that are also adjustable and snap together via a Duraflex buckle to help keep the pack from shifting around at the back when you’re on the move.

  • If you’re in an airport with a wheeled bag, a simple broad loop on the back of the pack is meant for the luggage extension handle to be passed through from below to allow you to piggyback on it if you don’t want to carry the pack on your shoulders.
    The checkpoint friendly laptop and tablet compartment

  • The laptop compartment is made of quilted corduroy for padding and can fit a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. (Please note that the listing on Amazon says 17 inches but that is actually the overall height of the bag.)
    There is also a separate padded pocket for a tablet.
    Both these pockets are secured by Velcro closures and sit face to face in the checkpoint friendly compartment of the backpack. This compartment opens fully via double zippers to lie flat and face up on the X-ray belt.
    Suspension system and exterior water bottle pocket

  • In front of the gadgets compartment is the main packing compartment. This section is suitable for clothes or files and is very roomy and shaped to easily hold rectangular items. For the latter, there are dividers to store binders or books. It opens via double zippers in a U shape and side gussets prevent the contents from falling out.

  • In front of the main compartment is another smaller double zippered and side-gusseted U-shaped compartment – this is the organizer with an RFID blocking pocket for credit cards and a passport, loops for pens, a phone pocket and a key ring. The rest of the space can hold a few accessories or power cords.
    Organizer pocket and removable pouch

  • Right on top of the organizer compartment is a zipped pocket that’s perfect for your sunglasses case.

  • This pack also comes with a completely independent zippered pouch that you can use to hold your gadget accessories or power cables, and this pouch will fit into the zipped pocket on top or the organizer pocket.

  • There are three zipped side pockets on the exterior of this backpack. Two of them are near the bottom and have a reverse U-shaped zippered opening and good for small items like a packet of nuts or a packet of tissues. The third pocket is near the top on one side and actually opens up into a mesh elastic top pocket for a small water bottle.

  • All of the Supra zipper heads are strong and the ones on the main compartments of the bag can be locked using your own luggage locks.


    • Great organization of compartments and pockets.
    • This pack can stand upright on its own and won’t tip over.
    • Can be stored under a plane seat in most commercial flights.
    • The shape of the top of the compartments is more square than oval, unlike most other backpacks, so files and books easily fit without the corners getting bent out of shape.



    • Only available in black and there are no design elements to attract a woman.
    • The exterior water bottle pocket is quite small and would only hold a 16oz bottle.


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