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Pacsafe V9-Olive Camsafe Carrying Case for Cameras

Pacsafe V9 Camsafe Carrying Case – reviewed below

While a backpack is really useful when you’re traveling, it isn’t as easy to access as a cross body bag if you need to get something out quickly. However, a cross body bag isn’t as comfortable to carry over long periods of time and can get in your way in some instances. That’s why a sling bag for travel is a better option, as it is a cross between the two. Even better is if it is theft-proof.

When looking for the best anti theft sling bag for women, you want to have your hands free and feel completely comfortable while carrying the bag across your back. If you need to get something from it, you shouldn’t have to remove the bag but instead just swing it across to the front. This option is also very useful if you’re in a crowded metro or at a major tourist attraction where theft is common. Some bags require you to carry the sling over one shoulder at all times but the better ones give you the option of switching shoulders if the load starts feeling heavy.

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The anti-theft features should include slashproof construction and locking zippers, and maybe even RFID-blocking pockets so that sneaky card readers don’t steal your personal information from your passport or credit cards.

Sling bags aren’t often found in women-friendly designs but we’ve found a few that are well designed and functional, yet stylish too. Read on to see our top picks ranging from those priced under $50 to those over $80. If cross-body bags are more your style, check out our picks for theft-proof across the body shoulder bags too. We also have some very good theft-proof regular backpacks reviewed.


Travelon Anti Theft Classic Sling Bag

Travelon At Classic Sling BagTravelon is the go to brand for travel handbags and accessories, particularly for women, so it’s no surprise that they have a very nice Anti Theft Classic Sling Bag that’s sized just right for most women. This is the one if you want an inexpensive and small bag to take with you while sightseeing.

There are two lockable compartments – the main one and a front one. Inside the main is an organizer with RFID slots for a passport and several cards, a large zippered pocket and a key chain tether with an LED light. The rest of the space can easily hold a variety of travel essentials, like a snack, map, small guide book, etc. There is an expandable water bottle zipped pocket on the side that can hold a small water bottle.

The entire bag is made of polyester with slash proof construction. The adjustable strap is cut proof too and can be adjusted to be worn on either shoulder or can be tethered to a chair or post to prevent theft. The back of the strap and bag features mesh panelling to prevent you from feeling sweaty.

While this is a comfortable bag to carry, men may find the strap too short to be worn across the back or front since the strap only adjusts to a maximum of 25″. A few customers wish it could be just a bit larger.


Sling Bags for Tablets

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tablet Sling

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tablet SlingIf you need a sling bag that is large enough for a tablet, you’ll have to skip the Travelon and maybe consider this Eagle Creek Travel Gear Sling. While there is no RFID protection, you could also get a separate RFID travel wallet if it’s a must for you. Or, you could spend a little more and get the EC sling daypack below that has RFID protection built in. This is quite a sporty looking sling with reflective accents for enhanced visibility.

This particular version may be phased out soon in favor of the newer one below, but it does have great reviews. The broad sling strap features a fleece lined zip pocket big enough for a large smartphone or just some knick knacks and easily converts from one shoulder to another and allows you to tether it to a chair. An included hip strap for comfortable support can be tucked away.

The main compartment features a fleece lined pocket for your tablet and another one for your phone. A second compartment is mesh lined and features a key fob. Both these compartments are lockable if you use your own luggage lock. A front exterior mesh pocket is secured and compressed with the aid of an attached bungee cord on top. This is great for a raincoat. There are a few lashpoints to which you can attach other gear if needed.

Both the backstrap and the back panel are mesh backed for good air circulation. The capacity of this bag is 10L and can even hold a DSLR camera instead of a tablet. It weighs just 10 oz.

While this bag is lockable and very durable, it does not feature mesh slash proof construction. It also does not have a water bottle pocket but you can clip it on to one of the lashpoints. Also, several users say that though it’s meant to be worn over any shoulder, the placement of zipper openings to the compartments makes it inconvenient for use over the right shoulder. However, if you want to switch shoulders just for relief, it’s perfectly fine.


Eagle Creek Tablet Sling Daypack RFID

Eagle Creek Tablet Sling Daypack RFIDThis newer version from Eagle Creek, called EC Tablet Sling Daypack RFID, is slightly larger than the one above at 11.5 litres but weighs the same. The other major differences include an RFID pocket in the main compartment that’s big enough for a passport and credit cards, a divided interior for better organizer, and two-way zippers with an in-built central lock for toggle closure. This bag is not as sporty looking as the one above as it doesn’t have the outer mesh pocket and bungee.

Everything else remains the same, including the tablet and phone sleeves, converting shoulder strap and multiple lash points. If you’re willing to fork out just a little more, this is a better version to get.


Pacsafe Venturesafe 325 GII

Pacsafe Venturesafe 325 GIIThe unisex Pacsafe Venturesafe 325 GII has all the anti-theft features that made the brand famous while being functional as well as stylish enough for most women. The Exomesh slash-proof construction runs the entire length of the bag between the nylon shell and polyester lining, so even if someone tries to rip a hole in the bag, your valuables won’t fall out. The padded and adjustable sling strap also has stainless steel mesh running through it and, with the help of its smart buckle, can be used to attach the bag to any suitable stationary object. The zipper pullers of both compartments can be anchored to security hooks to deter anyone from opening them. The main compartment features double zippers, so you can secure it with a luggage lock as well.

There are two compartments built into this bag. The main one features a padded tablet/iPad sleeve and both compartments have RFID blocking pockets. There are other organizational features present in both compartments such as a pen loop and key ring. This sling bag weighs 1 lb and has a capacity of 6L.

Users love that this bag is roomy yet compact and some even use it to transport large cameras. They also love how it easily swings round to the front as well, however, one mentions that they would have liked to have a sternum strap too.


Sling Bag for Camera

Pacsafe V9 Camsafe Carrying Case for Cameras

Pacsafe V9-Olive Camsafe Carrying Case for CamerasIf you want a similar Pacsafe to the above one, but that’s especially suited for cameras, consider the V9 Camsafe Camera Sling Pack. This one can fit a DSLR or mirrorless camera with two standard lenses and for additional carrying comfort, the adjustable sling strap also comes with a stabilizer strap. The EVA foam backed bag is easy to carry and it also comes with a built-in rain cover that can be hidden away and pulled out when you have to protect your equipment.

The interior of this bag comes with padded dividers to protect all your camera equipment and one of the dividers can be removed if you’re not carrying a camera but want to make more space for other items. The iPad/tablet storage is located in the rear zippered compartment. There is also an external pocket for a water bottle, a side access pocket to grab your camera quickly, and an RFID pocket with other pockets for SD cards and a phone, plus a pen loop and key ring in the front zippered compartment.

All the anti-theft features remain the same as those of the Venturesafe 325 bag above. This bag is 9L in capacity and weighs 1 lb 10 oz.

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