Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22 Review

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Eagle Creek Exploration System Morphus 22
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I love the concept of having two bags in one but some brands don’t really get it right because at least one if not both bags will be lacking somewhere. The Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22″ is a combination of a roller bag and a backpack or shoulder bag. Together and separately they’re designed to be carry on size. At first glance, it looks like a novel and useful concept but quite pricey. However, it just may be worth it if you take into account that it’s a nifty multi-tasker and you’re actually getting two bags for the price of one.

This bag that “morphs” can be used in several instances. Together as one unit it functions as a carry on to your destination. It has plenty of compartments to hold all your gadgets and you can pull the entire unit along on its two wheels. You can separate the two at your destination and use the detachable bag as a daypack while sightseeing. If you did some souvenir shopping and needed extra packing space to return, you’ve now got a rolling upright that you can check in, and a backpack or shoulder bag that you carry with you on board the plane! Of course, if you’re traveling with another person, each of you can have your own bag using just this one system. The backpack/shoulder bag is also great as your daily bag for work because of its gadget pockets.

Keep in mind that you don’t have double capacity when you zip the two bags together, as the wheeled bag’s front is pushed inside towards its polycarbonate back plate when the front bag is attached.

Heard enough and want to buy one? Amazon has the Morphus 22 and also a larger 30″ version.

But to really see what goodness this bag from Eagle Creek offers, let’s take a look at all of its features. One piece of advice first – if you want to buy this, get it well before your next trip. It has quite a few straps, locks, zips, pockets and compartments and though it comes with an informational booklet, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its features in order to make it easier to use. If you’re looking for a hybrid bag that does not include wheels and is just one bag that can be carried in different ways, check out Eagle Creek’s 2 in 1 duffel/backpack.

Features of the Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22

  • When zipped together, the bag gives you about 48 liters of packing capacity and weighs 7 lbs 14 oz. The wheeled bag alone gives you 47 L and weighs 4 lbs 12 oz. Together, this combined unit measures 14 x 22 x 9 in. Both bags work well with the Eagle Creek packing cubes.

  • The back plate of the wheeled bag is made of a 3 ply polycarbonate for lightweight durability and protection, while the rest of it is made of tough Bi-Tech™ | Bi-Tech™ Armor that protects against abrasion and is weather resistant.

  • Reflective accents ensure night time visibility always.

    The detachable gear bag

  • This bag features adjustable and removable padded backpack straps that can be stowed away in its back panel that is Air mesh moisture wicking. They have a sternum strap and load lifter straps included.

  • There is also a removable padded shoulder strap and grab handles all over.
    The detachable bag has a front organizer compatment

  • There is a lockable organizer front panel that features padded compartments for a 15″ laptop and almost all sizes of tablets. A velcro strap helps keep them secure. This compartment also has zippered pockets, slip pockets, pen holders and a key fob/bottle opener attachment.

  • The main compartment also features two way lockable zippers that together with the zippers on the front compartment can be secured with a single lock.

  • Side compression straps keep the bag compact and secure, while multiple lashing points on all sides allow you to rope up extra gear on the outside.

  • The bottom of the bag has extra protection from water and mud just in case you set it down somewhere dirty.
    Piggyback straps

  • The two front grab handles also function as piggyback straps when the bag is vertical so you can slip it over the telescopic handle of the main bag for another way to transport both bags together.

    The main rolling bag

  • The gear bag detaches from this main wheeled bag via a zipper that goes all round. Once that is removed, you’ll see that the liner of the main bag can be pulled out to become the body. This is also made of the same Bi-Tech™ Armor fabric.

  • The inner sides of the front flap has stays that should be attached to the inner back panel via contrast pulls. This helps form the sides of the bag and transforms this main section into a complete rolling upright that can be zippered shut and locked. Two pairs of side compression straps keeps the bag completely secure even if it’s stuffed.
    The telescopic handle retracts into a recessed holder

  • The telescopic handle extends via a push button and retreats externally into the recessed grooves of the rigid polycarbonate back panel. In its fully extended position, the height of the handle is perfect for piggybacking the detachable bag on top.

  • Two sturdy inline skate wheels allow for smooth rolling.


  • Lots of organizational features for packing everything you need.
  • Surprisingly lightweight as a combined bag or as separate ones.
  • Extremely well made and durable.
  • Versatile enough for a variety of uses and trips.
  • Cons

  • The multitude of features makes initial packing and accessibility a bit complicated until you’ve had some time to use all of them.
  • The backpack style on the gear bag doesn’t feature a hip belt or frame so you can’t load it up with very heavy gear, making it unsuitable for hiking and regular backpacking. It is great to use as a day pack, however.
  • Pricey.
    See how the Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Morphus 22″ works

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