Tumi Tegra-Lite Max International Expandable Carry-On Review

Tumi Tegra-Lite Max International Expandable Carry-On

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With the Tumi Tegra-Lite Max International Expandable Carry-On, the brand aims to have a hardside piece that is accessible for in-flight use, expandable for maximum storage and light and effortless for transporting anywhere. The design is sensible yet attractive because of sleek high tech materials that are meant to stand the test of rough trips for many years.

Lots of travelers like having hardside luggage because they’re usually more durable than softside, but as carry on luggage many suffer from a distinct disadvantage – the lack of an exterior pocket. This pocket on a softside would generally hold anything from a small laptop to a jacket and would be easily accessible at all times. No need to open up the entire suitcase and risk messing up the interior or letting things fall out.

It is also nice to have a carry on that is compact when it needs to be and spacious at other times. For your return trips with all those extra souvenirs and goodies, an extra 2 inches of packing space is a boon.

The international expandable carry on from Tumi is a part of an entire line of hard shelled luggage. Take a look at all the pieces available from it right now!

That is why the Tegra-Lite Max is sure to be tempting for those who can afford the price tag. With a retail price of $695, this is not a bag for those on a budget but frequent travelers will appreciate its durability and smart features. The interior allows for good organization and neat packing of a suit and other formals.

Before we go into a detailed description of this bag, you may want to also check out the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Hybrid carry on which, coincidentally, is priced exactly the same and is also a hardsided option with front pocket access.

Features of the Tumi Tegra-Lite Max International Expandable Carry-On

  • The dimensions including the wheels and handles are Height: 22 in, Width: 14 in, Depth: 9 in and Expanded Depth: 11 in. It weighs 9.4 lbs.

  • You can currently find this in 4 different colors – Baltic blue, charcoal black, light sunrise brown and dark herringbone brown.

  • The outer shell is made of Tegris, a composite material that is also used in protective gear in other industries. Within the travel gear space, Tumi has exclusive rights to it. It is incredibly lightweight and durable and provides maximum strength and impact resistance.
    Four dual spinner wheels and bottom handle

  • The four dual spinner wheels are recessed and smooth rolling.

  • The corners feature impact-resistant bumper caps so that these vulnerable points don’t get damaged. The Dura-fold construction with heavy duty stitching is an added protective measure.
    Telescopic handle and Tumi Tracer

  • The telescopic handle is made of aircraft grade aluminium and the tube system is encased in a patented impact absorbing structure within the bag. It extends to three different heights for maximum comfort to anyone pulling or rolling it along.

  • There are low profile grab handles on the top, bottom and side of the bag for easy lifting even into an overhead bin.
    TSA integrated lock, expandable storage and ID tag

  • A TSA integrated lock is provided for the main double zippers, while the zipper pulls are designed to detach from the zippers in case they get stuck somewhere and are wrenched off. This means you can easily replace just the pulls instead of having to repair the entire zipper system.

  • The full zip around opening of the main compartment expands by 2 inches for extra packing space.

  • The front exterior features a full length U-shaped zippered pocket that is gusseted to prevent its contents from falling out. It is big enough to hold a tablet or netbook, or even a rain jacket.
    Divided and organized interior

  • The main interior is divided into two separate spaces. The bottom shell features a full length zippered pocket along one long side and two wide mesh webbed restraining straps. The latter ensure your folded clothes stay in place throughout a journey. The top shell features a large zipped mesh pocket and a full-sized zipped up section that also holds a suiter panel with horizontal restraining straps. A hanger bracket lets you hang any formal garment by its own hanger to clip securely inside.

  • Customers can opt in to the Tumi Tracer program by registering this bag in the company’s database with contact information. The built in tracer helps find the bag in case it is ever lost.


  • Your clothes are likely to remain wrinkle free when unpacked because of the webbed restraining straps and well designed suiter section.

  • Easy to transport even in crowded spaces.


    There is just one flaw that early customers of any of the Tegra-Lite Max pieces are pointing out, but it is a big one. They say that the surface starts to chip and scratch after just a few trips.

    This line of luggage features several other pieces along with the international carry on – a broader continental carry on, a 4-wheeled briefcase and 3 large suitcases for check in. All the carry on pieces feature the front pocket. For this one and all the others, check out Amazon right now!
    See what the Tumi Tegra-Lite Max line of luggage is all about

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